This Day in GINGEROLOGY - June 27th

1886: Lalo Encinas, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Lackey), was born in Arizona.

1958: Robert Greig, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tenderfoot” (as Mack), “Upperworld” (as Marc Caldwell – Butler), “Tales of Manhattan” (as Lazar the Tailor), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 78.


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GingerLIFE Magazine Covers to Frames, Part One...

Well, here's an ongoing GingerProject Hu has cooking...

Ginger appeared on LIFE magazine four times... of course, Hu has all four copies in his extensive collection of Gingerbilia (as I'm sure a lot of y'all have as well)... and it has been a desire for quite awhile to somehow frame each of them for display, but decent frames have heretofore been a bit out of reach, budget-wise... and, of course, a quality copy of the covers would be needed, as the mags need to stay in the GingerLibrary, not hermetically sealed in a wall frame...

HOWEVER, Hu and the Crew were out doing some 'post-Christmas' shopping, and just happened to stumbleupon some pretty dang cool 11x14 frames... for about a third of their normal cost! Four of these frames were purchased, with the thought of actually DOING this project within the year...

SO, with the frames at hand, the thought turned to somehow cranking out a decent copy of each cover, which...well, will ultimately be each picture proper! To this end, I have a few utilities in place; namely, a 'large-scale' scanner-printer, which will scan and print up to 11x17... that's not all that common in 'non-commercial' type 'all-in-ones'... it's an HP 7610 series, BTW... highly recommended by Hu.

 AND, as to what type of paper one should use, a trip to the local Staples yielded 6 sheets of 11x17 'glossy' photo paper... not sure as to the specifics of it, but just know it's better than plain ol' copier paper... so that's done.

AS for ink, anyone who has a printer at home knows the cost of ink is purt near prohibitive when considering printing photos - especially large ones - but I've loaded up all new cartridges, so...we'll see... but the refill cartridges run around 65 clams (four cartridges - black, cyan, yellow, magenta), so this may 'stretch' the project timeline a wee bit...

This sets the table for the project... stay tuned for Part TWO of this glorious experiment, where I will post some actual 'step-by-step' photos showing the progress, most likely the 'editing' proceess for the copies prior to printing...

Until then...

Keep It Gingery, Y'all!!!



  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished results!

  2. HI, BETSY!!! Hope all is well in Gingerellaville! ;-) ,,,this looks to be a prety 'doable' project... hack, just print 'em out and slap 'em into frames, right? well, we'll see.... hope the weather isn't too bad in NE!!! we had a LIGHT dusting of snow, which of course forced all schools and businesses to close immediately... South Gingerville just isn't geared to handle it...
    KIG, Betsy!!!



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