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1890: Adolphe Menjou, who starred with Ginger in the films “Stage Door” (as Anthony Powell), “Roxie Hart” (as Billy Flynn), and “Heartbeat” (as Ambassador), was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1977: Andy Devine (born Andrew Vabre Devine), who starred with Ginger in the films “Chance at Heaven” (as Al) and “Upperworld” (as Oscar), died in Orange, California, at the age of 71.

2014: FMC aired “Roxie Hart”.

2015: FXM RETRO aired “Roxie Hart”.

2015: MoMA screened “Stage Door” as part of its series “Acteurism: Ginger Rogers”.


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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Gingery Issues...

 ...a pic somewhat appropriate for the season (Thanksgiving/Halloween/fall-ish...although ultimately a 'Western' theme happening here...but still pretty interesting...) and coinciding with the last review of "Don't Bet on Love"... LA seems quite happy here, while Ginger is a bit...reserved...or at least 'calculating'...wonder what the situation is here?

WELL, first off, this post has been created using the NEW blogger interface arrangement (didn't they just DO an update?) - so, hopefully it will work out well...will be interesting to see how the next movie review (Sitting Pretty) will materialize...

AND... hope everyone had a VERY Gingery Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving, which seems to really be the big deal of the weekend now, the 'Black Friday' sales... BTW, I learned that 'Black Friday' refers to the fact that most retailers depend on this weekend to end the year up 'in the black', financially...returns notwithstanding...


ALSO... I have talked to a few folks about the new movie, 'J. Edgar', which has a brief scene with Lela (played by Leah Thompson) and Ginger (played by Jamie LaBarber) having dinner with J. Edgar... but no substantial info obtained - I think the scene is so brief, that if you weren't looking for it, it probably gets glossed over for the most part... if any of y'all out there have seen it, please feel free to respond with how the Rogers ladies were portrayed... I am pretty interested, as this is the first I've heard of Lela having any involvement with Hoover... and here is a cool link regarding the young actress who portrays Ginger...no pic, tho, dang it!
Jamie LaBarber plays Ginger Rogers in 'J. Edgar' movie
PLUS, I have noticed that the 'iPlayer' on the site that is loaded with tunes has 'dropped' a good bit of those tunes... well, that player (the pink one) was actually set up as 'linked' to a fellow blogger's computer... guess I need to get in touch with them... I REALLY need to get more tunes on the site, anyway (yeah, I've been saying that for a while now...) - so, if anyone has any suggestions as to good 'players' for a blog, with minimal 'linking' rigmarole, it would be GREATLY appreciated...

FINALLY, next up is 'Sitting Pretty'...hope to have it out in 2-3 days... should be pretty interesting, but overall I remember Ginger playing a somewhat 'pedestrian' role...well, up until her final scene, which is of monumental proportions...
...oh, my my my...should prove to be a pretty sweet week, y'all...

Until then,




  1. I heard about those scenes in J Edgar, too, but not sure I want to sit through the whole movie to see them. Heard mixed reviews about the movie anyway. Might just get it when it's out on DVD.

  2. Interesting picture with Lew Ayres. I guess it's the tilt of Ginger's head and her hat, but I wouldn't have realized it was her if she were alone. I recognized him and therefore knew it was her. Still I love how she moves so easily from the very casual to extremely fancy attire. For example the picture on the cover of Life with her in her hip boots and fishpole is great!

    Here's the same news article as yours on Jamie LaBarber but with pictures. Under the photo is a link to several more photos including without Ginger makeup.....


    I think this actress looks more like Fergie than she does Ginger.

    Note: I tried to use the coding I've always used to display a link here, i.e.....

    < a href="url of link" >title of link< /a >

    (spaces inserted after < and before > so it would display as code)
    but in previewing it, it displays the actual article in an itty bitty space instead of linking to the site. Am I doing something wrong or did the update change the coding requirements? Clarissa told me how to do the coding I've been using quite awhile ago.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Just saw the Hoover movie and sure wish that the scene with Lela and Ginger was longer!

    Basically, it takes place at a nightclub, with Lela, Ginger, and Anita Colby sitting with J. Edgar and his deputy FBI guy Clyde. Lela asks J. Edgar to dance, but that makes him very uncomfortable, which is meant to show how uncomfortable he was around women, and he and Clyde awkwardly leave.

    The Ginger character has no dialogue to say; so she never speaks a word, but she does giggle at how awkwardly J. Edgar acts.

    The rest of the movie wasn't really worth sitting through for that one brief scene, so renting in on DVD is a good idea!


