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1880: Winifred Harris, who starred with Ginger in the film “Honor Among Lovers” (as Party Guest), was born in Bedminster, Bristol, England.

1899: Jay Eaton, who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Diner), “Upperworld” (as Jewelry Salesman), “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Hotel Desk Clerk), “Top Hat” (as Guest Leaving Elevator), “Carefree” (as Man at Country Club), and “The Major and The Minor” (as Man coming Out of Elevator), was born in Union, New Jersey.

2010: Ginger is Star of the Month on TCM, which aired “42nd Street”, “Gold Diggers of 1933”, and “Professional Sweetheart”.


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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss Rogers!!!

In lieu of any attempt I could make to explain what this day is all about in the World of Gingerology, I thought I would just share some of my fave photos on Ginger's 99th birthday... They speak volumes more than I can ever put into words about why Gingerology exists...

...Remember, Ice Cream and Tennis (not particularly in that order) are the call of the day! Wear pink if ya got it...honestly, I don't, but I think she might give me a pass on that! :-]
And of course, at least one GingerFilm must be viewed... Friday Night will be GingerFest in the Huey Household!
What are YOU doing to celebrate Ginger's 99th?
Keep It Gingery FOR SURE today, y'all!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Ginger!! Great pics of her. Not sure if I can access the tennis, but Im going for the ice cream and pink for sure (I dont usually wear all that much pink, but for Ginger I certainly will). As far as movies I havent decided which one to watch, but Im thinking of going with the first of hers that I ever saw, Top Hat (that is if I dont by any new ones tomorrow).I think something big should be planned for her 100th next year...hmm Ill have to start thinking about that.

  2. Happy birthday Ginger! Even though I have work and will be on a plane tonight - I'm all set. Ive got Kitty, Bachelor Mother and It Had To Be You ready to go on my ipod! Huey you are a pretty good birthday present to the lady - how many ladies get such a dedicated and beautiful tribute?


  3. Happy bday Ginger! I loved her in I'LL BE SEEING YOU, what a marvelous film!

  4. Happy Birthday Ginger! I will be on the road most of the day, but once I get in I am planting myself on the couch and watching Vivacious Lady, Monkey Business, and Carefree. Funny I will actually be taking a tennis game to my sister. I don't have anything pink, but my daughter does so I have that covered. Huey, those are great pictures of Ginger, and I am sure she would be honored :)

  5. VKMfan. Of course, a special day. My sister was also born this day. The one thing my mother often spoke about was that the hospital was in an Italian neighborhood. And the time of delivery corresponded with the Italian festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. So during my sister's birth, the fireworks and accompanying din were present throughout event. Nice to see ReNa’s comment on “I’ll be Seeing You.” A special film.

    Best … Gerald

  6. Ahh, which movie to choose from....so....hard.... :)

    Have a great Gingery day!

  7. Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers!!!!!
    Well, I'm wearing pink today, having ice cream, and watching a movie at the end of the day. Although out of my huge Ginger collection, I have NO idea what film to pick out.......

  8. Happy b-day Ginger! Lovely pictures Huey :D I especially love the first one!


  9. Happy birthday Ginger! I'm still owing you that precode-issue, but TCM held me off with Jean Arthur movies (you know it's my job) and I didn't have enough time to figure your stuff out before the last one. But now I'm free for the rest of July ...

    I hope the Gingery Committee will accept this:

    It's going to be "The Gay Divorcée" tonight. I saw this cute film just once and it's about time anyway to see it again.

    I had plenty of ice cream today, it's awfully hot anyway!

    P.S.: Huey, if you wear a white shirt over a red t-shirt, it should come out kind of pink. - Another way: If you wear something with red and white stripes, running pretty fast, it should come out pink as well. But as the weather in your town is even 3° F hotter than in my town, you might prefer having draped a pink sash around your waist. I still think, the Gingery Committee should determine the official RGB for the Gingery Pink until Gingers 100th Birthday. Scarfs/sashes might be a solution for all sexes.

  10. Happy Bday Ginger! I really don't know what films to watch on this special day. What will probably happen is I'll watch various clips from Swing Time(Pick Yourself up,the way you look tonight, and the scene where Ging is about to kiss Fred but hesitates "you like my dress?"), Carefree(Damn, probably the whole movie), Roberta(Smoke gets in your eyes dance at the end, I'll be hard to handle dance and song sequence, also when Fred and Ging convince Dunne to put on the fashion show "a girl w/big feet"), Shall We Dance(rollerskating sequence), Some of Rafter Romance and Romance in Manhattan...hmmm, definitely going to watch all of Vivacious Lady, Having Wonderful Time(backgammon sequence), Tom, Dick, and Harry(Burgess and Ging kiss sequence on the porch w/the bells). Glad it's a Friday. Awesome site Huey...keep up the good work and as always keep it g!

