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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - May 25th

1867: J. Malcolm Dunn (born James Malcolm Dunn), who starred with Ginger in the film “The Sap from Syracuse” (as Captain Barker), was born in London, England.

1963: Ethan Laidlaw, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tip-Off” (as a Henchman), “Magnificent Doll” (as Sanders), and “The first Travelling Saleslady” (as Juror), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 63.

1974: Donald Crisp (born George William Crisp), who starred with Ginger in the film “Broadway Bad” (as Darrall), died in Van Nuys, California, at the age of 91.

1977: Ginger’s mother, Lela Rogers, who starred with Ginger in the film “The Major and The Minor” (as Mrs. Applegate), died in Palm Springs, California at the age of 85. She was cremated and her ashes interred at the Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, California, where Ginger’s ashes would also be interred.

2000: Francis Lederer, who starred with Ginger in the film “Romance in Manhattan” (as Karel Novak), died in Palm Springs, California, at the age of 100.

2016: TCM aired “Rafter Romance”.


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WB Archive is officially a Gingery entity...

...with ANOTHER Gingery offering, "Star of Midnight". This one stars Ginger and William Powell in a 'whodunnit' story, which MAY remind you a bit of another few movies Powell made... This one plays just like a 'Thin Man', but...not quite... it's a bit different to see Powell w/o Myrna, who make possibly the best on-screen couple EVAH (...well, in the top 5, for sure!...I won't tell ya where Ginger and Fred fall in that ranking...ya probably already know, right? :-] ) ...but it's a pretty enjoyable movie, even tho it's quite hard to keep up with, plot-wise...here's the bodacious link, y'all:

Star of Midnight - WB Archives

Here's a pretty cool pic of the two at lunch... I always wonder what Ginger's eating...any guess as to what the stuff at the top of her plate is? Perhaps some exotic meat loaf...
.heyyyyy...maybe the WB folks are fixing to hit us with a LARGE box set of the ones we don't have yet, like 'In Person', 'Vivacious Lady', '20 million Sweethearts', etc... too bad 'Hat check Girl' isn't an RKO film...they'd probably dig that out for us...(oh, FOX, are y'all out there??? hel-LOOOOO....) ...but it's awesome that they are REALLY increasing the number of available Gingerfilms...this is the SIXTEENTH WB Archive title for Ginger, which is a fair portion of her catalog... hope y'all can pick these up...not extremely expensive, pretty good quality...the only thing I'd like to see is a few 'special features'...I think a couple of them have some SFs, but most do not, as they are 'made-to-order' DVDs.

Well, the 'Change of Heart' review is dangerously close to wrapping up and being turned loose on the streets... so keep a eye out...

Until that magnifantastic time (hey, I think I just made that word up...COOL!),




  1. As a BIG William Powell and Thin Man fan, this movie is one of my Ginger favorites. I do wonder why her films (like this one) get released in DVD overseas before WB gets around to doing so here.

  2. thanks for posting this news i love Star of Midnight :)i had no idea it was out!! it is like The Thin Man just with Ginger but with a few different aspects. i actually saw Star of Midnight before The Thin Man it was the first time i ever saw William Powell in a film. i have seen Star of Midnight twice from it being on TV and i loved it i cannot wait to get the DVD

  3. Speaking of Hat Check Girl (and before ya ask no i haven't found it) i was looking through websites earliar and found this http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=glgEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA30&dq=skiing+in+hat+check+girl+1932&hl=en&sa=X&ei=zr2hT_v-CMW-8APSxIXuCA&ved=0CD4Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=skiing%20in%20hat%20check%20girl%201932&f=false

    I'd seen it before a few years back but don't know if you've seen it?
    I'd love to think that someone somewhere has the movie but Fox claim not to have it in their archives, the AFI don't have it (i missed a flight once checking that out, i sprained my ankle in the rush lol) neither do Congress :( so i'm praying for someone's attic!

  4. Hi FAGM,

    I remember that article for a couple of its inaccuracies. First it's not a silent film, and second though Ginger is always the star when we watch one of her movies, she is in fact third billed in this one. As for the movie itself, I think you will be the one who finds it. Someone I know on the internet says he actually saw it in a British theater years ago as part of a classic festival or some such thing. Have you looked in your attic? :)

  5. I rather liked the inaccuracy of Ginger being the star haha, but agree not a silent movie. Maybe i should look then hehe, hmm i visited my local BFI archives and they said because it's an American movie they couldn't help (they did have some very cool christmas messgages for british film audiences in the late 1930s that included Ginger in them) but maybe it'd be worth a trip to London sometime to see if can dig further :)

  6. Lady F: Didn't 'Return' have a view of HCG? Or am I just making stuff up again? eh, it's out there somewhere... it's supposedly got some pretty Gingery spots, even in a supporting role...

    MovieFreak: Same here with SOM...saw it prior to any Thin Man movies... it's good, but I need to watch it again to get the 'overall plot'... since the first few viewing of ANY ginger movie is spent...well, watching Ginger!

    F&GM: Good to hear of your tenacity regarding HCG-Quest! I know it's out there somewhere... hey we HAVE to have ONE to search out, right? Maybe the Fox folks will clean out some stuff and decide to release a few of the oldies to collect a few bucks... but it's incedible we have all EXCEPT that one...pretty awesome, especially when you read about all the films that have been 'presumed lost' forever...

    KIG, y'all!!!


  7. Yes, Huey. "Return" was the one who saw it in the theater. I believe he told me the theater's name but it didn't mean anything to me, so if he did I've forgotten it. I would ask him again but sadly am out of touch.

  8. ...well, at least that somewhat verifies there's a copy or two out there... just wish it would get in 'circulation'...maybe TCM can dig it up... but with it being a Fox movie, not sure if TCM can show it... but...FOX movie channel could... pretty neat that Fox is where the 'second highest' number of GingerFilms were made.
    Well, it will show up when we least expect it... and whoever does gets their Gingerology dues paid for a few years..on me. :-)



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