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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - May 25th

1867: J. Malcolm Dunn (born James Malcolm Dunn), who starred with Ginger in the film “The Sap from Syracuse” (as Captain Barker), was born in London, England.

1963: Ethan Laidlaw, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tip-Off” (as a Henchman), “Magnificent Doll” (as Sanders), and “The first Travelling Saleslady” (as Juror), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 63.

1974: Donald Crisp (born George William Crisp), who starred with Ginger in the film “Broadway Bad” (as Darrall), died in Van Nuys, California, at the age of 91.

1977: Ginger’s mother, Lela Rogers, who starred with Ginger in the film “The Major and The Minor” (as Mrs. Applegate), died in Palm Springs, California at the age of 85. She was cremated and her ashes interred at the Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, California, where Ginger’s ashes would also be interred.

2000: Francis Lederer, who starred with Ginger in the film “Romance in Manhattan” (as Karel Novak), died in Palm Springs, California, at the age of 100.

2016: TCM aired “Rafter Romance”.


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

...odds and ends...

Hi, y'all!!! Just checking in before the weekend, which is to be devoted to Star of Midnight... seriously! I'm missing working on those things, and I think this one will be fun, cause...well...GINGER...duh... AND one of my fave actors, William Powell... so should make for some interesting work.  BTW, the pic above is not from SOM, but... no matter, right? :-p  ...I think this is from the 'Top Hat' promo pics... I would REEEEEALY like a 'big' pic of this one...

I was Googling Ginger the other day... yeah I said it :-) ... and, I ran across this article:


...now, I see a bit of similarity, but... Aguilera looks more like Mae West to me... and check the replies below...dang, lots of potential G-ologists in that group...rock on!!!  ...but this DOES bring up a fair question... WHO could play Ginger in that film yet to be filmed, but would be great (if done correctly... much consultation will be needed with Gingerologists...we'll form a committee, y'all...)
Well, it's been quite cool 'settling in' over at Facebook...it's really what I was hoping it would be, a nice 'real time' chat for Gingerologists!  So, if you're not over there yet, jump in (it's free and easy... thus HueyApproved), so really no excuse not to...
Hope all are having a great week, and will partake in a MOST Gingery weekend!!!  - and, for those of y'all who see 'Gatsby', drop a note or post a review...I'm interested in how it is... thanks!

KIG, y'all!!!



  1. I always see some people make a comparison on looks between the two. There are some pics of Ginger where she slightly looks like Christina.
    I would find it interesting who would play as Ginger in a film. I think it should be approved by us Gingerologists first though!

    Oh yes the Gatsby movie. I wrote about it on FB so you could see that. But in short term-it was AWESOME!!!

    Hopefully the Star of Midnight review will be posted this weekend.

  2. ...I kina thought Reese Witherspoon was Ginger-like, especially in the 'Water for Elephants' movie - only saw the trailers to it - but she has kind of 'fallen off the float', so to speak... eh, she will survive...

    I have been adding links to the 'FilmBlogs' - where it links to where a DVD for the specific film can be purchased...

    Overall, have heard pretty good things about Gatsby...now that we have Netflix, I'll just wait 6 months or whatever to check it out... I'm heading to FB here directly...

    Star of Midnight...I hopefully will have the 'main review' worked out, if not done... but the 'HueyTreatment' is still in development... dang it!

    KIG, GF!

  3. Yeah when Gatsby comes out on Netflix I suggest it. The only thing that still somewhat bothered me was the music. But I ended up liking 2 songs out of it. Overall, I looked passed the music, and the movie was awesome.

    I still was surprised how on Friday I was able to survive all day running on 3 hours of sleep. But I sure don't regret going to the premiere. I actually kinda want to see it again...


    1. thanks for the review...I've read folks who loved it (Kori) and folks who...well, didn't - can't remember who... anyway, will like to see it...heck, I have yet to watch ANYTHING on Netflix...which is weird because when we did the 'old school' deal where they sent DVDs to the house, I DID watch them...guess I felt obligated or something... but my little boy MORE than makes up for it...he watches all the kid's shows pretty much continuously...

      KIG, GF!!! Have a Great Gingery Summer!!!



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