  11. A bit late, but happy G-Day! Thanks for swinging by Fluffy Stuffin'!

  12. Now I did this:
    I photographed Ginger's book and opened that jpg in Linux-Paint, to look up the RGB-value. Then I compared the resulting pink once again to the pink title on the book and readjusted the RGB-value a little bit. The result is:

    RGB = 255-100-128
    That's between "Deep Pink" and "Hot Pink"


    I consider every Ginger-Book kind of sacrilege, like the olympic flame. So we take the pink from Ginger's book, like they take the fire from the olympic torch.

    Maybe somebody has better eyes than I have and wants to readjust the RGB-value again, so it will become even more accurately. That'd be fine ...

  13. Well, great to hear from all of you! Hope y'all all had a great Ginger Birthday, and for you Stanwyck fans, also a great Barbara day!

    CS - great work on 'pinpointing the pink'! Sometimes I wonder if the pink 'trim' she wore in the 'Bouncin' the Blues' number in Barkleys was the 'hue' she preferred the most. I did not wear any pink (just don;t have any...might buy a shirt soon, tho... a 'dark pink' should be ok...), but DID wear green...which is Gingerology's 'signature color'... it's my favorite, and Ginger looks awesome with it as a background, so... there you go.

    Mr. B...first of all, welcome to G-ology! Hope you stop by on a regular basis...sounds like a great 'mix' of Ginger moments, none of which I could argue with! In fact, my daughter and I watched 'TD&H' yesterday, and DANG... Burgess Meredith is one fortunate dude!!! That scene is definitely the top "doggone it, I wish I was THAT dude" scene from any Ginger movie, with a close second to Wyn and Kitty in the Pocono cabin by the fire... heck, I'd settle for the backgammon scene in HWT! "...I'm a FIEND!!!" :-P

    Gingeyginge, Sophie, and Ron: Thanks for the comments! - hope y'all had a Gingery day!

  14. ...continued!

    SG: Well, thanks - glad to know you are safe at your destination! It was mind-wracking to figure out WHAT to post for 7/16... can't even think about NEXT year... perhaps a live feed from Independence, MO - 100 West Moore Street? It might just happen... that is my 'dream' to gather as many G-ologists as possible THERE, and have a killer throwdown...wouldn't that be COOL???

    Desarae: Thanks for the kind words! hope your day was quite Gingery, and glad to have you on board!

    ReNa and Gordon: I am also a big fan of "I'll Be Seeing You"... she does a great job in this one... but I just wish they could 'level with each other' SOONER! Guess that was what made the movie 'flow'... tension builds until the 'moment of truth' occurs. A well made film, which needs to be aired more often, for sure. Gordon - really cool to know your sister's birthday is also 7/16... funny story about the concurrent celebration... great to have a memory like that!

    Gingerella: Hope you got a good one to watch! Well, there really ISN'T a WRONG choice, now is there? (welllll, it may be hard to 'defend' her last few, like 'The Confession' and 'Harlow'...) but anyway... Hope you had a Gingery day!

    GF11: Great to hear you are "Keeping it Gingery"!!! Hope you picked the right movie(s) out... although...well, see the reply I gave above... and glad to see SCD celebrated VKM's birthday as well! :-)

    Anna: Thanks - glad you like the pics! Those are all pretty cool to me... the first one is ANOTHER from that 'session'... ALL of which are just insanely cute!!! It was in a book I had - sorry for the 'lines' in it... wish they would scan a bit clearer, but book pics will always do that... ALSO, the one where she is staring right into the camera, wide-eyed (#3)... it is just amazing! I believe it is from the same 'session' that produced the 'Original' Gingerology header pic... I would like to thank the dude (or lady) who did that photo shoot... incredible!!!

    Well, hope I got everyone... and once again,

    Happy Birthday, Miss Rogers!!! From your Perpetual Cabana Boy... :-]

  15. VKMfan said...
    I did not wear any pink (just don;t have any...might buy a shirt soon, tho... a 'dark pink' should be ok...

    I found allmost 40 pink tones! The darkest pink (I think it was "DeepPink4", don't have it on this online-whirlybird, 'cause he can't see all pictures anyway, so pink is always grey) is sooo dark that I was quite astonished. Maybe Ginger loved pink, because of it's diversity? She was an artist and quite openminded!

    I just had the feeling I had seen some pink in Barkleys. Maybe you're right. But I still think too, there must be photos somewhere on the www, with Ginger wearing pink on a party or so. As soon as my EeePC is back and repaired, I'll do some image-googling, which wouldn't help much on this colorblind whirlybird.

