This Day in GINGEROLOGY - June 27th

1886: Lalo Encinas, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Lackey), was born in Arizona.

1958: Robert Greig, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tenderfoot” (as Mack), “Upperworld” (as Marc Caldwell – Butler), “Tales of Manhattan” (as Lazar the Tailor), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 78.


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Saturday, May 11, 2013

20th Century-Fox Cinema Archives...

...are throwing some Gingery goodness our way! Not really sure WHEN these DVDs became available, but MAD props to the folks at Fox for releasing them - I think it is set up like the WB Archives - 'on demand' DVDs... of the following films:
...yup, four GingerFilms heretofore NOT on DVD....now...on DVD!!! The cool part about this is, Ginger made quite a few movies for Fox (eleven, to be exact - most of which are available on DVD...) - which of course, includes that ever elusive minx, Hat Check Girl...would be cool if they roll out a copy of HCG in this collection!  Heck, I'd LOVE a 'clean copy' of Broadway Bad, with Ginger and Joan Blondell...awesome if only for that fact!

HERE IS A LINK TO MOVIES UNLIMITED, WHO HAS THESE FOUR, AS WELL AS MANY OTHER GINGERFILMS AVAILABLE...sorry for shouting, but... hey, if ya can't shout about Ginger, what CAN you shout about, right? :-)

Well, I'm off to get these ordered...I actually have to wait a few days for new credit cards, as someone somewhere has our info and is trying to use our stuff...weird - second time that's happened in the last 3-4 months... oh well, good the credit card cats catch it before any big damage is done...

Y'all have a VERY Gingery weekend - a very FOXY Gingery weekend, that is!!!



  1. Isn't it amazing - all those Ginger dvd releases that have happened in the last 6 months.
    Paramount has put Forever Female on Nexlix and YouTube for downloads. I hope they will release it on DVD soon!

    Have a good weekend Y'all!

    1. ..great to know about FF - it's a pretty cool movie... Paramount should crank out some archives...of course, Ginger's 'first 5' were Paramount, and although a few were 'minimal Ginger', it would still be great to have an 'official copy' of them... Sap from Syracuse would be great, as well as Queen High...

      KIG, MB!!!


  2. Thanks for the info! Glad you are on the lookout for all these things. And shout as much as you like, as long as it is Gingery!!


    1. no problem...dang, has it been 3 days since you posted? Between FB and Blog and stuff at work... I need some kind of assistant... or at least some of that 5-hour energy elixir...

      KIG, 'e'! We will remain vigilant in the search for Gingery Goodness!!!



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