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1880: Winifred Harris, who starred with Ginger in the film “Honor Among Lovers” (as Party Guest), was born in Bedminster, Bristol, England.

1899: Jay Eaton, who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Diner), “Upperworld” (as Jewelry Salesman), “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Hotel Desk Clerk), “Top Hat” (as Guest Leaving Elevator), “Carefree” (as Man at Country Club), and “The Major and The Minor” (as Man coming Out of Elevator), was born in Union, New Jersey.

2010: Ginger is Star of the Month on TCM, which aired “42nd Street”, “Gold Diggers of 1933”, and “Professional Sweetheart”.


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

...GingerCar on display...

 Ginger's 1929 Model J Duesenberg (one of only 481 built, and the ONLY one with a fully retractable roof) will be on display at the Seventeenth Annual Amelia Island (Florida) Concours d'Elegance, from March 9-11, 2012.
 This is an awesome car in and of itself, but how do you put a price tag on ANYTHING owned by Ginger? ...AND, which also appeared in the movie "The Gay Divorcee?" According to the link, this very car was the one used in the movie by Mimi Glossop, Ginger's character... and it definitely matches the caps I took of the movie, as you can see:

There's a few differences, the biggest is that Ginger had whitewalls on it, while it currently does not... also, currently the vehicle has two taillights, whereas the original had one...that's to meet current DOT requirements, I assume... but other than that, it's a dead ringer!

Here's a link to the event, from Old Cars Weekly .com:

Amelia Island info regarding Ginger's 1929 Model J Duesenberg

...here's ANOTHER GingerEvent that I would LOVE to go to, but may be hard in theory...even though Florida (Amelia Island is right at the state line between Florida and Georgia, at the Atlantic Coast) is definitely a 'doable' trip from South Gingerville, as compared to Oregon or Boston! But, I'm not sure if I 'qualify' for admission to Amelia Island...hm...maybe I can swing a 'press pass' for Gingerology!  ...wonder how close they are allowed to put a Days Inn from a Ritz-Carlton? :-]

KIG, y'all!


  1. Good find! Im in the same state but I just Googled it and its about 150 miles north of here. Cant justify that one! Anyway, if it really is the same car from The Gay Divorcee its kind of funny. Thats not the only time Ginger was asked to use a personal item for a film. If I remember correctly, her "I Wont Dance" dress from Roberta was actually hers too!

  2. ...I'm thinking about it...I cand rive over/down there, no prob...wonder what the 'ticket price' is...is a 'general public' thing, or for the 'jet set' only?

    Ginger had quite a few items for movies... didn't her real doggie appear in 'Shall We Dance'? Heck, there may be enough stuff to do a GingerTrivia...haven't had one of THOSE in awhile!

    Fixing to do the 'Chance At Heaven' review...that movie just irks me as to its 'anti-Gingeryness'... but I'll work thru it...

    Hey, are you camping out in Fla for the winter? The 'Snowbird OGRE'??? I don't blame ya, except it seems that winter is really pretty 'mild' this year... still a ways to go, tho...

    Well, be on the lookout for Gingery stuff...I have a few more post topics...Turner just announced a 'Film Noir' box set which includes 'Tight Spot'... there's also a book called 'Becoming Ginger Rogers' - about motivation and drive...will probably throw that out there as well...

    OK - hope to yak some more with ya!!!
    GET on TRIPLE O!!!!!

    ...AND, give me some ideas for my 'NewHu' blog!!!

    KIG, OGRE!

  3. Huey....what a great find! I've seen picks of Fred's old Rolls...but this is amazing!

  4. No way! I LIVE in Florida now! My parents built a house down here in The Villages (yes its a retirement community but I can live here). Need to find a job one of these days :)

    Hey thought of another one - okay its not something we actually see but isnt the address she tells the police when she finds the baby in Monkey Business her address?

    I know Ive been slacking on the Gingery stuff (although everytime I seem to turn on TCM there seems to be a Ginger-flick - Swing Time, Follow the Fleet, Tight Spot, Perfect Strangers) lately but my life is kind of all turned upside down right now. I did see a sign the other day that you would like. It was a sample of a metal address sign with the names "Fred and Ginger" with a shillouette of a couple dancing - I like to think it would be taken from Barkleys of Broadway :D As you know Ive become a runner. Well if you call 2 5ks a runner. But I had such a good time at Disney, Im hooked and Im signed up for another one with a bunch of friends at the end of February!


