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1886: Lalo Encinas, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Lackey), was born in Arizona.

1958: Robert Greig, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tenderfoot” (as Mack), “Upperworld” (as Marc Caldwell – Butler), “Tales of Manhattan” (as Lazar the Tailor), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 78.


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Sunday, February 28, 2010

GingerMarch has ARRIVED!!!

Well, we are FINALLY in the month of March, which is very special this year for all Gingerologists... As you probably are aware, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has declared Ginger Rogers the Star of the Month!!! As you can see, Ginger is busy getting all dolled up for the occasion...well, not that she needs to do much, since she is THE 'Magnificent Doll' to begin with, right?

Now, hopefully the majority of y'all out there have TCM... but I know many of you do not...DANG IT! wish I could shoot each of y'all a 'dedicated line' or waves, or whatever, for March, so you could check out / record the VKM movies you have been looking for...

But anyway, TCM is throwing the kitchen sink at us, Ginger-wise, which is Awesome with a capital 'A'!!! Each Wednesday in March (well, actually the last four Wednesdays in March) will be dedicated to Ginger's films... on average, 9-10 will be shown, starting in prime time and continuing on into early Thursday morning... so get your recorders programmed, or just pull an all-nighter!

Each week will be a 'phase' of Ginger's career... March 10th will consist of ALL 10 Ginger and Fred films run back-to-back-to-back-to... well, you know. 99 percent of y'all have most, if not all of these already, but, if perchance you need one, here's a good shot at catching it.

March 17th (St. Patrick's Day, BTW...Erin Go Bragh!!!) ...starts prime time with Ginger's movies made just prior to her teaming up with Fred...most notably '42nd Street' and 'Gold Diggers of 1933'... also some of her early work for other studios...some neat early Ginger!

March 24th brings a lot of 'big ones', such as 'Stage Door' (see left...dang, that's a cool pic!), 'Vivacious Lady', 'Bachelor Mother', and 'Having Wonderful Time', 'In Person', and 'Fifth Avenue Girl', among others.

The final week of Gingerfest occurs March 31st, and includes what are two of Ginger's 'signature' movies, 'Kitty Foyle' and 'The Major and the Minor'. Other notables this week include 'Tom, Dick and Harry', 'Tender Comrade', 'Primrose Path', 'Once Upon a Honeymoon', and 'It Had To Be You'.

So, hope you can catch the ones you need... I will try to keep up with the proceedings as best as possible... also be on the lookout for special features on Ginger running between films... my mom saw a ten-minute one narrated by Robert Osbourne, so I'm sure it will be shown throughout the month.
Keep It Gingery, y'all!!!!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment...Love the first photo.x.

  2. So excited! Love the pictures! I have all the movies I need in my calendar I'm just trying to figure out how to split them up between the two DVD recorders to get them all - TCM is NOT making this easy! Why can't they do this on a Saturday or Sunday when I'll be around to change the discs!

  3. I cannot watch TCM here but I had to post a comment just for the gorgeous first pic ;)

  4. YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited about this month! There is such an AWESOME lineup of Ginger movies for this month!!! I've been wanting my own copy of some of these for months so this is such a great opportunity to pad my collection!!!

    Okay, enough crazy-fan-exclamation-points. No... wait... one more... !

    That last picture is my favorite. Ginger looks so cute.

  5. Can't wait to get my Ginger-on!!

  6. WOW! Those pictures fo her are amazing! Do you mind if i save a few?

  7. I am so excited to finally see It Had to Be You, Upperworld, The First Traveling Saleslady, and so many more!

  8. Oh that's right It Had to Be You is going to be on! Downloaded it off of Gormogon and loved it!

  9. Gingeyginge - Thanks for the kind words! Still dig Hedy Lamarr...yow...why didn't Ginger and Hedy make a movie together? :-PPP

    SG - No pain, no gain! Honestly, I don't understand why the 'Star of the Month' isn't on the weekend, either... but we can't complain...(or can we???)

    Maria - Glad you liked that one...there are quite a few from that 'scene' in 'Upeerworld', but this particular one was new to me, in an old book I recently purchased... will try to get some more posted - there are MANY killer pics in this book!

    AC - I concur... "!!!!!!!!!!" hope you get all the ones you are needing... and yeah, the last pic above, from Stage Door, is just awesome... I wish there was a poster of her in that outfit... again, "!!!!!!!!!!"

