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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - March 17th


1880: Winifred Harris, who starred with Ginger in the film “Honor Among Lovers” (as Party Guest), was born in Bedminster, Bristol, England.

1899: Jay Eaton, who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Diner), “Upperworld” (as Jewelry Salesman), “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Hotel Desk Clerk), “Top Hat” (as Guest Leaving Elevator), “Carefree” (as Man at Country Club), and “The Major and The Minor” (as Man coming Out of Elevator), was born in Union, New Jersey.

2010: Ginger is Star of the Month on TCM, which aired “42nd Street”, “Gold Diggers of 1933”, and “Professional Sweetheart”.


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...From Julius Caesar's month to Augustus Caesar's month...

 ...with Ginger looking quite 'Romanesque' in this pic, no? Now, what film was this pic from? I honestly do not know (40 lashes for Huey..owch), but I bet some of y'all do...so there's your impromptu "GingerTrivia" for the day...

...well, it's still as hot as ever down here in South Gingerville! Hope everyone else is keeping cool as possible amongst the triple-digit temps (that would be REALLY hot for those of you on the Celsius scale!) so, to pass the time, here's some 'miscellany' for ya...

FIRST, Let's plow thru the 'unpleasantries'...I know I harp on this a lot, BUT...just can't let it pass for this particular occasion, y'all... check out the last post on 'Ginger Rogers Official Website':

'Ginger Rogers Official Website'

See all the great entries regarding Ginger's 100th Birthday on July 16, 2011? Well, good, cause I DON'T EITHER... The 5/24/11 deal sounds pretty cool, granted... but c'mon, y'all...nothing posted on the Gingertennial? NOTHING??? On Ginger's 'official' website?
It takes a good bit to get Huey riled up, but... I just think someone needs to take charge of that site, y'all... (hmmmmm...I know of a blogger who would GLADLY take that role... :-] )  Anyway...rant over.

SECOND, Something pretty cool from 'Movies Unlimited'...they send out a weekly e-mail with new DVD releases, along with some pretty cool articles and features about all types of movie topics spanning all the eras. Well, they now have a 'guest blogger' feature on their site, and it appears to be pretty easy to submit an article, to be about your fav movie...here's the link to it, in case anyone's interested in submitting:

Movies Unlimited MovieFanFare Blog!!!

If anyone does this, of course inform us, and I will be glad to link, post, whatever... that would be pretty dang cool!

and, THIRD, we've got another Centennial birthday approaching... stay tuned this weekend, as Gingerology turns it over to one of Ginger's best friends... I'm sure y'all are way ahead of me on that as well..

Well, until then, y'all keep it POWERFUL Gingery!!!



  1. How are you Huey honey? Long time, no talk! Hope you're having a great summer and loving this post! Take care darling. Kori xoxo

  2. That picture is from Weekend at the Waldorf. :)
    And yes it IS hot down here in the south. Over here in Texas it gets in the triple digits, and with the humidity, it makes it worse!
    And I was wondering the same thing on the official Ginger website. Wonder why they didn't have anything on there, especially this year...
    That's cool about the whole article thing with Movies Unlimited, pretty neat that you can write an article on your favorite movies.
    And we all know whose centennial bday is coming up, Lucille Ball!!!

  3. Im guessing Weekend At thw Waldorf. But I remember reading that the hairstyle was inspired by pictures Goober #3 brought back from overseas.

  4. Kori: Hi there, lady!!! Hope your summer has been fantabulous!!! When do you have to start back to school? My daughter cranks it back up on Tuesday...dang, when I was a kid, we didn't go back until the day after Labor Day...now that's not too far from when their first 'progress reports' show up!
    Keep up your incredible work on Blonde Episodes...I might not comment much, but I DO read it faithfully... All my fashion sense sources from you, Kori! :-) AND, I do need to grab your book, as mentioned over on B.E... I'm sure it is superb, just as its author is!!! :-] ...Have a great 'remains of the summer' out there, Blondie!!!

    GF11: I knew that... I DID!!! Thanks for pointing that one out...it really bugs me when I know a 'GingerFact' but can't make the connection... I am trying to file pics in their respective movie folders (I have a separate folder for each GingerFilm... and also files for 'miscellaneous' Ginger stuff, like mag covers, 'candid' shots, etc...)
    And yep, Lucy is a Centenarian now, along with VKM... was happy to do a 'tribute post' for Lucy...she's always been one of my faves! And, ya know, after going back and watching a few episodes of I.L.L., I see some 'subtle' similarities between Lucy's 'style' and Ginger's...maybe just a general era of acting, but... a bit more is there... maybe I'm reading too much into it, as usual...
    Thanks for the reply, GF11!!! When do you have to head back to school? Hopefully you've had a fun summer!!

    SG: The OGRE!!! I hope you are doing well, Katie! Well, I saw the Royals and White Sox during my KC trip, and the Sox won...not REAL bad, but the game was never in doubt...but had a fun (but very HOT) time.
    Yeah, that hair is...different - so Mr Briggs was the influence here, eh? Yeah, he was the most 'nondescript' Gooberhead of the bunch, but Ginger didn't have much bad to say about him... but he ended up on the sauce, right? Dang, why can't I REMEMBER this stuff? See, this is why Ms. OGRE needs to be on permanent retainer...:-]
    I honestly don't remember that 'do, or the dress for that matter, in WATW... but it's been awhile since I've viewed that one.
    Well, hope your summer has been awesome - what's been happening? Hopefully good stuff... when do you get your new class? Or has that already happened? Sorry I can't remember all this stuff... the ol' "mid-40s" syndrome kicking in... :-}
    Well, KIG to y'all!!!

  5. Seems like you have all your ginger stuff mine are all in one folder or in other folders...lol...
    I kind of noticed that too when I watched some episodes from I Love Lucy, I kind of noticed when she was acting it seemed kind of like that style. But I do have to say, I love I Love Lucy, one of my FAVORITE shows. :D
    I don't start school till August 22(thank goodness) but it is still too close... :(


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