This Day in GINGEROLOGY - February 22nd

1884: Lew Cody (born Louis Joseph Cote), who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tenderfoot” (as Joe Lehman) and “Sitting Pretty” (as Jules Clark), was born in Berlin, New Hampshire.

1905: Martha La Venture, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Dancer), was born in Wisconsin.

1965 (per IMDb): “Cinderella” was released by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS Television); Ginger played The Queen.

1965: Eddie Phillips (born Edward Nelson Phillips), who starred with Ginger in the film “The Thirteenth Guest” (as Thor Jensen), died in North Hollywood, California, at the age of 65.

2017: TCM aired “Roberta”.


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Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a GINGERY 2013, y'all!!!

...from all the good folks at Gingerology!!!
...in celebration of Gingerology's 80th (and last) post for 2012 (a record for 'posts in a year' for G-ology...for whatever that's worth...), and generally, just because I love this video, here is...well, this video, originally aired December 5, 1964 -  although I'm sure most of y'all have seen this one...it's new to me, and pretty dang awesome:
...I'm pretty sure Ginger is 'lip-synching' here, but...so what? This is 'middle-age' Ginger footage, which Hu needs a LOT more of!!!  :-]  BTW, her hair is just perfect here...I REALLY dig how it gets a bit more 'dark' at the 'ends'... yepyepyep...
...I just ran across it on YouTube, which, honestly I don't 'search' as much as I should...it's amazing there's stuff like this out there, considering there wasn't any VCR action going on in the early 60s... this must be from a 'master tape' somebody had somewhere... a sincere G-ology 'thanks' to whoever set this up!
...thanks to all of y'all who have supported G-ology this year... there's been some very Gingery stuff afoot this past year, with of course the big Boston trip at the top of the Hu list... here's hoping that 2013 is even more Gingery!!!
Stay tuned for some 'new' features for the site soon...well, I'm contemplating some things, anyway... along with 'development' of the 'GingerFilm' blogs, Hu should have a lot of stuff to do...
...and yes, "Roberta" is still on deck... well, the film review, that is...although... would love to 'contact' Ms. Olden if possible... stay tuned...

And remember...it's YOU that makes G-ology tick!!! so, thanks again! ...and, of course....

Keep It Gingery in 2013!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

You better watch out...

...or Christmas will sneak right up on ya and leave reindeer footy-prints across yer backside!!!

...but I know that won't happen to any of y'all...you know, last-minute shopping, prepping for the big meals, keeping all the extended fam happy upon their visits, wrapping presents, and... beginning the recovery process... oh yeah, somewhere in there is the actual Christmas observance, of which I hope y'all remember what all this is REALLY about... and yeah, 'y'all' includes moi, thank ya very much... and yeah, we're hitting the mall (again) tomorrow...

ANYWAY, not really sure what brought all that dissertation on, but... all that to say, hope all you Gingerologists out there have a great, yet reflective Christmas...


As to 'odds and ends', first off, we GOTTA have a few GingerPics, right? So...
...always thought this pic is just...Christmas-y... er, which film is this pic from, y'all? ...I REALLY should know this stuff by now, right?

...Ginger would have been an awesome mom, y'all...

...Ginger and the Three Wise Guys... er, are these the Tom, Dick and Harry Santas???

...and this one...well, may not be overtly Christmas-y, but...honestly, just too beautiful to matter...Merry Christmas to Hu...

...here's a screen cap of the short vid below...Ginger appears (ALL too briefly) around the 1:15 mark...

...well, Ms. Lombard got some nice face time, anyway...something tells me she's gonna take the Big Best Actress competition in the works this year...well, you know the one Monty and Mythical Monkey headed up last year, where we propelled our girl to victory!!! ...BTW, they are 'retiring' past winners, i.e., Ginger, and Irene Dunne... so, THIS year, y'all just jump over there (I'll post stuff when it nears...) and vote for...whomever... but Lombard is the odds-on fav, it appears...


Ginger's Ma, Lela, was born on Christmas Day, 1891... just throwing that out there for your knowledge, if ya didn't already know...


Hey, TCM is showing 'Twist of Fate...this morning! Hope y'all get to see (and/or 'record') this one if ya don't have it, as it is one of the 'more elusive' GingerFilms out there... it's a pretty good film, but not your typical 'Ginger-centric' feature... it's more of a suspense deal, so... check it out.



