This Day in GINGEROLOGY - May 26th

1880: William Eddins McMath, Ginger’s dad, was born in Howard County, Missouri.

1911: Ben Alexander (born Nicholas Benton Alexander III), who starred with Ginger in the films “Suicide Fleet” (as Kid), and “Shall We Dance” (as Evans – a Bandleader), was born in Goldfield, Nevada.

1913: Jill Dennett (born Edith Kramer), who starred with Ginger in the film “The Tenderfoot” (as CafĂ© Cashier), was born in New York City.

1927: Jacques Bergerac, Ginger’s fourth husband, and who starred with Ginger in the film “Twist of Fate” (a.k.a. “Beautiful Stranger”) (as Pierre Clemont), was born in Biarritz, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France.

1934 (per IMDb, TCM): “Twenty Million Sweethearts” was released by First National / Vitaphone.

1967: George E. Stone (born Gerschon Lichtenstein), who starred with Ginger in the film “42nd Street” (as Andy Lee), died in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 64.

1979: George Brent, who starred with Ginger in the films “42nd Street” (as Pat Denning) and “In Person” (as Emory Muir), died in Solana Beach, California, at the age of 80.

2012: TCM aired “The Barkleys of Broadway”.


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Monday, May 26, 2014

...and yet ANOTHER birthday from 1934...

...this time it's Miss Peggy Cornell we place in the spotlight, from the First National / Vitaphone film "Twenty Million Sweethearts", which also starred Dick Powell.

This one's a pretty 'straightforward' tale of a dude coming outta nowhere and becoming a singing sensation, and a fair damsel (...um, that's Ginger, of course) falling for him... then falling away...then back...well, you know how these tales usually wrap up, and most of y'all know this one by heart, anyway...
...this was one of those screencap sequences which resulted in the need for extra network capacity for Gingerology...

This one produced one of my fave GingerTunes, "Out For No Good"... I am apt to break out in tune at any given moment of the day "Baby, what are you out for? Baby what am I in for?" Classic Tune...

YouTube link provided by legendary Gingerologists KatAndBaby

Ginger is just INSANELY cute in this one...it's REALLY one the WB Archive folks should take the scrub brushes to... I mean, it's a WB FILM, y'all...git wit it!!! And Ginger with Powell was a pretty cute deal... good thing Joan and Ginger were buds in some capacity...

...you know, 'real' life in 1933-1934 was probably not too fun on a 'day-to-day' basis, but I think if most of us were placed back in that time, we would basically just be bleary-eyed from camping out in theaters for days on end watching all the GingerFilms over and over and over... sounds cool! 

Well, hope all are having a safe weekend, and again, thank you to all who served, and please remember all of those true heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

KIG, y'all!!!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


...thanks to our fellow Gingerologist Vivian Miner over on FaceBook, who has revealed to us the fact that two GingerFilms are pending DVD release!!! They are...
Forever Female, and


Here's the links for each, with info on ordering:

Forever Female  (Available July 22, 2014... also available on Blu-Ray)

Cinderella   (a bit further out...August 12, 2014)

...FF was heretofore only available on VHS, so a nice add...and since it's a Paramount film, this MAY be the start of more GingerFilms from Paramount being released... of course the ones most sought after are the 'Paramount Pentateuch', which is Ginger's first five 'feature films', all from Paramount. Other Paramount GingerFilms which are in sore need of being restored are "Sitting Pretty" and "Lady in the Dark"; "The Major and The Minor" is the only other Paramount GingerFilm, but it is readily available. 

...as for Cindy, it was released on DVD some time ago, but was discontinued; however, it proved to be quite popular, as eBay prices for copies typically hover between $75 - $100. So, this re-release is a good deal for obtaining it without going into debt...and as it's a 'supporting role' for Ginger, that's a good thing. I DO recommend popping on it, lest they discontinue it again...

Well, hope all is well out there!!! Have a safe, reflective, and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend with Friends and Family... Framily...is that going to become part of the lexicon? ... anyway, most of all...

KIG, y'all!!!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

...ANOTHER GingerFilm Octogenarian...

