This Day in GINGEROLOGY - August 4th

1939 (per IMDb, TCM): “Bachelor Mother” was released by RKO Radio.

1957: Erville Alderson, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Thirteenth Guest” (as Uncle John Adams) and “Magnificent Doll” (as Darcy), died in Glendale, California, at the age of 74.

1963: Tom Keene (born George Duryea), who starred with Ginger in the film “Suicide Fleet” (as Lt. James Keene), died in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 66.

2011: TCM aired “Lucky Partners”.


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October 15, 2015 @ 9:45 P.M. Gold Diggers of 1933 (97 min)

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August 8, 2015 @ 7:30 A.M. Tales of Manhattan (127 min)

August 11, 2015 @ 6:00 A.M. Tales of Manhattan (127 min)

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gingerfilms...on Freddie's Day on TCM...

Well, TCM is dedicating this Wednesday - August 5, to Ginger's favorite dance partner, Fred Astaire!

...and with that, of course many Ginger and Fred films are being aired that day - in fact ALL of them, except for The Barkleys of Broadway... and not in 'chronological order'.

...so, it may be a good day to crank the DVR up and let it do it's thang all day...  just see the schedule in the 'Ginger on TV' section above...

In addition to Ginger and Fred films, TCM is also airing quite a few of Fred's best 'non-Ginger' films as well, just after 'Shall We Dance' wraps up... "You Were Never Lovelier", with Ginger's VERY lovely distant cousin, Rita Hayworth... "The Band Wagon", with dynamo Cyd Charisse... "silk Stockings", again with Miss CC... and "Royal Wedding" with Jane Powell.

Hope all is well with everyone... I've been a bit busy catching up from work this week, since the vacation the week before... but it's getting 'stabilized' now... kids start back to school in a few weeks... ALWAYS something cooking around here, but... still wanting to pick up the GingerActivity here... as noted in the 'banner message' above, I didn't get to get to Ginger's birth house in Independence... the closest I can say is we stopped at a McDonald's in Independence on the way out for breakfast...
...um, I don't think the one we stopped at was the same one Ginger's at in the pic above... ANYway, KC is a cool area in general, and lots of cool stuff to do there... highly recommend it!

Until then,
KIG, y'all!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


....well, there's a few pics of GingerBirthday festivities out there, but none as 'unique' as this one... I'm still not sure whose head that is plastered atop the cake-wielding lady... but no matter, as long as Ginger's happy, right?

It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since GingerTennial, and my visit to Independence... getting to meet Kat and Baby (who is not a baby anymore!), and talking to the owner of the birth house... with that, guess what... I'm headed back to KC on Saturday!

My wife's Aunt and Uncle have moved near there - Overland Park, Kansas, and we are going to check out the new house they built... and while I'm in the area, I will most likely scoot over to 100 West Moore in Independence, Missouri to see how the old house is holding up... last I heard, the owner was wanting to sell, but that was probably a few years back, at least... I'll document what I can...

...but for the here and NOW, it's time to CELEBRATE GINGER!!! However you see fit... I am unfortunately in the midst of 'tying up loose ends' at work before we leave town, so working at home as well... but my plan is to get back to GingerFilms HEAVY post-KC, and get this blog back into shape...

Well, with that, hope all of Y'ALL have a great GREAT GT+4, and please reply with how you plan (or DID) celebrate the day... of course, a good start is to...

...Keep It GINGERY!!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

....SIX Years of Gingerology!!!

...well, it's hard to believe I've been at this for six years... although it's kind of hard to remember life before Gingerology! Lots of great folks have passed thru the Halls of G-ology over that time, and of course many are still here today - and with the ever-growing GingerFaceBook Community, it's great to know that there are so many 'like-minded' folks out there when it comes to the 'beautiful science' of Miss Ginger Rogers!

