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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - June 23rd

1888: Lee Moran, who starred with Ginger in the films “Hat Check Girl” (as Man on Subway) and “Sitting Pretty” (as Assistant Director), was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1896: Jack Skirball, who, along with Bruce Manning, co-produced the Ginger film “Magnificent Doll”, was born in Homestead, Pennsylvania.

1913: Bonnie Bannon (born Pauline Frances Bannon), who starred with Ginger in the film “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Gold Digger), was born in Tulare County, California.

1952: Eddie Arden, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Bellhop), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 44.

2016: TCM aired “Flying Down to Rio”.


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Saturday, October 23, 2010

First attempt at Video Post...

Well, Hello all you Gingerologists out there! Again, it's been a few since the last post...I have had a few issues crop up here and there, hindering proper attention to the beautiful science of Miss G! Things are clearing out ok now, tho...with the help of a bodacious housekeeping service... :-P

...anyway, I know this time of year is pretty hectic, with all you young 'uns in school...y'all keep on studying and making us ol' geezers proud! :-] ...and of course, with the 'holiday season' drawing nigh, everyone is prepping for that as well. All that to say, not much activity in the 'Classic(al) Film' corner of the blogosphere...but don't worry... there's plenty of time for this...we'll still be here!
NOW, here's a new one for VKMfan... an attempt to post a VIDEO! We were in Ginger's former employer's store, J.C. Penney, last night, and a tune came on over the 'muzak'...I really don't know the name of it, but my daughter said, "Hey! isn't that the tune from that Fred and Ginger video we like?" Yup...pretty cool 'irony' or whatever of GingerTunes in a GingerStore... so it got me thinking, I need to try to post a video - so why not try THAT one, which I really think is AWESOME! Love the tune, and how it relates to GandF... the 'creator' of this one is 'Tori', so hopefully she won't mind me posting this...it is off of YT, so there ya go. ...and, I REALLY dig it (did I already mention that? :-] ) Y'all probably know this one, but just in case...
SO... HOPEFULLY, this will work - see below:


Well, still digging up stuff for posting... have quite a few 'topics' floating around, and I hope to get to them soon... until then,

KIG in GingerFall, Y'all!!!



  1. Yup. It worked! Well done! You're right this is a great video!

    Crazy that you posted the pic from Tender Comrade - I just finished watching that one. Not one of my favorites but it merits being pulled out every once in a while!

  2. Hiya, SG! Yeah, glad it 'posted' ok... I was worried the video format wasn't correct... this one really is probably my all-time fav 'tribute' GandF videos...although I am sure there are a few more out there somewhere...

    Tender Comrade...yeah I need to pull that one out soon, also...I just think she is so fetching in that one... all the 'implied political agenda' be danged!!!

    Well, my daughter is watching 'Gay Divorcee' as I type... reminds me, I am trying to 'wrap up' all of my movie reviews, and hopefully can get them on a 'page' on the site... as for videos, it may be best to set up a YouTube site or whatever, although they may be persnickity about what gets on there, from a copyright standpoint...blahblahblah...

  3. You know what I like about Tender Comrade? I think its the most of "real Ginger" were ever going to get. There wasnt much "character" to Jo unlike Sue-Sue or Dolley Madison so I think there are some natural "Ginger moments" in it. Or maybe its just me. And like you said - she is GORGEOUS in that one. I like her hair all down like it is in the scene where Jo wakes Chris up at the beginning.

  4. Congrats on your first video insertion, Huey. You are becoming a techie!! And I agree that Tori did a WONDERFUL job on it...a little bit of every one of their movies.

    I can't say that Tender Comrade is among my favorites only because I prefer happy Ginger to sad Ginger and don't care for things related to war. As far as political agenda, I thought Lela had objected to some dialogue she took as socialistic and had it removed. I didn't see it as anything other than loved ones at home banding together so they could live a little better than on their own. It's been awhile since the one and only time I watched the film, and either I didn't notice or I've forgotten the height difference between Robert Ryan and Ginger....

    Ginger and Robert Ryan

  5. I love that video! it's AMAZING! :D Great post!

  6. Fioraon, its pretty obvious in the first scene. The dude walks in the door and LITERALLY picks her up off the ground and then carries her across the room with no problem. Talk about getting swept off your feet!

