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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 21st

1973: Ginger is on the panel of judges in the Miss Universe contest, held in Athens, Greece; Miss Philippines Margarita Moran won.

1975: Billy West (born Roy B. Weissburg), who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Medal Winner in ‘Remember My Forgotten Man’ Number), and “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Bellboy), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 82.

2010: TCM aired “Perfect Strangers”.

2015: TCM aired “Star of Midnight”.

2017: TCM aired “Lucky Partners”.


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Friday, May 21, 2010

...Hughes, Hugh and Huey...

...What do these three Hapless Hucksters Have in common? (Other than a lot of 'H's?) ...it is safe to say that all three (Howard Hughes, Hugh Hefner, and Huey [yours truly] ) are MAJOR fans of Miss Ginger Rogers... heck, one of the three was 'kinda' close to marrying her, until he went mondo bonkers... another one thought she would be a perfect subject for his periodical (see link below)... and the last one? Well, he is just trying to Keep It Gingery for future generations of Gingerologists to Gingerfy!!!


...about the closest you'll see Miss Rogers sans attire...

OK - anyway - check the column from The New Yorker - interestingly, my Mom read this out of a copy that I gave her from the mound of mail my dad's P.O. box gets weekly (he subscribed to dozens of magazines...he's still with us, but he is a bit too willing to parlay money out to everybody and their brother...hence the 'my access only' P.O.) Anyway, I guess Hef isn't all that bad...seems to be a Gingerologist at heart... although the chances that Ginger ever would have 'posed' in Playboy? About the same as Howard's estate sending me that million-dollar inheritance check...

Any comments or thoughts are welcome...

Keep It Gingery!




  1. I voted rationally and reasonably "good" - don't wanna' praise that guy too much. But the sign is kind of holy and even if HE safes it, holiness can't get lost.

    I say just AMEN.

    WHAT had Ginger with him? I can't believe it ... where's your book Gingaaa?! (actually I'm studying her 30s story, but must get that straight now)...

    P.S.: Read in New Yorker "since 1923"!! Didn't know that the sign was that antique. So this is even a reason for the silent-movies fans to fight.

  2. I don't get it. I'm always mixing up those Hughs and Howards and Hefners. Good heavens, I'm a tapping girl and not an O.G.R.E.!

  3. VKMfan, thanks for the comment on my blog! I have a couple of follow ups...

  4. I'm surprised some wealthy actor or director hadn't ponied up and pitched in enough money to save the sign before Hefner did (glad he did though). That sign is too important a piece of Hollywood history to be messed with!

  5. CS - I'm with you...Hugh is not a great 'role model', and is pretty swarthy, but, looks like he IS a big 'classic movie' fan and buff... so EVERYONE has SOME redeeming qualities, I reckon...
    Just remember that HUEY is the one for Ginger... :-]

    Ron - great stuff over there! I really like older cars, classics... it's funny, on my way home from work every day, I go by a small warehouse facility, and there is a dude who drives what I am thinking is a Model 'A' Ford...HAS to be from the 30s... he drives it to work every day!

    Gingerella - Not sure where Turner was in all that...figured he would peel off enough $$$ to make up the difference... maybe he contributed anyway... but glad it had a 'happy ending'! I'm gonna make it out to La-La Land (one of the 'La's has to be for Lauren, right? :-] ) and do the 'GingerTrail', like Maggie and Lauren did! Except I am gonna knock on the door of 1605 Gilcrest Drive, and be ready to run when they release the hounds!!!


  6. Hahaha Huey. :D

    Well have fun on the Ginger trail, hope you don't have a soccer mom sized car ;)

    La-La Lauren

  7. Huey -- Do you think there's any chance that our little co-ed signed "La-La Lauren" because she's drunk and slurring? Maybe we'll have to stage a PG intervention.

    BTW, if you wait long enough, you can walk around inside Ginger's house. You may have forgotten or didn't know that Lauren is looking for a sugar daddy who will buy Ginger's house for her, and we will be turning it into Ginger Clubhouse West. :)

    Now that brings us to the subject of the well moneyed Hugh(es):
    1. I acknowledge that most all of us have some redeeming qualities. Nevertheless I have no use WHATSOEVER for Heffner. I don't agree with his lifestyle or his work product. The cynic in me says he donated the money for publicity and a tax write-off. Am I glad he donated the money? Yes. We must keep in mind that he gave the final amount. Others contributed, too, and therefore he didn't save the sign alone.
    2. Do I admire a very wealthy whacko who ran a perfectly good movie studio into the ground and cheated on our lovely Ginger and by all accounts the other women he saw? NO!!!!