    Sarah - Great! One can never have enough 'Gingery Goodness' (phrase shamelessly stolen from Beth @ Finding Ginger...)Glad to know you have TCM - it's a shame that a LOT of folks don't have it... hope you get the ones you need!!!

    ALD1296 - Glad you like the pics! As always, sure - grab any you like! That's what I do... guess I need to ask folks first, eh? :-} Hope you get TCM!

    Maggie - Hope you obtain all the ones you are needing! Of those three mentioned, all are good in their own way, but 'Upperworld' may be the best...well, up to a point, anyway...you'll see... I am going to post 'thumbnail' synopsis deals a few days before the 'Big Wednesdays' to hopefully at least give folks an idea of each movie...

    SG - IHTBY - If I watch that one enough, one day it will end up being my favorite!!! BTW - have you watched 'Roxie' again? Just focus on Ginger this time...you MAY be surprised to learn I usually do that... :-] I think it is one of her best comic roles, period.

  10. Oh I am DEFINITELY NOT complaining. While Im still figuring out how to divide the movies between the two DVRs Ive come up with a possible solution. Ive found several of those fllms on YouTube. That way I can watch them and decide if I like them enough to have a copy of them. I know youre going to yell at me and tell them I need them all because Ginger's in them.

    Although that solution doesn't help me for April 1st - I love and need most of those movies.

    BTW, I found another fall - in UpperWorld (kind of an adorable one if you ask me)

    Haven't watched Roxie again yet. Parents are heading to Florida again soon so I'll have lots of free time to watch what I want. I agree Ginger was brilliant in it but the movie itself just kind of fell flat for me. But Ill be watching it again! The other day the song "Roxie" from the 2002 musical Chicago film came up on my ipod and I was thinking how cool it would have been to see Ginger do that! So weird - a musical actress played Roxie in the non musical film and a non-musical actress starred in the musical.

  11. Yay! This is so exciting!! I was looking at the TCM schedule and got really excited about the whole Fred and Ginger marathon they have planned. I will definitely have to try to keep my schedule free on the 24th because I really want to see "Vivacious Lady" and "Fifth Avenue Girl." Thank you so much for the update! I can't wait!!

  12. I'm excited too! There's one night where I'll have to get up at 2:30 am to hit record, but Ginger's worth it!

  13. Thanks! Hehe nah it's all good, I don't mind :D

  14. Gingerella its a torrent site basically comprised of classic movies. LOTS of Ginger movies there to download.

  15. Huey -- that's an adorable picture of Ginger (the one from Upper World). Was that the size it was in the book? I passed it along to Return who is always looking for shots he hasn't seen, and he hadn't seen that one. So by all means WE'D LOVE TO SEE MORE!!! :-)

  16. SG - I actually took a day off last April to get the seven Ginger films they showed... ...I mean, c'mon, get your priorities straight! :-} ...an option MAY be to get a good friend (or two) to record some of them...

    Gingerella - The 'Gorg' is a great site...you have to jump thru a few 'hoops' to get set up, but it is worth it...the catch is, all movies must be at least 25 years old. It is a 'give and take' deal, but you can just pay a few $$$ and get a nice amount of movies... if interested, reply and I can e-mail you the info...it is an 'invite-only' deal...

    Fioraon - speaking of 'G', how is the 'G QUEEN?' (don't tell Lauren or Beth I said that :-] ) VERY glad y'all liked the pic...I just scanned it and converted it to jpeg... It starts out as a 'bit' file, but conversion is easy...not sure how it transitions, size-wise, but the bitmap pic is always humongous... yeah, this book (The Films of Ginger Rogers by Homer Dickens) is just incredible... I mean, if I was going to try to compile a book about Ginger, this one is pretty close to what I would come up with... I will glean thru it more and scan the ones I have not seen anywhere else...

    PG RULES!!! :-)


  17. It would not! Your version would have every other line be something like "And Ginger looked GORGEOUS (I mean beguilling;) ) in this scene...or her legs looked amazing....

  18. I'm definitely interested, thanks! :)

  19. Huey - Oh indeed the PG does Rule!!! :-)

    As expected Return loved the picture and was wishing it was larger. That's why I was asking, kind of hoping you had it bigger and had resized it for the blog. I'll also pass along the name of the book because he asked. Where did you find it? I assume it's an out of print copy?

    Gingerella -- If you end up on Gormogon and have questions or need help, you can PM me over there. I have the same name, i.e. Fioraon.

