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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 21st

1973: Ginger is on the panel of judges in the Miss Universe contest, held in Athens, Greece; Miss Philippines Margarita Moran won.

1975: Billy West (born Roy B. Weissburg), who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Medal Winner in ‘Remember My Forgotten Man’ Number), and “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Bellboy), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 82.

2010: TCM aired “Perfect Strangers”.

2015: TCM aired “Star of Midnight”.

2017: TCM aired “Lucky Partners”.


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Friday, June 25, 2010

...a 'two-part' poll...

OK - here's the question: If you were charged with 'introducing' someone to the films of Ginger Rogers, but could only use ONE movie, WHICH of her movies would you pick?
This of course will need to be a 'reply comment' type arrangement, with commentary as to why the movie you pick is the best 'intro to Ginger'...but I have placed a similar 'poll' question to the right... but more general - regarding the above question, would the movie be a Ginger and Fred (GandF) film...
Or, a 'Ginger only' movie? Not really a right or wrong answer, but just curious as to what y'all think is the best one to start a potential Gingerologist out with... as a footnote, MY first Ginger movie I remember seeing was 'Primrose Path', believe it or not... didn't really know much about Ginger at the time, except that I thought she was beautiful, and sassy to boot... so as another 'side topic', note the first Ginger movie YOU remember watching...
And now for something completely different (well, as usual, it IS about Ginger!)... You have probably noticed there are new 'tabs' at the top right of the blog - these will be the new locations for general info, such as the movie list, the TCM schedule, General info, etc... as a result, a lot of space will be cleared out for other endeavours on the 'right margin'... which leads me into the fact that, thanks in GREAT part to Ms. OGRE, it appears that G-ology may have MP3's of Ginger in various formats, mainly tunes, but also the long-awaited "My Story" narration... I will do my best to get it cranked up this weekend... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Keep It Gingery, Y'all!!!



  1. Oh come on you know this question TORTURES ME!

    Okay lets see - I guess the first Ginger movie I would show most people would be The Major and The Minor. Although if it was a person who I knew enjoyed more dramatic movies Id pull out Kitty Foyle.

    But then again....
    Of course my introduction to Ginger was Top Hat. The opening titles of that movie (with the dancing feet) still gives me goosebumps! I mean how can you NOT fall in love with those movies - and Ginger???

    I always say that Carefree should be saved after people understand the brilliance that is Ginger and her amazing comedic timing and sense of humor! You really need to see a few Ginger roles to appreciate it!

    Yup the MP3 player is in good shape! Got 4 or 5 more songs ready to go on the MP3 player tonight (Steve Allen Show, Bob Hope Show, Jack Benny Show and Ginger's version of Cheek to Cheek)!

    I'm guessing I have to resend you the code to that since I'm adding more songs. Like I said I'm defintitely missing a few important ones so we'll have to fill in those holes!

  2. I would probably agree with SassyGinger about the Major and the Minor, however Vivacious Lady might be a good one since she and Jimmy are so adorable together.

    My first Ginger movie was Top Hat. When I took drama during my freshman year, when we were studying films, my teacher showed that one and I loved it. A part of me also thinks Top Hat would be a good one too. Although Ginger is portrayed as being rude to Fred in it, you see her wonderful talent for dancing. That film seemed to do it for me anyways because since then I have been a Ginger fan as well as Fred.

    Can't wait for all the new extras!


  3. Difficult question, but i think the best is to see a Fred and Ginger in 1st. Maybe because it's waht I saw. Carefree is a great movie to introduce Ginger, we can see how comic she was, she dance beautifuly and she so pretty in that one.

  4. I actually just did this. I used The Major and the Minor. My friend loved it, and is now a Ginger Rogers Fan.
    P.s. I just noticed the corner for new followers. It is Ginger Rogers. Her head is just bent backwards! :D

  5. A little off topic question - whered you get the Primrose Path pic? Is that from the book? I dont think I've ever seen that one before - but I love it! My favorite scene in the whole movie... "Goin to the Bluebell tonight Ed?"...while shes got a knife pointed into his back! I think that scene has a little bit of the real Ginger in it!

  6. Now that I've seen 42ND STEET too - still being dreaming of the GOLD DIGGERS, I don't think too much of Fred & Ginger films any longer. Well, find it still nice, but the quality isn't comparable with Ginger's Busby Berkeley stuff. I had always guessed, that Fred took something away from her - he didn't treat her quite fair. If he didn't like a song, Ginger was supposed to sing that. And for that feather-dress fuss on the TOP HAT set: A bit more solidarity would've been rather nice - as Fred should have supported Ginger, when director Sandrich was gonna bully her. - No, I understand fully, that Ginger went away after all. Ginger behaved always polite and kind though - maybe a bit too kind.

    I got SHALL WE DANCE at the same day as 42ND STREET; but as you see on my blog, it's not on my "Home Theatre Program": Fred is singing and she has just to listen and to smile. This annoys me. Someday I'll see it completely, had just over-viewed a few scenes. In all Fred & Ginger films Ginger didn't say much - if she did, it wasn't much intelligent. In fact Ginger was very intelligent!

