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Saturday, June 26, 2010

PG Huey is pretty dang jazzed...

...that I FINALLY figured out how to put an 'mp3 player' on the blog! HONKIN' MONDO WICKEDAWESOME GNARLY thanks to SassyGinger (a.k.a. 'Ms. OGRE') for all the guidance and info regarding the setup of this feature!
As a result, I just loaded the entire audio files from 'Ginger: My Story', which is Ginger reading various excerpts from the book - it is pretty neat to listen to, even though Ginger sounds pretty old in it - heck, it was recorded in 1991! Specifically, July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th... just days away from her 80th birthday!!! So keep that in mind when you are listening...
Anyway, hope you enjoy those files - just click on any one to play - I (hopefully) have the 'autoplay' set to off - it seems to be set that way - cause nothing is more of a 'startle' than to click on a site and music or whatever starts blaring out at you.
Speaking of music, oh yes, there will be GingerTunes aplenty... I have to make some 'mp3' tracks from old LPs... hopefully 'adding' a second 'player' will not pose a problem...

ok - that is all! Hope y'all dig the excerpts!

Keep It Gingery in the Summer of Ginger!!!



  1. YAY!!! Can't wait to listen! Thank you for making this available :-D

  2. Hooray! Can't wait to listen! Wow it only took three days to record this? Ginger put some serious time in on it then - that book is pretty long! Sending the MP3 player code to you momentarily - in all its "Ginger-Pink" glory! Okay I dont exactly know what color "Ginger pink" is so I just picked a pink I like! Let me know if you want me to change the shade of pink!

  3. Hope y'all enjoy them - it is pretty neat hearing Ginger talking about stuff, even though it is 'directly' from the book, her inflection and emphesis is quite telling in places!
    OK! Just added the pink box of GingerTunes...cool!! Maybe I can get some tunes 'converted' too, to the point of having a fair collection of GingerTunes!
    I love it whan a plan comes together....even tho Ginger wasn't too big on 'plans'! :-]

    KIG in the SOG, y'all!


  4. Huey and I was just thinking the opposite of "My Story". I was thinking how had she done this earlier there would have been a lot more emphasis and inflection. But I'm not one to complain! I'll just use my imagination!

  5. It is really great listening to her tell her story. It makes me smile actually being able to hear her reminisce.

  6. I'm scared. Was just about to download that Adobe flash-player, when I got a warning: "This type of file can harm your computer. Are you sure you want to download ....?" ... no.
    I have trouble anyway - BIOS of my EeePC crashed last week - DEAD; now I use my very old-old tower: nothing but lowest resolution and looks like only three colors , since the Windows-XP SP3-upgrade yesterday **WOW!** (Ginger's photos look quite like Picasso's paintings).

    Whatever - I'll listen to your MP3s someday in the library. I'm very-very curious, wondering which songs you might offer ...

    SWELL idea Huey!

  7. I expect we all would have preferred My Story to be narrated by a younger Ginger. But since that doesn't exist, I'm happy to have what is available. My thanks to Huey for sharing this audio and thanks also to SG for the Ginger Mix and for lending her technical support to help put Huey on the cutting edge of blogs. :)

  8. Hee hee- okay maybe its just me but listen to the way she talks about Cary Grant. Cary and Ginger Forever!!!

  9. CS -- I'm not a very technical person so I can't really comment on your computer problems. All I can say is that I've never had any problem with the Adobe flash player or any of its updates. It's a shame you can't listen to these two ipods. I have downloaded My Story and the Ginger Tunes from here. If you would like, I could pass the mp3 files to you via a file sharing site, i.e. a straight download for you and you could play them on an mp3 player on your computer or a on a portable one. If it's anything you would like to do, let me know. If so, provide an email address (throw away is fine) or perhaps a YouTube user name where I could PM you.

  10. Thanks Fioraon, but now it worked - once. The gag is, the player is just black - can't see any switches. But now I know the 'area' where to click, without seeing anything (but then I can't stop Ginger ...). - I'm not technically experienced too, but after having read, what my computer is bubbling, I might need another videocard, but actually I don't wanna invest in this old whirlybird.

  11. Glad to hear it, CS. That is, that you got the little ipods going not that you need a video card. After all, there's nothing quite like reading Gingerology while listening to Ginger sing. :D

  12. LOL! SassyGinger I hear it too :-D

  13. Highly interesting is Ginger's interpretation of CHEEK TO CHEEK: This may perhaps be from one of the records she made for DECCA in 1935?? Ginger wrote about this on page 173 ...

    This part of her book answers my question a few weeks ago: Ginger made records indeed, but not after 1935. Maybe she made a few records also before 1935? She sang so charmingly and most funnily in her early years, I can't imagine the recording-studios weren't interested.

    I had decided to write an issue about early Ginger as a Singer before and I'm about to prepare this now ...

    P.S.: In this moment I hear her over the flash-player again. It works, if the flash-player doesn't crash. Don't ask me why - I get a warning then and Ginger's cut out. Golly, someday I might kick my old wirlybird out of the window!

  14. Well, I wish someone could dig up the 'scrapped Decca' recordings... I would honestly pay a pretty penny for those... even tho she was not happy with them, I bet they are still cool...

    I do have some 'latter day' Ginger records - one from the mid-1970's and one from the mid 1980's... the voice is obviously different, but it is very neat to hear - a sweet voice, to be sure.

  15. You better share those! Get on it cabana boy!

  16. ...I will soon! I am off a few days here, but having to 'entertain' out-of-town company! But hopefully I can get them into mp3s by the end of the weekend...
    I have 're-arranged' my office, moving my computer - and now my speakers don;t work! The thing about it is, this happened before, and there is SOMETHING you have to do to get them back on... just can't remember WHAT!
    so, that gives Huey something to do...


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