  7. Sassy, I had to revisit that scene. The difference isn't as striking as the above picture because she's wearing high heels unlike in the picture so that narrows the difference a bit. Also, he's bending over to kiss her so we don't see them standing together, at least not here. I believe Jimmy Stewart was 6'3", but he didn't look as big in comparison because he was quite thin. Robert Ryan was a bigger frame. So that makes me wonder how Ginger would look standing next to Huey. :-] :-] Good, I'd bet.

    A couple of other things....
    1) If Ginger had kissed Fred in their movies like she did Robert Ryan in Tender Comrade it would have spiced things up a bit
    2) I'm trying to think the last time I wore high heels with a robe like Ginger did in the scene you mentioned, Sassy. Ummmmm...never. :-]

  8. Re: #2 but its a MOVIE! They tried to "dress her down" a little bit by putting her hair up. Of course by the scene the next morning its all down - and then later when theyre eating breakfast its straightened ad curled and everything. but like I said - ITS A MOVIE! ;)

    Speaking of bedtime scenes - has anyone checked out the PJs Ginger has on in Weekend at the Waldorf. The scene where she answers the phone while shes sleeping. Holy smokes!

    Well off to keep an eye on the weather again!

  9. "Re: #2 but its a MOVIE!"
    'Tis true, but I suspect they used heels in that situation to make Ginger a bit taller. You don't see her footwear until he picks her up. They seemed to mask the disparity in height by the way they shot the scenes. When Ginger and Ryan were walking to the train in the beginning, that's when it's noticeable, but it didn't register with me.

    I just rechecked the Weekend at the Waldorf lingerie. My reaction....a bit surprised.

    I'm guessing Huey gives it a thumbs up. :-]

  10. Anna: Yep, that one is just awesome! I love the 'sync' of song lyrics to scenes... there are a few tunes which I want to 'sync' with GandF scenes, or even 'GingerSolo' scenes... but would take a LOT for me to get to that level of 'syncatude' (yeah, like THAT'S a word :-] ) ...and just not having much time the last few days... oh well, maybe one of these days...

    SG and Fioraon: Well, first off - SG, sounds like you have the same wicked storm system passing thru that we do here...we are under tornado watch thru the night tonight... hope all is well in Chi-town...
    As for our fantabulous 'topic subject', I will have to drag out WATW and check it out... :-P I actually just finished watching 'Mag Doll'... the movie itself is pretty good - probably 'bends' a few moments in history, as most 'older' history movies did, but dang, she is just SO beautiful throughout that one... and it ties in with the 'but it's a MOVIE' philosophy... she is dressed to the 9s, 10s, and onward in that one... her hair is just unbelieveable in it... and I honestly think it is all her hair, no wigs! Of course, I am far from an expert in styling practices of the hair...

    As for 'relative heights', I am a full foot taller than VKM... but she's pretty good in heels, tho, right? :-]

    Hope all is well with y'all... we have had a ...stomach virus in this domicile... I had it Monday (off today as well, because...), now my wife and daughter are getting over it... my son started out with it Saturday, so HOPEFULLY it is about over... lysol cans all around, for sure!

    KIG and germ-free!


  11. Yuck! Feel better Huey and family! I dont doubt that it was all her hair - I mean look how long her hair is in Tender Comrade and that was 3 years earlier!

    Man I hope when Im gone people think this much about me!

  12. Well, folks might talk about me post-mortem, but probably not in such glowing terms :-[

    Her hair is just unbelievable... we had the 'least' Ginger hair poll, how bout a 'most AWESOME Ginger Hair' poll? May be pretty hard to narrow down...may just do 'eras'... or, just pick 5-6 pics I think are just insane, hair-wise, and post to vote... any suggestions are welcome.

    Oh yeah, the BEST part of Mag Doll - can't remember who I discussed this with before, but - the scene when she is out riding with David Niven and he is lying up in her lap, he says something blah blah, and she laughs some...at the tail end of the laugh, she SNORTS! You know, like a 'laugh/snort'? I think it is the COOLEST moment of the whole film...well, I dig the 'big soliloquy' she gives at the end, and I do kinda think when she first meets Dave is kinda cute, too... but, nothing compares to the 'GingerSnort'!!! ...so, how's THAT for overanalyzing our 'topic subject'? :-]

    Thanks for the thoughts about our predicament here, SG! We are getting better - I am pretty much 100% and off to work tomorrow, as well as the boy (well, he isn't headed to work...) ...my wife and daughter are 'over the worst', just starting to try and eat crackers and bread...and hopefully a solid night of sleep will get them better by tomorrow.


