This Day in GINGEROLOGY - January 15th

1879: H. Dudley Hawley (born Hughson Dudley Hawley), who starred with Ginger in the film “Young Man of Manhattan” (as the Doctor), was born in Styal, Cheshire, England.

Early 1971: Ginger divorced William Marshall; the marriage lasted just under ten years.

2012: TCM aired “Follow The Fleet”.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

hey y'all!

...well, lots of time has passed since my last post... and there is a decent reason behind that...

Beginning January 1, 2019, I am embarking on a new career, forming my own business! And with that, there's been quite a bit of stuff going on, with 'winding down' at my soon-to-be former employer, and getting everything in line for the new business... which is QUITE extensive... but I think it's close...

...so, what does that mean for G-ology?

Well, I hope to keep things going here, but... it may well be 'few and far between' for the next 4-6 months, until I can 'stabilize' my business...

But I'll definitely check in over on FaceBook regularly...

...as for the here and now, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you and yours!!!

And thanks for hanging around here... 2019 will mark the tenth anniversary of Gingerology, so there will HAVE to be some stuff happening, right?

KIG, Y'all!


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

...well, October has slipped by...

...without a GingerPost...  It's been pretty busy here at Gingerology, unfortunately with non-Gingery things... work - school for kids - minor illnesses - etc...  as usual, Time Slips Away (sounds like a good song title, no?) 

As for Halloween, which it IS...
...yeah, I STILL don't really like this film, because of... that...

I've pretty much missed the fact that there were ghost tours at the Ginger House Museum the past few weeks... if anyone out there partook, please jump over to FaceBook and clue us in... I'm kind of 'torn' regarding ghosts, as I've never seen one... but wouldn't be surprised if there were such a thing... and, if so, who knows if Ginger is actually there... heck, she didn't live there that LONG, y'all (although I am totally fascinated and in love with that house FOREVER...) ...but WAS born there, so... hey, I don;t know how any of that stuff is supposed to work, so...

..and as to Ginger, well... I'm digging all the greatness over on FaceBook... AMAZING all the new pictures and articles that are on display there... go check them out!
...like this cool one - I've seen it before, but did NOT 'have' it, for some weird reason... it reminds me of BethRose of the FindingGinger blog, who had a shot set up pretty much like this one... well, heck, here it is (hopefully she won't mind...)
...well, SOME differences, but I know she said she was inspired by Ginger!!! ...this kind of gets me thinking back to the 'salad days' of Gingerology and all the awesome folks I became acquainted with that shared the common goal of... well, finding Ginger! ...films, that is...
...and also reminds me of all the awesome folks (i.e. Gingerologists) I've gotten to know since!!!

I'm hoping to find time to do a few things on this here blog, but... alas, that time hasn't found me yet... MAYBE SOON...

Hope Y'ALL are doing fine!

Until then...


Thursday, September 6, 2018

...FOUR years ago...

...we were informed of the great news that Ginger's only film which was up to that time 'unaccounted for', Hat Check Girl, had not only BEEN accounted for, but had been restored, and was to be shown at the TCM Festival, as well as at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), as has been noted in the last week of "This Day in Gingerology"...
...Ginger with HCG Leading Lady, Sally Eilers...

...well... NOW WHAT? ...as in... WHEN will we see this film released on DVD??? (like I need to keep asking that question...) It's really quite vexing that the owner(s) of the film copy aren't amenable to allowing a studio (It's a Fox Film, so... guess they would be the distributor for it) to make it available for purchase to the Classic Film public... of course, there are still a handful of GingerFilms which are not commercially available (but... are 'available' nevertheless...), but overall Ginger's catalog is remarkably well represented in the DVD format, which is why it would be a great day to see HCG offered.
...Ginger with HCG 'Supporting Man', Monroe Ousley...

..now, hopefully I won't get in trouble for this, BUT... Roberta noted at GingerFest that she has a copy of HCG which was Ginger's personal copy... it may not be restored, however... guess I should have inquired further, but... just giddy to be there, y'all... with THAT, I can think of no more apropos locale to roll whatever HCG copy available than at GingerFest '19... it would be a great addition to an already awesome event! Just throwing it out there for whomever happens to read this...
...cool poster for the film...

Well, that's about all I have for this one... for now, anyway... hopefully an extensive HueyReview is in the near future for this still elusive GingerFilm!

Until that wickedawesome time,

KIG, y'all!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ginger Stuff going on!!!

...well, there are a few things afoot for Gingerologists...

