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Saturday, February 6, 2010

OK...FINALLY fixed the TCM schedule...

...to the right of the site... did add running times for them, since most of y'all will hopefully be able to record a few of them... So, hope everyone can catch the Ginger flicks they need... I finally figured out that for March, they are airing 43 Ginger movies, running into the morning of April 1st... so, WELL over half of her catalog... good time for budding Gingerologists to bolster their collection!

On another front, I FINALLY received the last of the four LIFE magazines with Ginger on the cover...and of the four, this one has the coolest article about her - she goes back to Independence, and generally goes over her childhood and her family tree... As Maggie brought up, she had some pretty neat ancestors... And then delves into her Rogue River Ranch in Oregon. I will try to scan some pics in from this one - there are a bunch, some familiar, others, not so much...

AND, yes, the 'Day in Gingerology' is still in the works... might just get it going in a day or two. It will be a perpetual 'work in progress', but I should have enough to start posting.

Hope anyone in the blizzard is hanging in there ok!




  1. Ugh you know Im jealous over that issue!

    Question: What do you do with the issues when you get them? Do you have a Ginger shrine? :P

  2. shhh...don't tell my wife! :-}

    ...actually, I just have them in a bookcase next to my desk area... I consider them 'reference material'... and, honestly, put another 30-40 years on them, and my kids will hopefully have something with fair value...

  3. I'm so excited about Ginger being Star of the Month! So many movies, I need to stock up on my dvd-r discs!!! :-D

  4. Thank you for stopping by...Ginger,Marilyn and so many more we take a little from each one to create ourselves...Have a lovely week...

  5. KG - Hope the list helps out! TCM has a pretty good schedule section, so be sure to 'double-check'... this should be correct, tho! I am 'old school', but I just use the ol' VHS tapes and then transfer to DVD...primarily because I can't figure out how to record from my DVD burner-VHS combo from the TV it is hooked up to - it also has a digital box... so I tape off of an 'old' TV and go from there...it's an arduous process...but worth it...plus, I have a 'back-up' on tape.

    Gingyginge - Thanks for the kind words! LOVE your blog - so many great topics! And yes, even a GUY can draw inspiration from these great ladies!!! Of course, the 'visual' aspect is a major component, too... :-}

  6. So glad to see the list back up....I rely on your list rather than going to TCM.com, hehehe. March will be bittersweet... I'll be adding lots of old obscure Ginger movies to my collection (sweet) but at the end of March we're cutting back our cable service to save money and will no longer get TCM (bitter). I insisted we wait until after March so that I could take advantage of Ginger month!

  7. Thanks, Gingerella! I TRIPLE check the list, believe me...just remember it is all Eastern Time... I live in Central Time, but it seems TCM defaults everything to ET, so I just go with that...
    Sad to hear TCM is leaving you...dang. Wish it was available on the internet... speaking of which, you ARE still going to be with us in the blog-o-sphere, aren't you?

  8. So apparently we had an earthquake this morning and I manage to find away to connect it to Ginger (look what you've started). Who was the earth shaking kisser? Lew Ayres I think?

  9. Oh no, getting rid of internet service isn't an option....it's a necessity (ha!), whereas the high tier of cable TV with 300 billion channels is a luxury. We don't watch any of them anyway, except TCM and BBC America. I wish there was a better way to pick and choose the channels we really want!

  10. SG - I get in more trouble with my wife by 'connecting everything with Ginger'...but she has learned to 'peacefully co-exist' with VKM... :-]

    Gingerella - I'm with you...I am a pretty big sports fan, so gotta have the umpteeen sports channels, but, other than TCM and local news, not much else I care about - you can sometimes find something on history or TLC, but not much. Don't get BBC/America, but would probably like that...
    I have heard the 'rumor' that one day, you can 'pick and choose' whatever channels you want, and toss whatever you DON'T want... which would RULE!!! Will probably eventually be all obtained on the internet, anyway...

  11. Sounds like me - TCM, TLC (I was a HUGE Jon and Kate + 8 and Trading Spaces fan), and your basic channels and Im all set!

  12. ...never watched the Kate-John show... Trading Spaces is pretty cool, tho... any 'home renovation' deal is not bad.
    I have been watching 'Pawn Stars' - that is pretty cool, although the folks on there have potty mouths... seems like most all reality shows have to do a lot of 'bleeping'... is it just me, or are most people in 'everyday' society able to converse without prompting a 'bleep'?

    Of course, Food TV would be high on the list, too! And WGN, of course...home of the Cubbies, right??? :-)

  13. Pawn Stars whats that? Dont even want to know. Have you seen "Hoarders"??? They can make tv out of anything! But youre right about the potty mouths - its a part of the reason Ginger gave up making movies!

  14. Speaking of clean TV - heres the clips of Ginger on Jack Benny's show.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAMFj23OaH4 (part 1)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzVA3Bbn-jY (part 2)

    Notice: As questionable as Benny's behavior is neither one of them utter a single curse word!

  15. ...Pawn Stars are these dudes out in Vegas who run this 'mega' pawn shop...they take in all manner of stuff...but they are kinda 'gruff' dudes... the best way to describe it is 'Antique Roadshow meets American Choppers'. Overall, it is kinda interesting - folks bring in OLD stuff to sell.
    Hoarders - think I saw it once...I'm worried I might be a candidate for that show...I keep a lot more stuff than I need to! Not to the point of an 'illness', but I could toss a lot of this stuff and never miss it...

