This Day in GINGEROLOGY - February 23rd

1899: Norman Taurog (born Norman Rae Taurog), who directed the Ginger film “Follow The Leader”, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1976: Fuzzy Knight (born John Forest Knight), who starred with Ginger in the film “Sitting Pretty” (as Stock Clerk), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 74.

2002: Peaches Jackson, who starred with Ginger in the film “Sitting Pretty” (as Chorus Girl), died in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the age of 88.

2010: TCM aired “42nd Street” and “Carefree”.

2015: FXM RETRO aired “Roxie Hart”, “Dreamboat”, and “Teenage Rebel”.

2016: TCM aired “Tom, Dick and Harry.”


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February 23, 2019 @ 5:30 A.M. - 42nd Street
March 7, 2019 @ &:30 A.M. - The Tenderfoot
March 15, 2019 @ 9:00 A.M. - Roberta
March 22, 2019 @ 4:15 P.M. - The First Traveling Saleslady


Friday, December 18, 2015

...On the Sixth Day of GINGER... ...on GINGEROLOGY...

...when I started this blog on Independence Day Weekend of 2009, I was just hunting around for 'avenues' as to how to 'obtain' GingerFilms, as this was before WB Archives got rolling... and indeed, lots of GingerFilms were found along the way... but something ELSE very cool happened... I discovered there were quite a few Ginger Rogers fans throughout the WORLD... and thus the Tribe of Gingerologists were founded!

The blog that begat Gingerology was... Finding Ginger... from a nice young English lass named BethRose... who was blogging about the EXACT SAME THING I was doing... looking for Ginger Rogers films... so, we, along with a few other folks, set up blogs and 'banded together' so to speak, in search for GingerFilms.  We discovered, er...'avenues' where GingerFilms were available, and pretty much poked big ol' holes thru our computers' firewalls in order to absorb all that Gingery goodness... I think I 'obtained' about 30 or so GingerFilms in this 'process'...heck, I even 'contributed' a few GingerFilms and $$$ to the...er, 'process'.
...only a select few will understand that bit above this...

ANYway, here we are today, and it's great to still be involved in all things Ginger.... it seems most of that 'First Generation' of G-ologists, as well as the 'Second Generation', have moved on for whatever reason, especially the young 'uns who moved into college... things move fast in cyberspace, and folks jump into other interests... fair enough. But y'know, Ginger will ALWAYS be a part of me, just... BECAUSE.
Not sure how much longer Blogger will even be around, as obviously FaceBook has supplanted it quite completely, since in the final analysis, folks have only so many hours in the day, and FB is a good bit quicker 'conduit' to get info and thoughts conveyed to a LOT of people fast... with a LOT more interaction... in fact, I'm kicking around setting up a Gingerology group on FB, even tho we have at least a few 'Ginger Groups' already... it's a pending thing, y'all... heck, I've thought about setting up a true website for Gingerology, but the $$$ per month would be a bit prohibitive, unless ads could help...I don't know...lots of questions there.
But as a bit of 'blast from the Past', here is the actual post where I 're-name' the blog to... GINGEROLOGY!!! (also a reference to my budding 'GingereBay' saga, which was quite...um... heavy, financially speaking... I've refrained from eBay for quite awhile now, so... hm...)

Post 4: Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well, I think I may have it going here...

I finally got a few things sorted out on this site - hopefully will have a bit more 'meat' to it... First of all, changed the name - 'jwhueyblog' really didn't mean anything - actually, the only reason I originally set up a blog was to be able to post on Beth's 'Finding Ginger' site!
Anyway, 'Gingerology' sounds a bit more interesting... since we all are 'searching and digging' for those Ginger movies which, for some asinine reason, are NOT on DVD (I'm still waiting for the 75-DVD Box Set with all her movies, digitally remastered, of course, loaded with extra features, rare outtakes, audio commentary, etc., along with the complete audio recordings of VKM, digitally remastered to pristine condition... and also containing a 'coffee table'-size 400-page photo book... has anyone heard if they are getting it out by this Christmas this year?? :-O ...well, one can hope, I guess.)
ANYWAY, I also added a list of my 'Ginger Search' travails, VKM movies I have possession of in one form or more... I have plowed through eBay as of late, and really bolstered the list... everything received so far has been in pretty fair shape...the only thing is, be quick about it... there was a VHS of 'Lady in the Dark' (quickly becoming one of my favorites, as seen on YT), and I was going to bid on it or whatever, but just didn't do it quick enough. But stuff is constantly changing on there, so it's worth messing with - and typically the prices are reasonable.
SO, hopefully that gives y'all a bit of 'update' on where Gingerology is headed... I will put my long-winded observations on here, but still faithfully post on Beth's cool site!
Please feel free to reply, and hope you 'jump on' this blog, along with others concerning VKM!!!
Thanks, JW

Well, in closing, thanks for supporting G-ology, y'all... and I plan on cranking out WAYYYYY more posts in 2016 than I did this past year... yupyupyup!

...speaking of which... the second half of this exercise begins tomorrow with installment SEVEN!!!

Until then...



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