...and to prove it...well, that sounds a bit tacky... let's just say...here's a few I've done so far, with a few choice comments regarding the process, or painfully evident lack thereof...
...Roberta...the GandF film which may prove too elusive for a HueyReview...

...it's kinda 'sad' to see Ginger smoking (glad that she quit), but...this is one of those 'caption this photo' deals, to be sure...

 "...it's been, what, at LEAST two months, and NO sign of Huey! ...I mean, has he gone around the bend or something? ...it's like that time David Lee Roth went to the Amazon for a few months without telling anyone..."

 "...you know, I thought Hu was starting to 'slip' a bit when he whipped up that 'Star Trek Convention' theme for us...I mean, where did THAT cockamamie jive come from?"

 "...you know, it's YOU who have driven that poor sap to his current state... the way you dress and doll up... he keeps running out of drive space with all the screencaps... he's up to Terabytes on account of you! And that number ya got on there isn't gonna help the state of his 'prt scr' button..."

 "...listen, Huey will be fine, you flippin' huckster...he just needs time to... ease back into this writing thing... he's had a lot of irons in the fire lately... I'll try to keep my presence 'subdued'... and quit making that 'stinky face', please..."

 "well, so much for 'subdued'... ...about as subtle as a bag full of live porcupines dumped upon your noggin...   ...the South Gingerville paramedics are on standby at Huey's Lair... I feel the screen cap quota for this scene will not end well at ALL, y'all..."

 ...so, there's a snippet of it... the 'full review' will... be... at a point... beyond this exact point... in TIME... 

EDIT: 12-26-12... VP's comment link:

VP link - 12-26-12 JW


OK - well - y'all have a glorious, honkin', peaceful and reflective Christmas out there, and as we always like to say here...

Keep It Gingery!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

GingerologyGuestBlogger (GGB) #1 - SassyGinger a.k.a. OGRE a.k.a. Katie...

 ...I am REALLY jazzed about this post, as it is...a GUEST! A very AWESOME guest, in the form of SassyGinger, who VERY deservedly earned the moniker O.G.R.E., which, for you newer G-ologists out there, stands for Official Gingerology Research Expert... she has contributed some incredible Gingerbilia over the years...yeah, I guess it's been years now...oof! Katie runs the blog 'Triple O'...but, it's been...'dormant' for a bit... so, hopefully this will 'springboard' her into breaking back into the blogosphere!!!

Anyway, we just kicked around the idea that she should do a 'guest post' for G-ology...and, I noted that it doesn't necessarily even has to be 'all Ginger' (I did a birthday post for Barbara Eden a few months back)... although, as we've said before, all paths ultimately lead to VKM, right?  So, without any further ado, here is Katie's wickedawesome post about the incredible actress Julie Andrews, and how yes, there are some Gingery connections afoot...  thanks again, Lady OGRE!!!

Hey Gingerologists - SassyGinger here!  No I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth - no worries Huey has been keeping tabs on me to make sure I'm staying out of trouble. ;) In the meantime our Fearless Leader has invited me to the first if not one of the first "guest bloggers" here on Gingerology.  What to do with my space??? Well I figure I could broaden everyone's horizons and talk about one of my other favorite actresses - the star of Mary Poppins, Victor/Victoria and of course The Sound of Music - Julie Andrews.

But if I'm going to write about Julie on a Ginger blog don't you think I should find SOME connection?  Not as hard as you might think!

First of all - as mentioned just a couple of posts ago - at the ripe old age of 14 Ginger won the Texas State Charleston Championship in 1925. And of course she danced a little Charleston in Roxie Hart and on an episode of The Lucy Show. :)
On September 30th, 1954, on the eve of her 19th birthday, Julie Andrews made her Broadway debut in a show called The Boyfriend.
 (Side note: It was after this show, Julie was contacted by Lerner and Lowe to star in their new show - lucky for them her contract in The Boyfriend had just ended and she was available to star in their new show - My Fair Lady as Eliza Doolittle....Audrey who? LOL!)
One of the songs from that show was called "Won't You Charleston With Me?" Here is a clip of Julie performing the song on her 1972 television show "The Julie Andrews Hour":

In 1965 Ginger co-starred as The Queen in a television production of Cinderella.
But this was not the first televised production of Cinderella. In 1957 Julie Andrews made her television debut in a live production of Cinderella.
Another Ginger/Julie connection: Cinderella in Ginger's version was played by Lesley Ann Warren. LAW costarred with Julie in Victor/Victoria as Norma Cassidy (two very different parts indeed!)

