This Day in GINGEROLOGY - August 19th

1867: William Burress, who starred with Ginger in the films “You Said a Mouthful” (as Roger Colby) and “Shall We Dance” (as New Jersey Justice of the Peace), was born in Newcomerstown, Ohio.

1909: Joan Peers, who starred with Ginger in the film “The Tip-Off” (as Edna Moreno), was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1928: Ginger appears on a New York stage for the first time, at the Paramount Theatre.

1984: George Meeker, who starred with Ginger in the films “Change of Heart” (as Richards) and “Having Wonderful Time” (as Subway Masher), died in Carpenteria, California, at the age of 80.

1995: Mary Stewart, who starred with Ginger in the films “Flying Down to Rio” (as Dancer), “The Gay Divorcee” (as Dancer / Singer), “Top Hat” (as Dancer), “Follow the Fleet” (as Mary – Chorus Girl & Dancer), “Shall We Dance” (as Dancer and Singer), and “Stage Door” (as Dancer / Singer), died in Contra Costa, California, at the age of 82.

2009: TCM aired “Having Wonderful Time”.

2014: Universal releases “Magnificent Doll” (1946) on DVD and Blu-Ray.

2016: TCM aired “42nd Street” and “Gold Diggers of 1933”.


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ginger left us sixteen years ago...

...April 25, 1995. For the newer folks, and anyone else for that matter, it may be best to just link to last year's post, which I can't really add upon - and again, it's hard to even figure out a 'proper' picture to tack onto this post, so I won't try:


Of course, this day is always a rough one for Gingerologists... but with this being the Gingertennial year, it's nice to know there have been and will be quite a few 'retrospectives' of her life, and that more new Gingerologists are being made each day.

The best way to spend today would be to watch a few of your fav GingerFilms... and that is what I am going to try my best to do... and maybe eat a bowl of ice cream in her honor... :- }

As always, y'all...




  1. So depressing :( trying to make a video and I'm creating a special blog post too!


  2. Depressing day, but hey we have July 16th coming in no time!!!
    And I am doing the same to remember her. But it will have to come down to watching one movie tonight. All the homework and school....... >:(

  3. Shoot! This morning I woke up and I saw the date on my alarm clock and I couldnt figure out why it was important. Last year my friends got married...but that was April 24th. Saw your post and it just hit me. BAD OGRE! MY consequence...I need to go watch Swing Time or something. (Oh darn :P)

  4. oh heavens...we all gotta go on SOME day! I fret not over any particular one....

  5. Love ya Ginger!! Miss you!!! I posted a blog too for the day! :-) Thanks for the DVD's..ur awesome!!:-) Winona

  6. At that time, when Ginger died, I had missed her all the time. I lived in a small town and hadn't the slightest idea how to get Classic Movies. Ginger's pictures were just a memory of those days when I admired her on my parent's TV.

    I must say, I am really blessed today, with all those Ginger films, and Ginger loving pals in the blog-world.

    Tomorrow starts TOP HAT in my private home cinema....

  7. So sad! Hope you are having a great week Huey! Kori xoxo

  8. ALD: Yep, now with the tornado stuff, April is officially my LEAST fav month (sorry to any April 'fans' out there...) I hope to catch up with everything soon (my internet at home is still out, and it's not a good idea to do much at work...) thanks for the info!

    GF11: hang in there with homework...you are almost through... then it's 'wall-to-wall' Ginger :)

    SG - well, I think VKM will forgive you... it's not a day that I circle, to be sure...but ya gotta at least 'recognize' it...

    Ron: correct, my friend...at least she was 'waltzing' up until her very last days, and still got out for events, even when wheelchair-bound...a great lady.

    SCD: Thanks for the post! I plan on 'catching up' on posts whenever my internet gets going again!

    CS: It IS so awesome to have 'classic' buds to yak with! And I hope to check out your Top Hat review soon...

    Kori: Thanks for the kind words! I won't mention that you commented on the day of the tornado :( ...but all things considered, we are well... things are definitely in 'perspective' after that...
    Thanks, y'all!


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