  13. Hi, I just wanted to drop by and say that I love the video! Great job!


  14. You know what the cutest Ginger moment in Magnificent Doll is for me? When Jefferson tells Dolley after the dinner that if the law passes it will be her law. She's flattered and says something about "My law - Ive never felt so important." and smiles.

    Hmmm "best" hair?

    Lets see - how about Swing Time in the Never Gonna Dance scene?

    I like her hair in Stage Door when Jean and Annie are rehearsing and Powell approaches them.

    Barkleys of Broadway during the "Boucin the Blues"

    Theres even a couple of scenes in Perfect Strangers where her hair is in tight curls and then pulled back in a ponytail.

    I'm sure there's more (Once Upon A Honeymoon, Major and the Minor, It Had to be You)

    I'm stopping now before I list every movie!

  15. You truly rock sweetie! Everytime I see you have commented on my posts, it makes me smile... I am not the grammar police! Thanks for the revision though! ;-)...have a fabulous day!!!! Kori xoxo

  16. I don't really know what you fellows are talking about...

    This week it wasn't easy to get my own article done. Tomorrow I have a rehearsal with a new band. And I've got LET YOURSELF GO on the schedule. I'll see whether the boys are gonna eat that...

  17. Tom: Thanks! I'm just glad it worked on the first try...I invariably always end up taking the 'scenic route' when doing anything technical... :-] But Ms Tori, whomever she may be, did a great job on the video...really one of my faves EVER...

    SG: "Ginger's Law"...yeah, I've heard of that... "Nothing shall prohibit Ginger from consuming all the ice cream she desires, buying all the furry garments and uber-bling currently available on the open market, pummel whomever is foolish enough to challenge her in a tennis match, drive around in assorted 'whale-tail' Chrysler products, and smack around any and all gooberhead hubbies (ex- or otherwise) in a convincing manner." ...BTW - I am currently listening to 'Seals and Crofts Greatest Hits' (the dudes who did 'SummerBreeze' and 'Diamond Girl') and one of the tunes is called 'East of Ginger Trees'...fair song, but cool to hear someone sing 'Ginger' in any event...
    As for the 'hair affair'... I will have to peruse the films of GR book sometime soon and pick 4-5 from there... I will check those out you mentioned... but yeah, it's tough to par it down...

    Blondie: No problem, Kori! I am SO glad you are feeling better - and keep on cranking out the sheer awesomeness that IS...Blonde Episodes... and I will try to keep Mr. Webster's tome at arm's length... oh, PS... how did the 'pin-up' pics turn out? I REALLY hope I didn't miss any posts regarding that... :-P Have a VERY Gingery weekend, Kori!

    CS: Well, this has turned into one of those 'stream of consciousness' threads... 'free-form' if you will... sometimes those are the best, depending on the direction it heads... HEY! Congrats on a new group... if they can do 'LYG', that's a firm foundation, to be sure! Post any stuff y'all record on 'S&H', if you feel so inclined... that would ROCK! KIG, CS!

  18. Once again, you rock honey! I haven't picked up the pin up photos yet, so soon! As far as today's post, you have captured my heart yet again. You always put a smile on my face, so please keep it up! Have a fabulous Friday friend! Kori xoxo

  19. You too, Kori! Hope ya have a great weekend! ...with NO bozos to annoy you! :-] And above all, as always,...

    Keep It Gingery!


  20. Well, if we're going free form....

    1) Hey Clarissa...
    "Tomorrow I have a rehearsal with a new band."
    Do you sing, play or both?

    As one who is intrigued by Ginger's hair, I suggest you consider
    1) Sassy's suggestion of Swing Time "Never Gonna Dance"
    2) Roberta "Hard to Handle"
    3) Any of the elaborate "dos" in Magnicent Doll.

  21. Lady Fioraon!!! You can 'free-form' all you want to on here, me laydee!!! :-}

    The 'GingerDo' project is gonna take some thought... 'Hard to Handle'...love it enough to make it my 'header pic'! :-) For 'MagDoll'...you could basically have a poll of best 'do in that MOVIE and have a tough race...
    I think I am just going to grab some pics where I LOVE her hair... most likely in a movie, but then again, not MANDATORY... I'll work on it this weekend.