FIRST, we have the OFFICIAL opening of The Ginger House Museum in Independence on Tuesday, August 21, 2018... The City of Independence Chamber of Commerce will attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and hopefully more press on local TV...  HERE is the info:

Official Opening of the Ginger House Museum

...CONGRATS to Marge and Gene as they see their vision for the place come to fruition!  Again, I am SO glad that this whole series of events happened, as there was a time where nobody really knew who would own the house, and it was in disrepair, etc... SO awesome it will now be kept up and available for public viewing! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!  ...AAAAAND, GingerFest 2019 is already shaping up, with ballroom dancing in the mix! ...don't worry, I've already told Marge I am to be relegated to a judge, or observer, or some other non-dancing role... keep up to date on The Ginger House Museum website as well as on FaceBook!


Another bit of Gingery news is ANOTHER GingerFilm has been released on DVD...this time it's 'Honor Among Lovers', which of course is part of the Paramount Pentateuch (i.e., first five movies Ginger appeared in, all under Paramount)! Now, as to Ginger's role in this one.... WEEEEELLLLL.... it's really not too much... she is cute in the few scenes she appears in, but mainly for comic relief in a pretty intense plot... the film in general is a pretty good early 30's drama, starring Claudette Colbert and Fredric March... worth checking out. HERE is the link for a purchase point for this one (Amazon is about the only place I could find):

Honor Among Lovers DVD

...I haven't opened up my copy yet, but from general info from other Gingerologists, the copy is a LOT better and sharper than the fuzzy one capped from the 'copy' from the 'ether', as seen above...

...the cool thing about this is there is hope that the rest of the 'Pentateuch' might follow in DVD format, now that this one has been released... ALL of them 'exist', but need cleaning up (strangely enough, the one that is the best copy 'floating around' out there of the five is Young Man of Manhattan, Ginger's FIRST 'feature film', and arguably her best role in any of the five...)


...and in another bit of 'HueyNews' (don't worry, it is ultimately Gingery), I am moving lots of furniture around, swapping up my 'work area' (I do plan review, so I need space to unfurl blueprints, look at big-screen monitors, etc.), and with that, it may well free up some wall space for Gingery Features... NOW, of course I have 2-3 'projects' which began WAAAAY in the past, but are yet to be reality (most notably the LIFE magazine covers to be framed), but... who knows, maybe some stuff will get completed - I REALLY need a 'GingerWall' or two...

AND... that's all I got. For now...

Until then...

KIG, Y'all!!!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

...another Gingery Find whilst in Kansas City...

...I've read about this in a few spots - maybe under some Harlow FB sites... WHAT, you may say, are you talking about, Hu?

Well, the Monday after GingerFest, we made a short jaunt from Olathe into downtown Kansas City to an area called "Film Row". This area was where the Hollywood studios would 'hub' their films for distribution to the rest of the country... Kansas City is a natural distribution hub for the nation, so... pretty cool. The exact location is on 18th Street between Wyandotte Street and Central Street...
...ok, well, that's cool, right...

...but what's the GINGERY angle, man?

Glad you asked...

Somewhere in the not-so-distant past, someone in KC decided to pay tribute to the local folks who ended up in Hollywood...and what better way to do that than with a ...Walk of Fame!

Of course, Our Girl is included, and here it is:

...and the obligatory "with Hu" pic:

...pretty cool, eh? There are a handful of others:   Walt Disney, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, and Robert Altman... a pretty interesting group of folks from the KC area.

HERE is the link to the area... ...and below is the building the stars are in front of (Ginger's is right past that fire hydrant... ...an homage to "It Had To Be You", perhaps?) It was a bit odd that there was no 'museum' nearby, or at least that we could surmise, which would give detailed info on these folks... the building is just a 'professional building' (i.e., offices for whatever) - kinda weird there's not a "Hall of Fame" nearby... oh well, still pretty cool.

...and Greta thought this was a cool sign, which it is for the 'theme' of the area with an old car getting toted off:

Well... that's about it...  ...neat to have another GingerySpot to check out when in Kansas City...

Hope all of y'all are doing well, and Keeping It Gingery!!!


Awards...Thanks, Y'all!!!

...I TRULY appreciate these, and the kind words regarding this blog...thanks for all the inspiration I have drawn from each of your blog sites, which are all awesome in their unique ways!!!
It is my hope that I can continue to make 'G-ology' interesting and informative regarding the 'Beautiful Science' of VKM, which is SUCH a great topic!!! ...And remember, your comments are what make Gingerology click - so keep cranking them out!

Thanks again, JW

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Awarded by Gingerella on 11/18/09 AND by Sally on 01/31/10
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Awarded by Amanda Cooper on 11/21/09
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Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018

Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018
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