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Gary Marron recently passed away - he was a big Ginger fan who was ever present on FB posts regarding GR... he will be missed. Rest in peace, fellow Gingerologist...

This Day in GINGEROLOGY - March 21st

1881: M. H. Hoffman (born Maurice Henry Hoffman), who produced the Ginger films “A shriek in the Night” and “The Thirteenth Guest”, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1901: Carmelita Geraghty, who starred with Ginger in the film “Broadway Bad” (as Showgirl), was born in Rushville, Indiana.

1931 (per IMDb, TCM): “Honor Among Lovers” was released by Paramount.

1938: Oscar Apfel, who starred with Ginger in the films “You Said a Mouthful” (as Armstrong), “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Walcott), and “Romance in Manhattan” (as The Judge), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 60.

2014: TCM aired “Bachelor Mother”.


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

...ok, getting a bit closer...

...to the Roberta review, y'all.
I know, I know... but it's been somewhat busy the last month or so, with the Advent Season, and a fair amount of production work in the hopper at work...just tough to focus on the review. And, as I think y'all may be aware, I am a 'stickler' in terms of giving reviews my FULL attention...

But, it appears in a few days, I shall be able to start on it 'proper', and hopefully get it out soon.

As a 'preview to the review', I've just been thinking a bit about this one... as a Ginger fan, thus a GandF fan, the biggest 'issue' I have with this film (and to a lesser extent, Follow the Fleet) is that Ginger and Fred are not even the main characters in it... thus, it just isn't...as awesome as other GandF films, to the best of my recollection...

...now, before I incur the wrath of those voracious Irene Dunne fans out there, much less the tenacious Randolph Scott faction, let me say this...

Irene is awesome in this film... although my fave role for her is in The Awful Truth, of course... but here she does play the role of the 'high society / royalty / whatever' lady in a noble, yet warm way that sells the part to perfection. Her operatic vocals are impressive, although honestly not quite my preferred octave of feminine vocalizations... that of course may only be heard from Miss Scharwenka herself...

And Randolph Scott is...serviceable...probably much more comfortable on a horse, of course...is a horse...is a horse of course... ahem... but he plays the 'goofy guy getting in over his head and somehow persevering and winning the girl' quite well.

BUT... (there's always a big 'BUT', right?) ...Ginger and Fred are what makes this... well, a classic film, right? Look, when you mention the film 'Roberta' to anyone...well, anyone who has any idea about classic movies to begin with... what's their first thought?
"Oh, yes, that's that movie with Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott!" 
...er, no, most likely not, unless they are in one of those fan clubs... more often than not, you'll hear, "Oh, yes, that's that Fred and Ginger movie!"
...so... not really sure what my point is here, unless I'm trying to weigh the 'level' of Gingery goodness this one will have... it would seem to be able to eke into the top ten, but...we'll see.

It's been awhile since I've watched it all the way through... Ma is always playing it, but she generally just watches the finale with GandF's dance to 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes', which, is pretty hard not to fast forward to...

SO, all this warbling to say... it's getting close... hopefully it will make it out before Mayan Doomsday...

In the meantime, hope everyone is having a great holiday season thus far, and will continue to...

Keep It Gingery!!!



  1. I love this film, it's a treasure of costume, and a bitchy Ginger with a Russian accent makes an absolute delight.

    1. ...she is definitely in 'high sassy' mode in this one... but I think she 'mellows' at the end, fortunately...
      And yes, this one has wickedawesome costumes...of course one of them is right above, as the G-ology header pic1 That fact ALONE should give this film a pretty high ranking, no?
      thanks for the comment, garofit!!

  2. I love Roberta. First time I saw it I watched the whole thing, but usually since I know what happens, I just mainly watch all the parts with Ginger and Fred.

    I love the I'll Be Hard To Handle routine, Ginger's outfit is so cute! I wouldn't mind having a recreation of that to wear for myself.
    I also love the Smoke Gets In You Eyes routine....OMG the dress is SOOOOO pretty there. I also want a copy of that too lol. Let's just say I like love all of Ginger's outfits from this movie.

    Also not to mention the songs are pretty good too.

    Can't wait for the film review for it!


  3. ...looks like a 'go' for the weekend, so...at least I will be working towards it... but I really need to get back on 'pace' with the reviews...maybe after the first of the year I can get rolling again...
    And yes, Ginger is VERY well attired throughout the proceedings, so...that's gonna score some nice points... even tho I'm not THAT into costumes, as Ginger in a potato sack is still...GINGER!!!, but....it definitely does not hurt anything to have sharp wardrobe included.

    ...if anything, screen caps and the 'main review' should take place soon... then the 'alternate storyline'...which typically results from reviewing the screencaps, with a combination of late-night mind wandering... some strange stuff results...

    KIG, GF!


  4. I think this is your last weekend before the Mayan doomsday. Spending it working on a Gingery review sounds just about the best way to go! I can understand your feelings towards "Roberta" and the 2 story lines going. It does take away from the movie, unfortunately. I love the "Hard to Handle" number too, it makes the movie, IMO. If you need more motivation think of it this way, if you don't get through "Roberta", how are you going to get to "Top Hat"?

    Have a good weekend and KIG!

  5. yep...it's 'under way'...the review, that is... gotta do the screen caps, but plan to watch the movie tonight... but there will be at least one post before this one...stay tuned...



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