    Thanks again for the Jack Benny clips... Ginger is devastating as usual!

  16. I agree! I'm realizing between this, the Bob Hope thing, Swing Time and Barkleys how great she looked in white. Oh and the cute white dress at the beginning of Twist of Fate deserves honorable mention too!

  17. ...see, now I'm going to have to go watch Twist of Fate again...no problem - that was a pretty interesting movie... quite a 'departure' for Ginger...but she was VERY 'Gingery' in it! And yes, she is quite 'angelic' in white!!! :-P I like the scene in 'Oh Men-oh Women' where she is the 'angel', and the dude is the 'evil varmit'... I mean the scene is a bit weird, but Ginger just looks so COOL! How can she be anything BUT an angel, you know???

    BTW - Warner Archive came out with some new ones today - no Ginger ones, tho... only had 8 or 9 - usually come out with 14-16...hope the 'program' isn't winding down...you KNOW they have like, literally thousands of movies they could put out. Wish the other studios would come out with their 'archive' stuff... Fox in particular, since Ginger did 8-9 movies for them...in fact, if I remember my 'GingwerTrivia' correctly, Fox or 20th Century-Fox was second only to RKO for # of Ginger movies! Paramount had a few of the early ones...who owns Paramount stuff now?

  18. Twist of Fate is on youtube (thats where I saw it). Can definitey see what she saw in Mr. Bergerac....even if she did pick him over Cary Grant...but I wont go into that :P And I still cant understand a thing he says!
    Love the pottery scenes - its like a VERY tame version of Ghost!

  19. She was big into the pottery thing...well, that and sculpture...Forever Female also has her doing pottery, I think...or is it sculpture? dang...see, my knowledge is just never sufficient...thanks for making that painfully clear :-]
    She seemed to care for Bergerac more than any of her other hubs, even after they split... he messed around on her, which is just insane to me...she had 16 years on him, but dang, who cares? it's GINGER, for cryin' out loud! It's like they say, why would a guy go around looking to drive a Plymouth when he has a Ferrari sitting in the garage at home? :-/

  20. It Had to Be You also has her doing sculpture. I think Victoria was supposed to be an artist of some sort. Yeah thats what made it a little hard to like him in Twist of Fate - knowing in real life he was going to hurt Ginger three years later. But at that point you can tell they really had feelings for eachother. I think he knew what he had but he just couldnt handle monogomy or whatever. But youre right he shouldnt have messed around. Where were you in 1957? You could have ya know picked up the pieces. ;)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Those feelings I mentioned in the last post - kinda obvious in these pics huh?


    The heart shaped mirror seems very Ginger-y to me for some reason. Love it!

    Did I mention I love Corbis? Its fun to search Ginger and get nearly 500 results!

  23. ...yup - she REALLY seemed happy with him...so heck, gotta give props to him for that...but it definitely doesn't soften the stupidity of his actions...
    Corbis is pretty cool...just started browsing thru it...but you know, I want to 're-vamp' my Ginger pics, into pics from certain movies, etc... (YAY! yet ANOTHER project for Huey!) So when I do 'obtain' new ones, I can file them in a more orderly manner...
    It's some weird coincidences, but my Mom graduated high school in '57, one of my fav college football teams won the nat'l championship in '57 (Auburn), and...well, Ginger had a lot cooking in '57 - her last movie for a MAJOR studio (Oh Men! Oh Women!), divorce from JB, and well, just being Ginger, which is all that matters, right? And YES, I WILL be Ginger's Cabana Boy in the next life... :-]

  24. LOL youre like me. ive started watching Ginger's movies since reading the book and saying "Okay while making this movie she was...." kind of matching up her personal and professional lives.

  25. ...The Ginger Time Line... well, that is kinda what the 'Day in Gingerology' is supposed to be...I really need to get that running - should not be a biggie, since I have put it all in a word doc - just cut and paste... I think sometimes I 'overthink' some stuff, thus a bit 'hesitant' to start it up...well, either that, or just haven't had the time...
    ...well, the 'cabana boy' deal is from a conversation long ago - Lauren, Beth, and myself somehow started talking about who would have what 'position' in the VKM fan club in Heaven... of course, they were president, vice president, whatever.... so that left me with being the cabana boy for their poolside meetings with Ginger...primary job: to retrieve ice cream for them...and OCCASIONALLY getting to speak to Ginger... yup, that would be my 'dream job'... :-) In a related...not sure if you got into the 'great Ice Cream Debate' awhile back ("What was Ginger's fav flavor?"), but the TIME mag I received mentioned her fountain, and it specifically said she made CHOCOLATE ice cream floats... so there you go. It was cool - they said she makes them up behind the counter, but then goes to the other side to eat...well, that makes sense to me!!!

  26. I saw that article! My vote would be for chocolate as well (what girl doesnt appreciate chocolate)...with the occasional pink strawberry ice cream thrown in!

  27. ...I was thinking Strawberry for Ginger, too! Sure she cranked out a variety of flavors, having a whole fountain setup in her house - dang, Baskin-Robbins!

  28. I didnt know JB was in the movie Gigi - caught it in a commercial this morning on TCM.

  29. ...didn't know that, either...guess he did a few things here and there...


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