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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Now For Something Completely Different...

...well, as usual, it DOES involve Ginger (duh)...

OK - first of all, a 'disclaimer'... just to set the record straight, I am NOT a 'believer' or whatever ya call it, of astrology and horoscopes... HOWEVER, the following few items ARE just a bit interesting... and being that Ginger's 99th Birthday is coming up, I was just 'curious' as to how all this mumbo-jumbo would shake out concerning VKM...although I am pretty certain she wasn't a big fan of this stuff, either...

First, For ME, it is just pretty cool that Ginger and I share the same 'sign', that being 'Cancer' the Crab... now, does that mean Ginger was 'crabby'? Really don't think so...

BUT, for what it's worth, here IS what Cancers are supposed to be, from 'astrology.com': Are generally 'nurturing', 'a homebody', 'patriotic', 'emotional', 'moody', 'strong-willed', 'kind', 'vindictive', 'active', 'lazy'...so, unless I read a lot of this wrong, it seems like the entire gamut of personalities apply, with conflicting traits aplenty... it DOES say Cancers are 'water types', and Ginger DID have a swimming pool... so there you go.

...A pretty cool pic, even tho this stuff is bogus...

BTW... I'm not sure ANY of these really apply to me... well, I guess I am 'patriotic'... and as for how Cancers get along together, seems like a 'Maybe So, Maybe Not' type deal... but we all know Miss Rogers gets along swimmingly (pun very much intended) with her Perpetual Cabana Boy, right? :-]

OK - the one that REALLY gets interesting, for Huey, anyway, is the CHINESE stuff... they use the YEAR you were born, not the month... So... Ginger was born in July 1911, which makes her a... pig. (Honest...I'm not making this stuff up...) The interesting thing about that is, Pigs are most compatable with Goats... and, wouldn't ya know it? Ol' Huey, born in June of 1967, is a Goat. NOW, to make this even MORE weird, My wife, born in 1971, is ALSO a Pig... BUT, there is another 'level of association', using 'elements'... and Ginger and my wife are BOTH 'Metal Pigs!' (really...NOT making this stuff up!!!) Metal Pigs are headstrong, hard workers, outspoken, loving, and trusting of others. ...Not sure, but I think I saw Metal Pigs open for Ozzy Osbourne back in '83... :-]

...my new favorite minor league baseball team...

SO, there you have it... again, I am NOT endorsing ANY of this cockamamie jive, but...just throwing it out there for y'all, just F.Y.I... and if YOU happen to follow this stuff, well, it IS interesting, or else it wouldn't be around... but I wouldn't set your calandars to any of it, y'all...

Above all, let's just...

Keep It Gingery! (oink oink!)



  1. You're doing well, Huey. Sometimes you ought'a write sometn' for the heathens though. I find this stuff quite ridiculous, you won't find any of it on my profile. Don't find it even funny, it's just flat. But your kind of kidding about this, is amusing me very much. I guess Ginger's laughing too.

    Well, I've got the feeling Ginger's a very strong character indeed - and even headstrong. But on the other hand she's kind and polite and this seems to be the reason why she held back.

  2. Whats she playing with in the picture? Love the bathing suit - wish I could wear something like that - its so cute! Huey my friend, your brain is so Ginger-addled its not even funny. You can connect Ginger to anything can't you? Of course your wife is the same sign as Ginger! I wonder what what other connections we could make between the two?

    Yesterday I bet a on a horse at the track not because of the name (I usually bet on names or something like that, never on their odds) - but it was bred in Florida and its owner's name is Ginger. Everyone thought I was crazy because this was a rookie horse - never run before. The horse won and I won 5 bucks!...too bad I placed a bet to show...I could have won some serious money if I had picked it to win.

  3. You should start a "6 degrees of separation" game using Ginger, you know, like the Kevin Bacon game back in the 90's? ;)

  4. Wow this is such a good tribute to Ginger! She is one of my favorite actresses =)

    Hope to see you around, I'll be back!!!

  5. CS: The thing is, most of the 'traits' they put on any one of the 'signs' seem to match with anyone's personality... in other words, quite 'general' in nature. But it is kinda neat to sort all the stuff out and see where Ginger falls in all of it...

    SG: this pic has her on a sailboat, and I think it is the rudder handle she has there... as for the GingerHorse, interesting... not sure if she partook in wagering, but always go with a 'Ginger Connection', whatever the situation!

    Gingerella: You know, some of us talked about doing that a few months ago... I need to make sure what the 'rules' are, and I might just set it up... would seem like you work from Ginger outward, to branch into different levels... I know that she worked with Elliot Gould, for example, in 'The Confession' - bet you could get to dang near anybody in today's entertainment world with that connection alone!

    ReNa: Great to have you aboard! So glad to hear you are enjoying the site... please feel free to comment on anything and everything...I hope to have postings up on a more frequent basis...

    Thanks to all for the comments!


  6. Well, I don't believe in those "signs", always overlook that stuff in papers or online, because it bores me.

    But sometimes I think about another phenomenon: Theoretically it could be possible, that Ginger or Jean might visit us. I don't think they have a reason to do that, but it might be possible ... ... ...

    What would we do then? Would we be frightened? Or would we be just pleased, saying "hello"?

    It's a quite weird question, but very interesting.

  7. ...It has crossed my mind more than once, believe it or not... I am of the mindset now to where, if ANY 'otherworldly occurance' happened, ghost, alien, whatever...(none of which I believe in, BTW - but just sayin'), the first thought I would have is, "Hey - do you know Ginger Rogers?" ...or is that just pretty weird???
    But I think Ginger, and Jean as well, are in the Great Beyond now, with NO reason to return here, to this stinky ol' earth... JMHO... :-)


  8. Okay I'm going to admit I F-shaped read your post, so you may have said this, but cancers are known for having a huge connection with their mothers. Every cancer I've ever known has such a connection.

    Wait YOU'RE a cancer too? IMO male cancers are most definitely the most confusing people ever.


  9. To ourselves the earth might be "stinky" but not to those who are free to stand above all matter.

    I think Ginger is just around ...

  10. Lauren: Yeah, we cancers are VERY complex... don't even ATTEMPT to psychoanalyze us... :-P ..interesting about the mom thing... that would apply for Ginger, for DANG sure... and yeah, my mom and I are pretty tight as well...

    CS - Ginger is SOMEWHERE, to be sure... Heaven is definitely my vote, but some have other philosophies and beliefs, so the great beyond would be the 'catch-all' for that, I guess... wow - it's a bit early in the morning here to get this 'philosophical'...



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