...BACK from GingerFest 2018!!!

...of course it was a BLAST! A great time meeting fellow Gingerologists and discussing Ginger with... well, other Gingerologists!!! Marge and Gene Padgitt did an incredible job with the proceedings, lined up awesome speakers, and of course Roberta was incredible as well!!! Hope to see y'all there next year!!!

This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 21st

1973: Ginger is on the panel of judges in the Miss Universe contest, held in Athens, Greece; Miss Philippines Margarita Moran won.

1975: Billy West (born Roy B. Weissburg), who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Medal Winner in ‘Remember My Forgotten Man’ Number), and “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Bellboy), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 82.

2010: TCM aired “Perfect Strangers”.

2015: TCM aired “Star of Midnight”.

2017: TCM aired “Lucky Partners”.


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July 22, 2018 @ 6:30 A.M. Fifth Avenue Girl
July 27, 2018 @ 9:30 A.M. Roberta

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey, did anybody make it to...

...Amelia Island Car Show...er, "Concours d'Elegance", this last weekend? This was where Ginger's 1929 Model J Duesenberg was to be on display...REALLY wanted to go check it out, but...a bit too far... well, not really, just a state and a half over.
It would have been nice to have a report and pics of it, but...the  link here is the post I did for it a few months back, and it has a lot of cool info, in case ya missed it:

GingerCar on Display - March 9-11, 2012

BTW - Lady F! I guess I need to go back and check on comments - sorry Lady!!! I do agree that even tho the car is black and white, it still shows up so well in 'color'...maybe the chrome highlights are the diff.

And here's some recent info on a show featuring Ginger and Fred tunes, somewhere in Australia...would be pretty cool - if there's any 'Down Under' Gingerologists afoot, hope you can check this out and report! :

Pam Lawson - Ginger and Fred tunes in South Australia

And, in my Googling of Miss Rogers, I ran across this neat pic - pretty nice job of 'colorization', but...dude...Ginger would have used the PINK tennis balls, no doubt! :

GingerTennis - colorized pic

...and here's the 'original', for contrast and comparison:

Well, that's it for now... still busy at work, but 'stabilizing' somewhat... I'm starting up on 'Twenty Million Sweethearts' for review next, which is a pretty good one...if memory serves, Ginger plays a pretty 'general' female lead in this one, but it has some nice moments, for sure. I was happy to see that whilst Googling, the 'Finishing School' review showed up on the first page of results! Hopefully this results in more Gingerologists!

OK, hope the 'Odds and Ends' presented here is of interest... In the 'good intentions' department, I hope to be adding a 'link' feature to the site soon, as there are really quite a few neat GingerLinks that need to be accessed...most likely in a 'page'. (All this technical jargon is making me woozy!) ...so, until then,

KIG, y'all!!!



  1. That person did a very nice job on that colorized pic! I actually have that same pic taped to the bottom of my work computer, as a means to motivate and remind me to exercise more, lol.

  2. ...it did turn out well! Although, it seems like for whatever reason, teeth end up a bit 'off' on these...not too bad, tho... in case ya didn't know, the 'header' pic of Gingerology is a 'colorized' one... was done by a gingerologist named Maria...who did quite a few of them... when I saw it, no doubt it HAD to be the blog header pic for G-ology... the 'teeth' issue of course is not in play for my header pic, so maybe that's part of it...
    As for Ginger exercise, I just cannot imagine keeping up with her... it's like, did she ever even SLEEP?
    Hope you are doing well, Gingerella...er, Betsy!!! :-) Hopefully it's OK if I call ya that every now and again, as it's quite frankly one of the coolest 'tags' anyone has ever had in the blogosphere! ...I DO love 'Betsy', tho...it's so 'retro'...in such an AWESOME way!!!



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Awarded by Gingerella on 11/18/09 AND by Sally on 01/31/10
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Awarded by Amanda Cooper on 11/21/09
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Awarded by Camille on 03/25/11 AND by Anna on 03/29/11
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Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018

Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018
...including the Gingerology entry of 'Gold Diggers of 1933'...