    Clarissa...I think she sings, but probably plays a mean saxophone as well! :-]


  22. LET YOURSELF GO worked and it sounded great. I played the melody on my trumpet (with a 20s mute sound) and sang it. Next Saturday we'll play on a birthday party ... let's see what they'll say about LET YOURSELF go ...

    The boys (trombone, tuba, banjo -- saw them the first time) liked it very much. I never heard that tune played by a jazz band - just figured the chords out by ear, from Gingers movie-version. And now I really wonder why it was hardly played. Well, it starts in minor and changes to major in the middle part. That makes it sound so most interesting and colorful.

    Irving Berlin was really a great genius. How could one spirit figure out so many outstanding melodies - and each one has individuality. In a way he wasn't human.

  23. Let me suggest those accurate curls of Ginger in the first scenes of Follow the Fleet. In May I tried to imitate that for a jam session, but it really takes half a day to create so many little curls alone without any other helping hand. And actually you need an industious hair stylist who's watching those curls all the evening, ready to fix them again. Probably a full-time job.

  24. Hey sweetie! I'm feeling a little better tonight, thanks for your kind words. I had no big plans this weekend, so I wasn't that bummed. Just feeling really weak and a little dizzy. Hope I will be back to normal tomorrow. I hope you have a fabulous week ahead! Hugs! Kori xoxo

  25. CS: Yes - FTF GingerDo's are all VERY much in the running - her curls are pretty 'otherworldly' in the sense that they would not hold up well in 'reality'...and yes, she DID have at least one, and probably a couple, 'perpetual hair folks' working on her between shots throughout a lot of her movies, including FTF...
    I will rustle up some pics...will probably just go with pics, NOT 'scenes' of movies...easir to analyze a pic... Glad your band is getting together, CS - post some audio over on S&H as soon as you can!

    Kori - SO glad to hear you are better! If you can 'survive' the first 12 hours or so, you are 'home free'... but it is no fun whatsoever... Hope your week is a VERY Gingery one, Kori!!! :-)

  26. Stage Door is great!!

    I got it today. Now I'd like to see it over two weeks daily, as I'm used to. But I can't, because it's June 1933 now and not late 1937. Doggone it!

    Well, just see it once tomorrow -- saw a few scenes already, it's really wonderful...

    1933 King Kong (bought it too) is quite impressing, but I don't like the moral of that film. Nevertheless I'm afraid I'll have to write on that one quite soon and not on STAGE DOOR...

    Say, is this my free time or what? Now that 1933 calender tells me what to do with it and what not -- not being supposed to see STAGE DOOR as often as I want. Just have to wait until it'll be 1937...

  27. King Kong is pretty cool for its day...the acting is a bit 'stiff' tho... that's what makes it classic, tho...

    ...it's ok to crank out Stage Door in 1933...the time-space continuum will remain intact! :-]


  28. SG: "Ginger's Law"...yeah, I've heard of that... "Nothing shall prohibit Ginger from consuming all the ice cream she desires, buying all the furry garments and uber-bling currently available on the open market, pummel whomever is foolish enough to challenge her in a tennis match, drive around in assorted 'whale-tail' Chrysler products, and smack around any and all gooberhead hubbies (ex- or otherwise) in a convincing manner."

    This comment begs the question: Does anyone know if Ginger ever played tennis against other actresses? I know Carole Lombard was a very good player (and was close friends with U.S. Open and Wimbledon champion Alice Marble), and Kate Hepburn supposedly was pretty good at it, too. Trying to think of a fourth actress in the '30s who played tennis -- Jean Harlow may have played a little, but I know she preferred golf...

  29. ...good question, VP! It would seem like there would be some pics SOMEWHERE of her playing with other celebs... you know, as Ginger's Perpetual Cabana Boy, it would seem like I would have noticed who she whups up on the court... but I am usually too busy shocking the pool...
    ...seriously, the closest I have seen as to her playing tennis or a variation thereof with celebs is the one where she and Ayres are playing ping-pong (probably called table tennis back then), and there were a few other celeb folks there - can't find the pic, and can't remember the folks... oh well.
    I would give a couple of eye teeth to be the ball boy at the Rogers-Hepburn tennis match... something tells me that never transpired.. but hey, ya never know. Ginger would have spoken of it, to be sure... what a story THAT would have been! :-]


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