    --- R-G-B / HTML / name ---

    1.) 255-105-180 / FF69B4 / hot pink
    2.) 255-192-203 / FFC0CB / pink
    3.) 255-182-193 / FFB6C1 / light pink

    4.) 255-020-147 / FF1493 / DeepPink1
    5.) 238-018-137 / EE1289 / DeepPink2
    6.) 205-016-118 / CD1076 / DeepPink3
    7.) 139-010-080 / 8B0A50 / DeepPink4
    8.) 255-110-180 / FF6EB4 / HotPink1
    9.) 238-106-167 / EE6AA7 / HotPink2
    10.)205-096-144 / CD6090 / HotPink3
    11.) 139-058-098 / 8B3A62 / HotPink4
    12.) 255-181-197 / FFB5C5 / pink1
    13.) 238-169-184 / EEA9B8 / pink2
    14.) 205-145-158 / CD919E / pink3
    15.) 139-099-108 / 8B636C / pink4
    16.) 255-174-185 / FFAEB9 / LightPink1
    17.) 238-162-173 / EEA2AD / LightPink2
    18.) 205-140-149 / CD8C95 / LightPink3
    19.) 139-095-101 / 8B5F65 / LightPink4

    40 pink variations was hooey! I had too much pink yesterday, although it weren't pink cocktails, I must have been kind of tipsy.

  17. Haha I'm a fiend!(I love when she says that). I agree w/you Huey that Burgess was very fortunate in that scene and also the chance to keep wooing Ging off the set(lucky fellow). I just saw Storm Warning yesterday and I was really scared for Ginger's character, especially at the end (almost like the end sequence in Tight Spot). But yes, I've been following your site for a few weeks now and it's great! The sound bites are awesome as well!

  18. Clarissa you maybe right about the pink on the civer of the book being her favorite. Im pretty sure author's get some input on the cover. But then again that shade looks awesome with the grey/silver/black and white of the rest of the cover. But its also pretty close to the color of the "Ginger rose" so you maybe right!
    Huey, Barkleys was the first thibg I thought of too! You know that maybe my favorite Ginger and Fred routine!

  19. Excuse my typing on the last comment. Im working off my ipod touch. Ive never seen that last pic before - Im guessing around the time of Magnificent Doll.

  20. CS - intense research! We may have to come up with a title for you! Yeah, the most we have to go on is any color pics of her - she does wear pink here and there in her 'color movies', but not sure about the 'tone'... heck, she may have not been all that 'persnickity' about it... but it is nice to analyze it and reach concensus, right? Keep up the great work, CS! And... Keep It Gingery...whatever the hue!!!

    Mr. B - Yeah, Storm Warning was quite intense... my young daughter hasn't seen it, and might not for awhile... pretty heavy stuff. Great to have you aboard! Hopefully there will be additional tunes and 'soundbites' from various places concerning Ginger... if I could only find the time...
    hope to yak some more soon!


    SG - yeah, I was worried about that syntax in the first reply...looked as if the OGRE had been imbibing...
    OH YES...the last pic is just DEV-A-STAT-ING... not sure where it is from, but dangdangDANG I luv it!!! It looks like she is in her early to mid 30's there... which pretty much is in the Mag Doll range, yes indeed... I mean, that is like a 'header pic' type deal, to me... I might switch over to one pretty soon, although I DO dig the one currently... every 6 months or so may be a good 'change', don'tchathink?

    Keep it Gingery in the F.L.A., OGRE!!!

  21. Oh SassyGinger, "Ginger Rose" sounds beautifully! Did she paint that? I guess the book cover shows a lot of Ginger's likings. If this is true, she has the same likings in dresses like me: I love the black dress in SWING TIME too. But you're right: The pink, silver, black combination looks wonderful.

    Huey, I just felt like doing something on her birthday for Ginger and it made me really happy. The results came on the day after her birthday, but her 99th started me pondering again. Before my mind's eye I even see a Gingery Marching Band, playing her songs on her 100th, and I see people in white Navy Uniforms, with pink sashes, saluting under pink banners, but maybe I'm overdoing. If my imagination starts to run things come out pretty weird. :)

  22. Clarissa there is actually a type of rose named after her. Its pink of course. Google it.

  23. I found various issues, called "Ginger Rose".

    My "Gingerbook, RGB 255/100/128" is all messed up. On my just repaired EeePC it looks a bit different. I should repeat the whole procedure, using a real' expensive screen somewhere else ...

    I saw "Ginger's car" in an ad - a 1936 Dodge. This car looks pink too, but it's a mighty peachy pink. I hope it's really Ginger's car and not a phony story for advertising.

    Ginger wears green clothes in front off the car, Huey. And her portrait has a green background indeed, as you said.

    If you fellows don't know this ad, I'll e-mail you. Loading up on blogspot doesn't make it better and you won't be able to read it then.


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