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1948: Eddy Chandler, who starred with Ginger in the films “Carnival Boat” (as Fordon) and “Star of Midnight” (as Kinland Henchman), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 54.

2007: The musical biography of Ginger’s life, “Backwards in High Heels”, opens in Manalapan, Florida, near West Palm Beach.


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

GingerLIFE Magazine Covers to Frames, Part Two...

...hey y'all!

Well, I've made some progress regarding "touching up" my scanned LIFE covers... here's a (somewhat) brief overview as to how to use Microsoft Paint to surprisingly great effect...

...FIRST, the pics posted a few days back (as the one above) are from the internet somewhere... thus in pristine condition, it appears... well, in REALITY, my editions of the magazines, while not in POOR shape by ANY stretch, still have a few spots here and there to patch up... SO, here's how Hu is accomplishing that task...

FIRST, open up the pic in PAINT - it should be a .jpg file if at all possible... Paint is 'persnickety', if anything, regarding its compatibility with other filetypes (like most all Microsoft programs...) ...here's the 'path' you take to do this, just in case there's anyone out there taking notes:

 As for the work to be undertaken... HERE is a close-up of MY Ginger&Fred LIFE cover, showing a all-too-noticeable 'pock mark' in the background, hovering menacingly over Freddie's noggin...

 Oh-KAY... so, what to do... Paint has a VERY cool feature, which at the end of the day is 'copy-and-paste'... here's how that rolls: FIRST, just pick the 'select' box as shown below:
 This gives you a 'crosshair' cursor (which is more than a bit hard to see when traversing over b/w pics...so squint WELL!)... so just find a 'pristine' area of background which will ultimately be 'copied' over the pock mark... hopefully the rectangle 'selection area' shows up to the right of the pic below:
Once you have this 'box' sized to your liking, you 'copy' it - here's the spot for that:
NOW, you can immediately hit the 'paste' button at the far left - this will place the 'selected box' you copied in the top left corner of the work area (I placed it over Fred below in order to get it to show up...):

NOW, just scoot that puppy over the pock-mark area, and... VOILA!
Adios, pock mark!!!  ...in the spirit of full disclosure, I actually used a lot of 'small' paste boxes over this particular pock mark, due to the fact that the 'shading' varied across the rather large pock mark area... so I 'copied' boxes as close to the area as possible to match shading as close as possible... not PERFECT, but a WHOLE lot better than the original state!

This is just one of the cool aspects of Paint... while there are other 'third-party' programs out there which are most likely better, Paint is pretty decent for 'basic' editing of pics such as this... I'm sure many of y'all can run cirles around my efforts here, but hey, I'm feeling pretty good about the prospects of the intended results here...

WELL - back to work for the Hu-meister... this part may take a few days, as there are four of these, of course... so... until then...

KIG, y'all!!!


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