This Day in GINGEROLOGY - January 15th

1879: H. Dudley Hawley (born Hughson Dudley Hawley), who starred with Ginger in the film “Young Man of Manhattan” (as the Doctor), was born in Styal, Cheshire, England.

Early 1971: Ginger divorced William Marshall; the marriage lasted just under ten years.

2012: TCM aired “Follow The Fleet”.


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

...links are... well, linked...

...check the lower right of the Gingerology page, where I have added quite a few links (in no particular order, mind you...) - these are LOOOOONG overdue, and not really sure why these never made it to the original G-ology format...but, better late than never, y'all...
...word of advice...never put Miss Rogers on hold... VERY bad for your health...
As aforementioned, I have not attempted to link accounts on Tumblr, Pintrest, Flickr, etc...there's just too many out there, and I figure if someone wants to go on a 'GingerPic Hunt' (admit it, you've done it quite a bit...), they can find gobs of GingerPics via Google, Bing, Yahoo, or some other such device...  There are some channels on YouTube I've linked, and if there are more, PLEASE make me aware of them, and I will gladly link. Any OTHER Gingery resource (I know there are plenty out there I've missed) you can think of is also requested for linking....thanks, y'all!!!
...and now for something completely different...did Ginger invent Pig Latin? Well, I don't think so...but... I was running through YouTube and ran across "We're In The Money" scene, and saw how a lot of the comments (from young 'uns, no doubt) were so fascinated by Ginger's utterance of Pig Latin... and wondered if this was the 'source' of it... hmmm... let's start that rumor... Ginger's definitely the best candidate for 'creator of something pretty dang cool'... but, on the other hand, we could just send them to this site:
Pig Latin Converter...old but cool site
...would be neat if Ginger got a shout-out on this site... but, we'll let it slide, I suppose...

As for the burgeoning network of Gingerology blogs, in addition to the 70+ GingerFilm blogs up and (somewhat) running, Hu has decided...there needs to be MORE Ginger (...as if y'all didn't see THAT coming...) - and, with the increasing catalog of Gingery material from TV and Radio out there, there REALLY should be sites 'dedicated' to these mediums - along with a site for her stage plays and musicals... SO, stay tuned...
...Ginger and Julie Neumar backstage of Hello, Dolly! - which is actually going to be passing through our town for a week or so here pretty soon... eh, with no Ginger, they'll be no Huey... sorry. ----------
One more thought...It's really been fun over on Facebook...nice to keep up with all of y'all, meeting new Gingerologists and potential Gingerologists, and all in 'real time'. If you haven't set up an FB account, I urge you to...it's really pretty easy, and worth chatting with G-ologists!!!
So, until then...hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, remembering what the observance is REALLY about... and in the same vein, please continue to remember the folks in Oklahoma and other areas of the Midwest who were affected by tornadoes...it's obviously a very 'relate-able' story to me, and even tho I lost nothing a few years back, I did learn quite a bit about how folks can rebound and rebuild...I'm sure that will occur in short order in Moore and other areas...

KIG, y'all!



  1. Great you set up the links! You could add my channel, even though I don't use it anymore, I still have my videos on there I made.
    Well, other yt channels Vivian:http://www.youtube.com/user/keleigh97/videos
    Beth:http://www.youtube.com/user/sneakysnoo11/videos?view=0 Although Beth no longer uses this it seems.
    And Lauren's:http://www.youtube.com/user/beeje/featured Her channel is the same as Beth's with it being dormant.
    The Ginger Pics. I find most through Ebay, or I contact Roberta through email and she sends me the pics I need. It's a very tedious business on finding and getting new Ginger Pics!
    Haha the Pig Latin. Really? Which video did you watch? There's quite a few of those. I know on this one video, some were commenting on how horrible Ginger was. I say whatever!
    Those non-gingerologists......
    But that is a good question to bring up. We know that she did not invent Pig Latin, but the idea that they have that she did, is awesome! :)

    Hopefully soon the film blogs will get more stuff added.

    The stuff at Oklahoma was horrible. Did you ever see that video with the lady hoping her dog was alive? She had 2 prayers, for her and her dog to be safe. Then in the middle of the interview, the dog is right there.
    So heartbreaking.

    KIG too!

    1. ...thanks for the 'additional links'... I'll add all of those for sure... I knew there were some 'legacy G-ologists' who had YT channels...
      The pig Latin issue is a hoot, as most folks today don't have a clue about it... I don't remember the exact one I viewed, tho... but there's always 'detractors' on YT, trying to be 'anti' whatever video is at hand... goofballs, those are...

      Yes, a very poignant video, to be sure... honestly, it's a bit tough to watch a lot of coverage, after being near an actual storm path...

      KIG, 'e'!!!



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