One of my favorites - We all know that in 1944 Ginger starred in the film Lady In the Dark...which wasn't such a big hit for her (but she got to wear that amazing dress)
Guess it wasn't such good luck for Julie either - in 1968 - Julie portrayed Gertrude Lawrence in the film Star! which was a huge bust at the box office. (But as a Julie fan I love it  - she does EVERYTHING this movie)  While the whole film isn't Lady in the Dark we do get to see Julie take a crack at "Jenny".  The scene before the actual number is interesting as we see "Gertie" struggling to sing "Jenny as a ballad.  She's just not getting it - until two of the other characters take her to a club to see a performance which inspires her how she needs to perform it.
We also get to all the words to THIS song! (Thank you Julie!)

And like the rest of us Julie must have some respect for Ginger and love her as much as we do because on her 1972-73 television show Julie paid tribute to Fred and Ginger in the episode guest starring Ken Berry. We Gingerologists will notice some differences (like dancing the Carioca in Ginger's Let Yourself Go outfit, etc) but its still a wonderful tribute.  Enjoy!
 12-22-12 Edit: Here is the link that 'A.T.' added to comments below... for your viewing pleasure - thanks, A.T.!!!

Link to As Tertulias site - more Julie goodness...


...Thanks again, SG!!! Now, get back to blogging!!!!

...watching Roberta to-night, y'all... I'll make it before the Mayans get us... 

Until then, KIG!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

...ok, getting a bit closer...

...to the Roberta review, y'all.
I know, I know... but it's been somewhat busy the last month or so, with the Advent Season, and a fair amount of production work in the hopper at work...just tough to focus on the review. And, as I think y'all may be aware, I am a 'stickler' in terms of giving reviews my FULL attention...

But, it appears in a few days, I shall be able to start on it 'proper', and hopefully get it out soon.

As a 'preview to the review', I've just been thinking a bit about this one... as a Ginger fan, thus a GandF fan, the biggest 'issue' I have with this film (and to a lesser extent, Follow the Fleet) is that Ginger and Fred are not even the main characters in it... thus, it just isn't...as awesome as other GandF films, to the best of my recollection...

...now, before I incur the wrath of those voracious Irene Dunne fans out there, much less the tenacious Randolph Scott faction, let me say this...

Irene is awesome in this film... although my fave role for her is in The Awful Truth, of course... but here she does play the role of the 'high society / royalty / whatever' lady in a noble, yet warm way that sells the part to perfection. Her operatic vocals are impressive, although honestly not quite my preferred octave of feminine vocalizations... that of course may only be heard from Miss Scharwenka herself...

And Randolph Scott is...serviceable...probably much more comfortable on a horse, of course...is a horse...is a horse of course... ahem... but he plays the 'goofy guy getting in over his head and somehow persevering and winning the girl' quite well.

BUT... (there's always a big 'BUT', right?) ...Ginger and Fred are what makes this... well, a classic film, right? Look, when you mention the film 'Roberta' to anyone...well, anyone who has any idea about classic movies to begin with... what's their first thought?
"Oh, yes, that's that movie with Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott!" 
...er, no, most likely not, unless they are in one of those fan clubs... more often than not, you'll hear, "Oh, yes, that's that Fred and Ginger movie!"
...so... not really sure what my point is here, unless I'm trying to weigh the 'level' of Gingery goodness this one will have... it would seem to be able to eke into the top ten, but...we'll see.

It's been awhile since I've watched it all the way through... Ma is always playing it, but she generally just watches the finale with GandF's dance to 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes', which, is pretty hard not to fast forward to...

SO, all this warbling to say... it's getting close... hopefully it will make it out before Mayan Doomsday...

In the meantime, hope everyone is having a great holiday season thus far, and will continue to...

Keep It Gingery!!!


Awards...Thanks, Y'all!!!

...I TRULY appreciate these, and the kind words regarding this blog...thanks for all the inspiration I have drawn from each of your blog sites, which are all awesome in their unique ways!!!
It is my hope that I can continue to make 'G-ology' interesting and informative regarding the 'Beautiful Science' of VKM, which is SUCH a great topic!!! ...And remember, your comments are what make Gingerology click - so keep cranking them out!

Thanks again, JW

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Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018

Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018
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