    Part of the reason Heffner loves the idea of Ginger being a playmate is that she NEVER would have considered it. Too classy. Too talented.

    As far as I'm concerned there is only one of the 3 worthy of Ginger, and he's not listed in #s 1 or 2 above.

  8. Yes! Certainly! Huey's the ultimate man for Ginger!!
    Why have you been born so awfully late Huey?

    Well, I guess the certain old gentleman really loves the Hollywood sign. Anyway I don't know him personally, and why shouldn't we give him a new chance? Maybe he's tired of being a scandal.

  9. CS -- You are as we all should be, i.e. willing to accept people for what they are and look for the good side. I suppose Heffner has made millions of men happy with his publications. As for his lifestyle, that's really his business. It's just that what I admire in a person is what Huey seems to be: a good guy who seems to have fine character, a family man who revels in his kids, enjoys things like Ginger with his mom, and shoulders the responsibility for the care of his ailing dad. Those are the kind of things I applaud in a person not a questionable person who won't miss the money he donated to save a sign. Is your head getting big, Huey? :)

  10. woah... y'all are making me blush big time! er... not sure WHAT to say, except thanks so much for all the kindness - I am FAR from perfect, but hopefully doing a few things adequately - most importantly to be a good pop for my young 'uns... most important job there is, being a parent... and thanks again for the kind words!

    As for Hugh - the only thing to me is he kinda threw his $$$ in at the end to look like the 'man'... maybe that is the reason we are not as 'ok' with it (other than his background, of course)... but who knows - he may have given gobs of money for it to begin with, and just bolstered it to get over the top... and P.S. - EVERY boy and young man in America (and abroad) has snuck a peek or two (or three...) at a Playboy Magazine (my hand is raised, too...)...it's a right of passage, for better or worse... so I can't really claim 'innocence' there... :-\ but yes, Playboy is not really constructive in any sense, bottom line, thus a pretty swarthy way of making dough...

    OK - on to Lauren - La-La Lauren - think she is referencing 'L.A.', typically called 'La-La Land'... and yes, I have a BIG honkin' 2002 Tahoe... it is a 'light gold' color... I was driving down the road with my wife one day, and she said something about the Tahoe, and she called it 'Ginger'... I said, 'huh'? and she said, 'Well, I figured if you have a name for this thing, it's Ginger, right?" I guess so...

    And, glad y'all think I might make a fair suitor for Ginger... I at least have the 'non-drinker' box checked, which her hubs seemed to have quite a bit of trouble with... but, as I have made abundantly clear, I'll settle for Cabana Boy... :-]

    Sorry for the long comment - hope y'all are all doing well - and I am hoping to get some more stuff going on here soon! REALLY!!!



  11. You won't be able to drive to Ginger's in that thing. I'd recommend something smaller, like this: http://www.canadiandriver.com/galleries/2008/thumbs/mdm-9814-2000-saturn-sc1_1-9814.jpg

    PS This is the car I have. In that colour.

  12. F -- I'm darn conservative in this matter - regarding the way I want to live - but I'm not ready to throw stones at an old man. Frankly, I didn't know who he was and in a few weeks I might be unable to recall his name again. I'm used to skip cheap media-stuff - don't see it. Anyway I prefer papers like New York Times or Washington Post. Besides my nose is not too inquisitive, in uncovering other people's sins. I just wanted to show that I'm not a fan and that was enough. But I didn't know he was that old.

    What me makes rather sad is, when the Holy Inquisition even begins to accuse Lela. Probably the best way to hurt Ginger ...

  13. Lauren - pretty cool ride... my issue is, at 6'-4", it's just tough for me to FIT in one of those! and, not trying to be smart or anything, but... I reckon Ginger's vehicles had to be at LEAST as large as a Tahoe, right? Just sayin', just sayin'... feel free to retort at your leisure, Ms. Beeje!

    CS - Nor am I a Hef fan... but guess he does have a FEW fair qualities about him... and, yes, sometimes I do feel like 'Alex Is Awake', in that I was INDEED "Born Too Late"... but then again, the Here and Now, except for my dad's condition, is being pretty gracious to me with my wife and kids, job, health, etc...

    KIG, y'all!


  14. Certainly, Huey - I know you've been kidding, writing this:

    "Just remember that HUEY is the one for Ginger... :-]"

    And so was I after that:

    "Yes! Certainly! Huey's the ultimate man for Ginger!!
    Why have you been born so awfully late Huey?"

    But my error was of course to forget the ":-]".

    Well, I didn't see your family, but I had already realized, that it must be a very-very nice family. :)


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