This Day in GINGEROLOGY - January 15th

1879: H. Dudley Hawley (born Hughson Dudley Hawley), who starred with Ginger in the film “Young Man of Manhattan” (as the Doctor), was born in Styal, Cheshire, England.

Early 1971: Ginger divorced William Marshall; the marriage lasted just under ten years.

2012: TCM aired “Follow The Fleet”.


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Monday, December 14, 2015

...On the Second Day of GINGER... on GINGEROLOGY...

...TWO Best Buds!
...of course, Ginger and Lucy were good buds... as Ginger and Lela championed Lucy on the RKO lot... of course, she was to become a superstar regardless, primarily on the 'small screen'.

Ginger of course had gobs of friends and/or folks she liked to work with, many of which were not in the spotlight... but for those who were/are in the spotlight, here's a few of my fave 'GingerBuds' to continue the theme for the day...

...with Joan Blondell... dang these two should have made more films together! As is, they were in two together: Gold Diggers of 1933, and the one shown in the pic, Broadway Bad, which REALLY needs to get restored and distributed... I'm not sure how much they 'hung out' off-set or whatever, but it just seemed like they would have been pretty tight buds even in real life.

...with Angela Landsbury, at the Ziegfeld Follies in the late sixties... Ginger was the reigning Queen, and was passing the crown over to the new Queen, Angela. I KNOW these two got along well, as they were neighbors! Of course, Ms. Landsbury was one of the speakers at the GingerCentury Exhibit grand opening at BU back in 2011, so... 'nuff said!

...with Ann Miller...look out when two hoofin' dames get together!!! (man, how cool would it have been to be present at this shindig!!!) ...Ann was in Stage Door with Ginger; she got the part by basically lying about her age... she was pretty dang young at the time, but it worked out well, as Ann became one of the most well-known dancing ladies ever... and yeah, I think she and Ginger got on pretty well together by the looks of this pic...

...with Carol Channing - this is a publicity pic for "The First Traveling Saleslady", which they played buds who were trying to break into the barbed wire trade in the Old West... tough gig...  these two would later have something in common, as Ginger took over the role of Dolly Levi from Ms. Channing in the Broadway production of "Hello, Dolly!" in the mid-60's. They made a pretty neat duo in this film, which was overall 'kinda fluffy' as to its content... but very Gingery nevertheless.

...with Dinah Shore - I believe they were pretty good buds, although some folks on the internet have tried to stir up controversy between the two - take, for instance, THIS video, which was so bizarre that I just had to link it... not sure why... ANYWAY, seems like Ginger was on Dinah's Place quite a bit, so... I think the conspiracy theorists are all wet...if not in some cases just...strange...

...Ginger and Una were GREAT buds in 42nd Street... again, wish the two could have been in a few more films. The "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" number they share is mandatory Gingerology fare! Una played the 'typical sidekick / gal pal' in many films... another one of my faves she was in was with Harlow in "Red-Headed Woman"... another classic!

...I'm not sure how much Ginger and Bette kept up with each other over the years, but I have seen 'latter-day' pics of the two, and appear to be pretty chummy... all I know is, this pic from 193...2? ish? ...is almost unbearably cute, as these two young actresses were ready to take different routes, but each VERY prolific.

...well, that's a few of Ginger's gal pals over the years - there are plenty more, of course... ...and in case you're asking about DUDES that Ginger were involved with...well, you KNOW there's quite a few more days left in this exercise... ;-)

Until the THIRD Day...




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