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Gary Marron recently passed away - he was a big Ginger fan who was ever present on FB posts regarding GR... he will be missed. Rest in peace, fellow Gingerologist...

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1880: Winifred Harris, who starred with Ginger in the film “Honor Among Lovers” (as Party Guest), was born in Bedminster, Bristol, England.

1899: Jay Eaton, who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Diner), “Upperworld” (as Jewelry Salesman), “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Hotel Desk Clerk), “Top Hat” (as Guest Leaving Elevator), “Carefree” (as Man at Country Club), and “The Major and The Minor” (as Man coming Out of Elevator), was born in Union, New Jersey.

2010: Ginger is Star of the Month on TCM, which aired “42nd Street”, “Gold Diggers of 1933”, and “Professional Sweetheart”.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Woah...it's been a while, I guess...

...Well, it's dang near been two weeks since the last post... but, I guess I have somewhat of an excuse... our entire household has been quite puny the last week or so, with various forms of cold/sinus/allergy issues. In general, the stuff is just enough to throw you off your game... so, it appears a doctor's visit is in the cards for Huey tomorrow (probably should have gone before now, but I was off last Friday, and figured that I could recoup in a three-day weekend...to no avail.)
Anyway, I hope to have a new 'themed' post on here soon, as there are a few different 'Gingery' topics rattling around my noggin. In the meantime, though, just a few 'housekeeping' notes:

THIS Tuesday, 10/12/2010, the re-issue of "Astaire and Rogers: 10-Film Collection" will be released by Warner Brothers in conjunction with TCM. The list price on the TCM site is $62.99 U.S.D., which is actually quite a bit less than what I paid for it a few years ago... so if you don't have it, ya need it...period. Question: what GandF movie is the following picture from? Cause I have no clue...
The info given for the box set does NOT indicate there is a'Blu-Ray' format option, but there were rumours to that effect floating around a while back...so stay tuned for that. Here's the link to it:


ALSO on 10/12/2010, Warner / TCM is releasing a NEW expanded box set of Busby Berkeley movies, entitled "The Busby Berkeley 9-Film Collection", which includes '42nd Street" and "Gold Diggers of 1933", along with, well, 7 OTHER BB films... here's the link to that one:


So there ya go for holiday shopping ideas... and, you KNOW a Gingerology post is not complete w/o some GingerPics... so here are a few I dug up, ALL of which are devastating!

Well, hope y'all are are faring a little better health-wise than I, among other aspects of life... and remember, in the midst of it all, it is ALWAYS wise to...

Keep It Gingery!!!



  1. Welcome back Fearless Leader! THat pic is actually from the play The Gay Divorce with Fred and his sister Adele. Ive been slacking on the posting front too. Not too much to report thought - maybe should just post a few pics I dug up.

  2. SassyGinger said:
    "THat pic is actually from the play The Gay Divorce with Fred and his sister Adele."

    See here, first I was wondering because Fred looked much too young for Vernon & Irene Castle (the only Fred & Ginger film I don't have now). And then I really doubted it was Ginger.
    So if this is 1932 Gay Divorce (on stage), I'm not wondering any longer.

    I could have used that photo last week, because it would've been ideal for my 1932 issue. Gay Divorce was really a great big hit. I have record-versions with Fred singing NIGHT & DAY 1932 and then in June 1933 a new version again. Well, I played that over and over 'last year'. But now it's too late for this wonderful photo, because it's already March 1933. But I'm having Ginger in the chorus line - she's girl #6 on the photo!

  3. No, that's not Adele, but Claire Luce who was Fred's partner on stage for Gay Divorcee!

  4. er, sorry, Gay Divorce! (on stage!)

  5. ok...is it just me, or is whoever the lady is on the couch REALLY looking like Ginger??? Or is my Ginger-riddled noggin' just deciphering this pic to be Ginger?

    anyway, I am probably wrong, as usual...

    SG: Well, not nearly a 'fearless leader' here as much as a 'somewhat jittery consultant'... but yes, posting from the Mighty OGRE is what has been sorely missing from this realm!!! ;-}

    CS: Well, heck...wish I could have contributed to the '32 Edition for ya... hey I DO have the sheet music to 'Night and Day' from the stage version... it appears to be pretty much the same as the film version, tho... hard to mess with a classic like that, even just a year later! :-]

    Gingeyginge and Gingerella: Thanks for the kind words! Hope each of you are doing well!Glad to see each of y'all moving right along in the blog-o-sphere!!! LOVE each of y'all's blogs!!!

    Ron: I was not sure about Fred's partner in the stage version, but did seem to remember it was someone other than Adele... not sure if they did any stage stuff together, other than just dance routines... although I honestly am not an expert on the subject, either...at least as much as I NEED to be, considering these other ladies Fred used to dance with that resemble Ginger so much!:-] ...speaking of which,'Cary's fiancee' in "Arsenic and Old Lace" reminds me a LOT of Ginger... Priscilla Lane... thanks, google...

    Well, this leads to a topic I might try to kick up in a day or two... there are pics out there which CLAIM to be Ginger, but...just not really Ginger, IMHO... anyway...

    In the interim, KIG, y'all!

  6. Huey said...
    "...various forms of cold/sinus/allergy issues..."

    September is a typical month for allergy-issues anyhow. Mostly there are two ways and sometimes people suffer from both at the same time:

    Dust-mite-'populations' in our beds have reached their peak - after having bred several generations over the summer. The weather is still ideal for the great population explosion in blankets and pillows...

    The other way is pollen. It's really important to know the reason for an allergy, to decide whether it's good to open the window or not... If we open the window, humidity will go out, which is bad for mites, but pollen comes in. If we put our bedding to fresh air, it kills the mites, but pollen will stick on...

    So it's really important to know.

  7. That is definitely Ginger in that picture. The chemistry is crackling! It looks as though it's from Gay Divorcee, judging by how young they both look.

    The other pictures you mean are the ones of Louise Bremer in the black sheer dress, correct? She doesn't look like Ginger; to me she's not nearly as pretty.

    Viva F&G!

  8. What? What?? What???

    - er ... um ... humph -

    Band Wagon was the last show of Fred and Adele, then she married.

    But the first shot was definitely shot on stage and not at a film set: The light would be much to low for filming.

  9. Sorry, I meant the first photo on this post was definitely shot on a stage. You can see on the photo, it's too dark for filming.

  10. CS: Well, I am doing a good deal better, so maybe some of those microscopic varmints in which you speak of have been squelched from my domicile... I've also heard of the 'fall pollen', which is something plants shoot out before they lose their leaves... pretty foul stuff, it seems, anyway. Thanks for the detailed info!!! :-]

    C.E.S.: Thanks for the 'backup'!!! It seems to be a stage shot, I agree... maybe it is a pic that was taken between scenes or something... I need to pull otgether the few pics I am a bit 'uncertain' of... cause dang, I am probably as astutue as anyone around today when it comes to recognizing Ginger, and these are frustrating to me...

    CS - This MAY have been a film set, but between takes, the 'full' lighting was off... but I have been known to be 'wrong', if you can believe it...:-] But it is definitly NOT a typical RKO 'Great White Set', to be sure!

    KIG, y'all!


  11. I'd say they're playing a scene and it's stage-light -- relatively low. To turn big studio-light on and off, just for a short break between takes, is no good -- those lamps won't live long then. I set the light in a tv-studio for years and was taught so.


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