    No, I rather have Ginger solo and without Fred. A 'small' role is better than a leading lady without a voice. In 42ND STREET she is really stunning: Nobody is as funny and original as Ginger in that wonderful film: Ginger's idea to use a monocle is genius - her "Anytime Annie" is so witty and her performance and expression is marvelous! Actually this part isn't so small as people always told me.

    As a tap-dancer Ginger got just one chance in FOLLOW THE FLEET. Now, after the third Busby Berkely film with Ruby Keeler, something changes in my head: Ruby has become my No.1 tap-idol. I didn't want to notice before, that Ginger hardly appeared as solo tapper. But Ruby is much more present in this matter and she's great! But I still love Ginger very much too.

    After the golddiggers-song WE'RE IN THE MONEY - as still appreciating Ginger's tap-solo in FOLLOW THE FLEET - and now Ginger's ANYTIME ANNIE, I begin to dislike Fred a bit. He's darkening my star and my star is Ginger - not Fred. This is the first Ginger poll I vote for and I really love to do it.

    I'd certainly choose 42ND STREET in this moment, to make someone a Gingerologist. :)

  7. I'm voting for Top Hat, therefore a Ginger/Fred movie as it showcases her as a multi-talented actress. She has a good sized role, and I think she shines in all three aspects: singing, dancing and acting. She did a fine job with Piccolino, and couldn't have been more adorable than in singing it. Great scenery, dancing, clothes, and good job by the supporting cast. I guess if I were introducing Ginger to someone who absolutely did not like musicals, then I would choose Bachelor Mother which is my favorite of her movies. That one certainly shows off her great comedic ability.

    The first Ginger movie I started to watch was Shall We Dance. I wasn't familiar with any of her movies and was merely taking a peek to see what she was like. I didn't get very far before I realized she was a "WOW", stopped watching Shall We Dance, and got Rio so I could watch them in order. So Rio was the first whole one I watched, and I saw all ten of G&F before watching her solo ventures.

  8. This question is really hard! Well, the first Ginger movie I saw was Monkey Business which made me a Ginger fan instantly! This movie showcases her comedic talents brilliantly, and her and Cary Grant have the most wonderful chemistry in this movie :) Okay now for the one movie that I would use to introduce someone to Ginger's work, I had to ask my huband which of her movies made him start wanting to watch more of them with me and he said...Monkey Business! So Monkey Business it is :-D

  9. I've actually done this a couple times, and for me, it has to be a Ginger/Fred movie, mainly because most people have at least heard of the coupling and feel they "ought" to have seen one, people seem also to be more accepting when theyve eard of the actors (perhaps a Cary Grant coupling as an alternative though Ginger is older here and "less attractive". Having said this, I used carefree, because it showcases Ginger's comedy, and while the songs are less famous, it really has the Fred Ginger spirit. I have also used Swing Time, but this individual was one who already enjoyed classic film musicals, so as arguably the strongest G&F with a hell of a lot of sass and some swell songs.
    If I were to use a Ginger only film, it would likely be Bachelor Mother/Major and the Minor. But I think you have to go on what the person you're showing goes for. If a complete unknown entity default to Fred and Ginger, for a comic, MajorMinor, a drama buff, Kitty Foyle.
    My first Ginger film was "Shall We Dance" but it was my second, "Carefree" that got me hooked.

  10. Well, great discussion about this one, y'all! Looks like 'Solo Ginger' is the one y'all use for a 'first exposure' for someone...
    Honestly, I would go with 'Bachelor Mother'...just a very likeable movie, I would assume, for ANYONE who is into movies...and I just think she is at her 'ultimate peak' of beauty in that late 1930's era... of course, some folks just aren't into 'classical' movies :-] ...think Beth had that problem a bit with some of her friends... BTW, glad to see you here, Sneakysnoo! For those who don't know, Beth's blog, 'Finding Ginger', was the total inspiration for me to crank up Gingerology... so she is the charter member of the 'Gingerology Hall of Fame', wherever that may be... :-]
    Again, thanks to ALL who participated in the poll and the 'discussion' of best 'intro' movie... there are a LOT of 'right answers to the question!!!

    Y'all keep it Gingery!!!


  11. I actually havent seen Bachelor Mother. I have heard from many that it was Ginger's best, but whenever I try to watch it, I always seem to get interrupted or something like that. I will have to watch it very soon though.

  12. It's worth the watch, Lexie! truly is one of her best roles... the party scene where she pretends to be Swedish just cracks me up every time!

    Well, to wrap up this poll, y'all...

    Ginger Solo Movies wins, 11-7... I pretty much concur that 'more Ginger' is typically in a solo movie (with Carefree obviously being the most Gingery GandF film), although it can be reiterated that there is really NO wrong answer to this one, but more of a 'personal preference', especially of the 'newbie' you try to convert - as Beth so deftly pointed out.

    Thanks to all who participated in the poll/survey!

    KIG in the SOG!


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