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1948: Eddy Chandler, who starred with Ginger in the films “Carnival Boat” (as Fordon) and “Star of Midnight” (as Kinland Henchman), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 54.

2007: The musical biography of Ginger’s life, “Backwards in High Heels”, opens in Manalapan, Florida, near West Palm Beach.


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Thursday, December 17, 2015

...On the Fifth Day of GINGER... ...on GINGEROLOGY...

...FIVE... Golden... Rings...
...from five rotten Gooberheads!
...Run, Ginger RUN!!!

...it's pretty well documented how I really loathe Ginger's five ex-husbands... some more than others... so - generally, here they are in the order I think Ginger would rank them... ...feel free to share a dissenting view...
1. Lew Ayres - Ginger has a chapter in her bio regarding the courtship between the two... it's entitled, "Meeting My Dream Man"... that pretty much makes this particular gooberhead the 'Trump' of the gooberheads... take that HOWever you wish...

2. Jacques Bergerac - Ginger has another chapter in her bio entitled, "I Love Paris!" ...Monsieur Berg here was her personal tour guide thru the City of Light... as a result, he is the 'Cruz' of the Gooberhead contest...

...since we're somehow comparing Ginger's ex-hubs to 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates, let's say that the bottom three of the pack are the dudes who are typically in the 'preliminary debate' prior to the big boys hitting the stage... who can be sorted out however you like, but I'll go with this order:

3. Jack Briggs - In some ways, he was the best of the bunch... he served his country, something Lew didn't do... I'll leave that for y'all to sort out... he may have been the most appreciative of Ginger, but in the end went the way of the Gooberheads, for some insane reason...

4. William Marshall - the dude Ginger was hitched to the longest seemed to be OK for a bit, but his incessant imbibing was too much... ...add to the fact he was the mastermind behind the worst film Ginger ever had to suffer through (although I always dug this pick of them for the stage version of "Bell, Book and Candle"), and he is planted just above GH#5, who is of course...

5. Jack Culpepper - Ginger's first husband was the least of them...of course they married too young... sometimes it's cool, sometimes it isn't... ...in fact, I have yet to find a pic of the two together - the closest thing I have is the copy of the marriage license from NOLA I obtained a few years back...Pepper was the only one of the five who didn't have a pic in her bio, which tells you all you need to know...

...ok, that wraps up a FIFTH of GINGER... onward!!!

Tomorrow hits the HALFWAY point with... the SIXTH day... yupyupyup...

Until then...



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