  20. Hi VKMfan! I noticed on another blog that you might be turning Ginger's "My Story" into mp3s. I would just love that! Will you be posting links here? I hope so! :):)

  21. Yes I have been waiting for this month. I have seen all the movies they're showing, but some I need record and save them!! BTW that The Films of Ginger Rogers book, I have it too!! Got it as a Christmas present. When I looked through it, there were so many pics of Ginger that I've never seen. It's a pretty cool book though!

  22. SG - You have me pegged for sure... I would be fighting the editors tooth and nail on each page - would end up with a 'Ginger Encyclopedia'!

    Gingerella - Great!!! My e-mail is jwhuey67@charter.net. I will reply and send you the 'official invite' to the site...I think a lot of the stuff is explained then. It is really cool - worth all the 'initial hassle' of setting up stuff, and downloading extra programs...you may have some stuff that already does that, tho... I am VKMfan on there...

    Fioraon - I just ran thru the Ginger stuff on eBay and saw a copy for sale - 'The Films of Ginger Rogers' by Homer Dickens...it is a hardcover first edition from 1975...it's out of print. Can't remember exactly, but seemed like a fair 'bid price' on it so far... there are a few floating around out there - believe me, it is worth the hunt to find one!

    EC - Welcome to the site! Yes, I have converted the audio tapes of 'Ginger: My Story' into mp3s - but honestly have not gotten them 'posted' yet...will most likely do the 'YouShare' site and link it to G-ology...stay tuned...it's got to happen pretty soon...

    GF11 - Hope you get the movies you need! And the book is really neat - I love the way it is laid out, with reviews of each movie, and 'trivia facts' from each, about 'cut scenes', and other stuff...and lots of cool pics...just wish some were in color! Of course, Gingerologists are pretty used to seeing her in B/W, so no biggie...

  23. Thanks for the welcome, VKMfan! I'll certainly be looking out for them!! :):)

  24. "speaking of 'G', how is the 'G QUEEN?' (don't tell Lauren or Beth I said that :-] )"
    Don't say WHAT? And you post it in the open air.
    SassyGinger's on G?

    I wish I had more time to hang out on here. Or any time. I've been keeping myself busy by staying awake for 41 hours straight. It was fun. (Actually, it sort of was until my eyes started rolling around.) Also been keeping busy dreaming about a certain someone... oh then there's homework too. I have a whole slew of books to read, finals to study for, and a painting to do. Yay!


  25. ...well, glad to hear from Miss L!!! I know you have a heap of things going on, and hope everything is going well! Y'all are pretty close to spring break, no? Well, you mentioned finals, so maybe y'all are about over... y'all must be on quarters... (notice the sparse use of the word "y'all", y'all...)
    You need to post your painting(s)!
    Are you still doing Grayscale? It has been out for a bit...but that's ok - you have an excuse...(and I don;t wnat to get in trouble again for critiquing posting habits...:-] ).
    OK - gotta go to work - but remember...
    Keep It Gingery!
    (and always file grievances regarding 'G Status' with PG Fioraon...)

    VKMfan (Huey)

  26. I'm writing a little response paper, then I need to read the following for Monday: only 15 more pages in my genocide book!, 120 pages of my film textbook, Maus, and 80 pages of The Reader. Almost done, the hardest thing to get through will be that film reading.
    I did post twice recently on my blog, but one is only a picture and one is about me so no one really cares but I felt like typing.

  27. Hee hee I just picked up my own copy of "the book" from half.com for $8.39! I better stay away from you dude, your scary to my credit card. First Roxie now this!

  28. I also see the audio version of Ginger: My Story for like 6 bucks but I think Ill pass...

  29. Well, hang in there, Lauren - when are you DONE this time?

    SG - you will not be sorry - the 'book' is all killer, no filler...trust me... :-)

  30. Well the response paper was due today. I finished the genocide book, read a little more of the reader, and am now cracking open the film book. My friend is having a rough time right now though so I postponed work to hang with her and paint our toes.

  31. BREAKING NEWS!...new fashion trend in L.A... painting toes...that's right, the WHOLE toe, not just the nail... makes for a bold statement when wearing those new...er, whatever type of cool shoe ladies wear now...

    sorry, couldn't resist... if you were here, I would let you whomp me over the head with a phone book or something... :-]

    Hope everything is wrapping up for you - when are finals?

  32. :)
    I have got one tomorrow so I'm studying with some friends in my lounge.

  33. Lauren - well, it's been a few days, but hope you got thru all your finals OK!!! are you on spring break now?


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