...as Madge Rountree and her buds from the film 'Change of Heart' turn 80! Madge definitely looks concerned about this predicament, but honestly, 80 is looking VERY nice on her!!!
...this film is another one where Ginger is playing a 'less than loveable' character, who ultimately tries to jump in-between a 'destiny' couple of Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell, thus being a 'mantrap' of sorts... she does well in the role, but these types of roles just never truly 'click' for me, as Ginger typically plays the pristine 'fair' lady of some form or fashion in the majority of her roles, which of course is how most of us fell in love with Ginger in the first place. That notwithstanding, COH is a pretty good film, as a 'love triangle / quadrilateral' unfolds with the expected twists and turns; Madge is pretty 'self-absorbed', but still pretty engaging...and definitely wrapping whichever dude she concerns herself with at the time very neatly around her finger. Here's the original HueyReview for it, over on the ChangeOfHeart blog. Also, Fox Cinema Archives released COH on DVD awhile back; a good spot to purchase it is from Movies Unlimited.
However, these types of roles DID bolster Ginger's resume, and gave her invaluable experience in portraying different characters... which obviously aided her in future roles, which culminated in her Oscar-winning performance in Kitty Foyle. And, as usual, Ginger is just SOOOOOOO cute in this one... "Ginger at Fox" was VERY appropriate, y'all...

...speaking of studios, It is also worth noting that this film was released "post-Rio"...
"Flying Down to Rio", of course, paired Ginger with Fred for the first time, and propelled them into stardom. RKO was scrambling to get GandF together again for their own feature film (The Gay Divorcee), and would ultimately 'lock-in' Ginger and Fred with RKO contracts. But Ginger managed to jump into six films between 'Rio' and 'Divorcee', each of which were pretty fair roles for our girl, with quite diverse characters, from the 'sucker' role she had to do for RKO's 'Chance At Heaven' to the 'other woman' roles of this film and Warner's 'Upper World'.
Change of Heart was the next-to-last 'non-RKO' film (Upper World was the last) that Ginger would be in for quite awhile, as GandF would generally keep RKO afloat for the next 5-6 years. Of course, once an actor/actress was 'hot' in the Golden Age of Hollywood, a studio would promptly lock them down; in fact, most ALL of them were contracted from the get-go by a major studio. Ginger 'played the field' for a year or so after her Paramount beginnings and RKO-Pathe trio... which seemed to work well as a springboard to stardom, and most likely gave her some 'industry savvy' which would come in handy in negotiating her subsequent contracts.

In the final analysis...
...our little girl's all grown up!!!

...KIG, y'all!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stage Door review for Margaret Perry's Kate Hepburn Blog-a-Thon is posted!!!

...actually, it's posted over on the 'Stage Door' blog...so, here's your link:

Stage Door review for The Great Katharine Hepburn Blog-a-Thon

...here's an awesome screen cap from the proceedings:

Also click on the pic of Kate to the right of this post, to link to the entire 'list' of linked posts of Kate films and other topics regarding Ms. Hepburn! And say hey to MP for me!!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Mother's Day weekend, and...KIG, y'all!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

...an 80-year old Pony...

...today marks the 80th 'anniversary' of RKO's release of 'Finishing School', which starred Francis Dee, and Ginger as her 'sidekick'...
...honestly, not one of my fave Ginger roles, as she is really quite...um... "promiscuous" (hey, I spelled that one right w/o spellcheck, y'all...) as a wild girl who breaks out of the, well, Finishing School, for Lost Weekends in the city with swarthy young gooberheads... she plays the role as it demands, but... just not my fave... but, even so, she is just SOOOOO cute in his one...  I'll watch it anytime, of course...
...of course, one of my fave scenes is the Ginger with Rumpled Hair sequence... just... AWESOME!!!
...so, how do Y'ALL like this one? I think I ranked it pretty low in the GingerReviews (remember those? Yeah, so do I...oof), but I may have been a bit hard on it... a lot of folks at the time seemed to really like the film, so maybe I'm just a fuddy-duddy in a way... but anyway, it's great that WB Archive has this one in its collection...I DO recommend it to any Gingerologist who hasn't seen it yet... order your copy today...operators are standing by!!! Literally!!!
...hope all is well out there... don't forget the Stage Door review for the Kate-A-Thon is coming soon - it's a work in progress, but will be done, hopefully by the end of the week-end!

Until then...

KIG, y'all!!!!


Thursday, May 1, 2014


...that is all.

KIG, y'all!!!


Awards...Thanks, Y'all!!!

...I TRULY appreciate these, and the kind words regarding this blog...thanks for all the inspiration I have drawn from each of your blog sites, which are all awesome in their unique ways!!!
It is my hope that I can continue to make 'G-ology' interesting and informative regarding the 'Beautiful Science' of VKM, which is SUCH a great topic!!! ...And remember, your comments are what make Gingerology click - so keep cranking them out!

Thanks again, JW

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Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018
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