As most of y'all know, this blog was formed primarily to 'search' other Ginger-themed blogs, and soon the goal was to hunt down GingerFilms... by hook or crook (as this was before WB Archives, among others, had released many of the GinerFilms available on DVD today...). Of course, my inspiration for making this blog 'ALL Ginger' was Beth Rose's great one, 'Finding Ginger'... and even tho she only did the blog for one year, her general love for all things Ginger rubbed off on me MOST thoroughly... alas, her blog has been 'dormant' for 5 years now, and I'm not sure how much longer a dormant blog is allowed to exist... so I suggest you go check it out... it's a neat trip for me to be reminded of how the World of Ginger opened up to me without mercy, and how other folks had that same feeling! Here's a comment I placed on there where my blog becomes...Gingerology!!! :
...Well, sorry to further go out on a limb, but just wanted folks to know that my blog (such as it is) is now entitled, "Gingerology"...trying to make it something worth checking out...please just drop by there if you feel so inclined, if just to critique... I need all the help I can get! I have listed the VKM movies I currently have, which is not NEAR what most of y'all have... I am in awe... but hopefully I can catch up one day...
Still think Beth's is the coolest blog EVER! Thanks, jwalke

...and that gets me to the point to where I have to make my yearly 're-commitment' speech to myself, in hopes of getting Gingerology in a 'frequent groove'... time is never kind, and looking back, I'm really not sure how I did what I did over the last 6 years or so... so I'll have to redouble my efforts... which reminds me... if there are any of y'all out there who would like to 'guest post' or whatever, PLEASE contact me - or just reply to this post... I would be MOST happy to turn the blog over to a guest host...

Well, hope y'all had a great Independence Day, and will continue to stay safe...and, Gingery, of course!  Thanks again to all who have supported this blog for the past six years, I hope it has been of interest, and even to educate people about Ginger Rogers!

KIG, y'all!!!


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gingerology Changes...

...well, we are approaching the SIXTH anniversary of Gingerology, and I thought it was time to 'refresh' things a bit...most notably, changing the GingerPic header for the blog... it was REALLY tough to take Scharwenka out of that slot... it really became the 'face' of Gingerology... But she will remain on the right lower sidebar, as I have established the 'retired Gingerology Header Pic corner'...

...But I dig the new GingerPic a lot, and hope you do as well... just a neat 'profile pic' of Ginger in color...not sure of the time frame, but maybe mid-1940's, just after the 'dark hair' timeframe...it just seemed to be the 'right' one, although there aren't ANY wrong GingerPics, right?

Also, did some 're-designing' of the color scheme, albeit a bit subtle... and changed the font type as well - all of this will hopefully result in a better 'reading experience' for all.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and gearing up for Independence Day...

Until then,



Friday, June 19, 2015

...post-NOLA Gingery Musings...

...well, made it back from "The City that Care Forgot", a.k.a. New Orleans, and it was a good time for Hu and the Crew...or as they spell it in NOLA, Krewe...

Only one Gingery Moment, but it was pretty cool...we were in one of the umpteen t-shirt / souvenir stores throughout the French Quarter, when we found some neat tile drink coasters which had different 'iconic' images of the Cresent City... when THIS one popped up:
which, of course, I purchased... it was pretty neat that I snapped a pic of this sign on our last NOLA trip, and now it's considered an 'iconic' image of the quarter... the POWER of Gingerology, eh?

Well, back to the 'daily grind', as it were... but not until Monday... in the meantime, hope to have some more GingerPosts going... 'This Day in Gingerology' will hopefully be expanding soon...it's currently 'in process'... and of course, back to the GingerFilm reviews... GOTTA start those back up soon.

Hope all of y'all are doing well this summer... Keep it a GINGERY one, y'hear?


Awards...Thanks, Y'all!!!

...I TRULY appreciate these, and the kind words regarding this blog...thanks for all the inspiration I have drawn from each of your blog sites, which are all awesome in their unique ways!!!
It is my hope that I can continue to make 'G-ology' interesting and informative regarding the 'Beautiful Science' of VKM, which is SUCH a great topic!!! ...And remember, your comments are what make Gingerology click - so keep cranking them out!

Thanks again, JW

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Awarded by Gingerella on 11/18/09 AND by Sally on 01/31/10
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