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Sunday, December 20, 2015

...On the Eighth Day of GINGER... ...on GINGEROLOGY...

...EIGHT Maids-a-Milking... hm... well the obvious response is THIS...
...but we've had a few recent posts on that issue, so... let's go another route, shall we?

...these are getting harder the higher up we go...

Ok - Howzabout... just Ginger with a bunch of other folks or... stuff surrounding her?

...like for instance...
multiple folks  (at least eight) hanging around Ginger on her birthday... I think the funny part of this one is the lady on the right, who looks like she is being smushed by the dude behind her who is trying to get closer to Ginger... sort of an 'inadvertent photobomb'...

...here's a Honey of a pic... with lots of folks congregated around Ginger and Fred just doin' their thang in Rio... the genesis of the 'Great White Set'...

...cute pic of Ginger and a fair amount of assorted dolls... This of course ties in with the Yuletide theme here...

...and here's another one for the Season... ...it's hard to explain duplicity of Santas to the young uns, but maybe this was a Holiday episode of 'To Tell The Truth' or something... or maybe "What's My Line?" ...which means at least ONE of these dudes had to be a Cerf, right? (Only HARDCORE G-ologists will understand...)

...Here's our girl with some other stars (see if you can pick them out on the front row), along with a college football team... can't place WHICH college, but I'm thinking it's a Ivy League school... I know some of y'all out there have all the info for this one...

...Ginger with a mess o' fish... I really would have loved to go fishing with Ginger... I'm not much of a fisherman, but... would really be a great opportunity to ask her mucho questions... ...but then again, that's probably why she enjoyed fishing, to get AWAY from questions...

...this is from some deal they had for Ginger in Fort Worth, I believe (note the hats)... again, I should REALLY write down the details for these... but she's QUITE the center of attention here... and the Shirley Temple wannabe in the front has a birds-eye view of the proceedings...

Well, this post was a bit of a mish-mosh, I guess, but... hopefully still a fun exercise...

Getting even CLOSER... Old No.9 rolls around tomorrow...

Until then...



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