  4. ah damn, the trailer looked really good, its not out in the uk till next year :/

  5. Tom: Actually, I'm pretty sure you were the one who 'tipped me off' to the scene in this movie... I probably wouldn't have known otherwise, as I honestly just don't go see many 'current' films... honestly, Titanic was the last 'real' movie I've seen in the theater...save for a few 'cartoon' movies with the kids. I'll wait for it on DVD-Netflix (if I resume my subscription to it...)...heard a few folks talk about it...of course, J. Edgar was a bit strange, they say... 'strange' being a relative term at this point, I reckon...

    Lady F: Ginger does look a bit different in the pic with LA, but...there's SOMETHING that I can typically recognize in Ginger, even when it's not obvious it's her... something about her eyes... it's hard to describe without sounding weird, but the 'alignment' of her right eye is a bit off from her left one...that sounds like she's cock-eyed, but not really... most everyone has a 'dominant eye'... guess I have just 'analyzed' her so much that I've picked up on that. See, that sounds weird...dang. You understand tho, right? :-)
    Anyway, thanks for the 'link'...she makes a pretty fair Ginger, I suppose...of course, there's NOBODY out there that would meet the exacting standards of Hu, so I strive to be realistic in expectations of GingerPortrayals...
    BTW, while we're here, I have converted Sitting Pretty to AVI, but I can't for the life of me remember the 'procedures' from there...

    Whitney: Thanks SO MUCH for the review!!! I figure the movie as a whole is pretty strange...I was just a bit 'skeptical' as to the treatment of Lela and Ginger...As you are well aware, I am a tenacious defender of all things Rogers!!! And I'm pretty sure you are a fellow watchdawg...(that's how we spell 'dog' down here in the boonies...). Again, this is the first I've heard of a connection between Lela and J. Ed... thanks again for the 'verification'!

    F&GM: Heh heh...well, the one 'review' I had of the movie overall was from a dude who was a big history buff, and he seemed to think it was fair...guess it depends on how much you are into 'historical' films... he said DiCaprio (sp?) is pretty good in it... probablt worth checking out on Netflix - will probably be out early next year..not sure how that pans out in the Mother Country :-)

    Thanks, y'all...hope Thanksgiving was awesome for all (even those who don't celebrate it!), and hope all the Christmas/holiday season is going well for all!!!



  6. And...the OGRE strikes again!



  7. My mom does it this way:
    (a href="DOMAIN")DESCRIPTION(/a)

    Fioraon this way:
    ( a href="url of link" )title of link( /a )

    Looks like your beak touched the space key too often, Fioraon. You have a very difficult name, I had to scroll for each single letter, which is very difficult for a bird.

  8. SG:Hiya!!! Glad to hear from you...hope all is well! Thanks for the links...guess I needed to do a bit more 'footwork'...but only the OGRE has the 'knack' to find what is needed!!!
    Get back on Triple O!!! NOW!!! ...we all miss the OGRE's input!!! :-)

    MissG: thanks for the info - links are a squirrely thing, at best...especially when you have to use all those obscure symbols... Hope you are harvesting plenty of oysters! BTW...do you say 'OY-sters', or do you say 'ERST-ers'??? :-)

  9. Nope, I say OY.
    Very common:

  10. "My mom does it this way:
    (a href="DOMAIN")DESCRIPTION(/a)"

    @Miss G. -- A good suggestion...as long as there is a disclaimer that "(" = "<" etc.

    As for scrolling, I would think anything on the keyboard would be hunt and peck for you.


    So how about it, Huey? What code do you use to post links? Note that I've used the code I mentioned but without the spaces preceding "<" and ">". I can't get it to work anymore.

  11. Miss G: Oy....vey! Just be careful not to chomp down on a pearl...owch. Say hi to your mom for me!

    Lady F: Honestly, I have no idea how to 'install' ('imbed', maybe?) a link in a comment...of course the initial post 'editor' has a 'link' procedure which is pretty cool... honestly, I just paste the URL in the comment and hope folks can cut and paste...that's not too bad, is it?

    Well, just finished 'Sitting Pretty', and now that I have a 'watchable version', I thought it was a great little movie... and Ginger, while playing a pretty 'straight' role (i.e. minimal sassiness), is just awesome in this...the final number she is in just totally melts me... and two or three tunes for her to sing...killer.

    ok - off to the review!!!

    KIG, y'all!


  12. Oh, we ain't chewing. The pearl might come out behind and somebody gets shot.


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