  5. Ron - Thanks! I am REALLY wanting to see this thing... I wish they would make a trip thru ATL or somewhere a bit closer... it's 'doable' to get there, but would be an 'overnight' trip...
    It's funny, the 'official Ginger' site list her favorite car as 'Rolls-Royce', but it seems she never owned one...well, I'm pretty sure she did SOMEWHERE, but probably not as a 'daily driver'... I just wonder who did the driving in the movie...pretty wild stuff!

    SG: Well, how do, Lady Sunshine? I knew NOTHING about that! Hope all goes well down there...it's an awesome region, no doubt (I won't bring up hurricanes...if you don't bring up tornadoes...ok?OK!!!) - do ya miss Chi-town? Probably not much at this particular time of year, I would assume...
    Great to know you are still into running... I've never done any 'serious' running, but obviously need to...or SOMETHING...
    Hope you do well down there... a job will open up for ya soon!
    Yea, there's a few references to Ginger's 'real world' in movies...of course, Lela in MandtheM is a pretty awesome example... and, I was watching 'Double Indemnity' a while back, and it seemed like two or three things jumped out at me as being 'Ginger references'...the biggest one was the 'witness' dude on the observation car was from Medford, Oregon, Ginger's old stomping grounds...it wouldn't have been that big of a deal to me, but there was SOMETHING else prior to that scene that got me to thinking about Ginger... and of course it's directed by Billy Wilder, just a few years after MandtheM...I don't know, stuff that jsut struck me as 'Gingery'...

    OK...it's Wednesday now, so... let me zonk out...
    KIG, Y'all!!!
    (Hey, SG...you need to be throwing in some of those "y'all"s in your lexicon now, y'hear? (that's another one, that thare is...)

  6. Yep, last year Mom and Dad decided to build a house down here. We got a blizzard in February and I was like "Can I come with?" So I quit my job and moved to Florida. One of the good things to come out of this is my running. Ive had to time get started and stay committed to it. Also not working right away allowed me to participate in the Disney Marathon Weekend 5k. It was AWESOME!
    Not missing Chi-town yet. Theyre supposed to get like 4 inches of snow in the next couple of days. Yuck! Yesterday it was 77 and sunny here - BEAUTIFUL! I just miss knowing where everything is - I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate my way around here! But you know what, I'm not much of a city girl - never spent a whole lot of time in the Downtown area so I wont miss that. I might be a little sad when baseball season gets started and the hype of a new season heats up. Luckily I can bring in our local radio station through the internet so I'll be good.
    Not sure if I need to adopt "ya'll" most people around here are transplants (lots of Pittsburgh people) so we have accents from all over!

  7. Well, you're definitely a Disney Girl at heart, so you are in the right place!...hey, there's quite a few things going on in the Magic Kingdom...not sure if you live nearby, but that would seem to be a pretty dang cool place to work! Well, guess it kinda depends on what you do there, just like anything else...
    Wintertime is kinda weird here...like today, the high was mid-40s, with a low under 30...pretty average for this time of year... but in a day or two, it's supposed to get up to around 70! Pretty strange how it fluctuates...we are just where the cold fronts and the Gulf Stream meet...unfortunately there's where your mondo tornadoes occur...Alabama is #1 in tornadoes since they've been recorded...anyway, so cool that you are running! Just be sure to get killer running shoes and all the other stuff ya need... I need to do something - I have an ellipical trainer...think I'll get on it tonight (1/19) and watch Chance At Heaven for the review...
    As for baseball...isn't the Cubbies spring training pad down there? Or is it in AZ? There's plenty of teams down there, minor and major... so Chicago teams will come rolling in there occasionally to see, I reckon...
    Yeah, Florida has a pretty diverse population, especially when you 'make the turn' around the panhandle over into the eastern time zone... of course, when we go to Florida, it's usually to the panhandle, like Panama City or Gulf Shores -well, that's Alabama, but right on the line... but it's all pretty cool there. I've NEVER been on the Atlantic side of Florida...BUT, I HAVE been at the Atlantic, at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, of all places...the first place my daughter saw ANY beach...
    Well, hope ya find a job! ...hey, wait a minute! You DO have a job! As Principal OGRE, of course!!! ..GET BACK TO WORK!!! :-]


  8. WOW!!! This is an awesome post, Huey. I LOVE Ginger's car. I wish the article on the Amelia Island show had given us an inkling of who owns the car now. Doesn't it look great though....such beautiful shape? This was one case in which the black and white film didn't do justice...the car looks so brilliant in the colored picture. I think the car fits Ginger perfectly...top of the line. :)

    Hi Sassy!

  9. BTW, notice how a second tail light has been added. I wonder why...maybe required by law.


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