This Day in GINGEROLOGY - June 27th

1886: Lalo Encinas, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Lackey), was born in Arizona.

1958: Robert Greig, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tenderfoot” (as Mack), “Upperworld” (as Marc Caldwell – Butler), “Tales of Manhattan” (as Lazar the Tailor), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 78.


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Friday, April 2, 2010

...Thus Endeth GingerMarch...

...A big SHOUT-OUT to all the folks in the Blogosphere who contributed great info, pics, etc., regarding this festive and momentous occassion! You are to be commended...whatever THAT entails!
A sincere thanks also to the good folks at TCM (I figure SOMEBODY over there cruises the blogs...), for allowing us all access to over half of Ginger's film career, as well as the cool 'TCM overviews' of her career... AWESOME!!!
Hope everyone was able to record the movies they were looking for... as far as I know, save for the 'Once Upon a Honeymoon' 'hiccup' (which didn't materialize...STILL think it may have been an 'April Fool's' deal - Ginger would have been proud!), all the films aired without any problems.
Well, as aforementioned, G-ology will resume 'regularly unscheduled ramblings' at this point henceforth... we have quite a few things on the 'drawing board', which will hopefully materialize soon... any suggestions are truly welcome and encouraged! We want 'Gingerology' to be the best source for all things VKM!
"Thanks for your patronage!" ...and, Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Mine recorded Once Upon a Honeymooon fine, but there was a major glitch and I ended up with only the first half of the First Traveling Saleslady, and the second half of It Had to be You. I'm very sad.

  2. Well, heck - sorry, Maggie! I DID find out (see right) that on May 31, they are re-airing 'Saleslady', so hopefully can nab it then... and they show IHTBY quite a bit, so that one will hopefully show up soon, too... they MAY do some extras in July for her birthday...that would be nice...

    BTW...are you on Gormogon? it is a good source for movies... have to jump thru a few hoops to get set up, but is worth it... if interested, just reply... something tells me you are on it already, but just checking...


  3. Maggie - Im sure the first half of 1st Traveling Saleslady and the second half of IHTBY makes for a very interesting movie!

  4. I had postponed it over years, but now I'm gonna order Gingers BOOK right today. - Good night.

  5. Dear VKM fan. The TCM festival brought me back to Ginger’s book and I have been in a tape, watch, and read cycle which will take some time. I have seen most all of her films before in dark houses as I have been on this earth since “The Gay Divorcee” debuted. Aside from the obvious selections, I have a particular affection for “I’ll be Seeing You.” I wish TCM had shown it, so that younger members of their audience unfamiliar with the film, might discover it. One gets not only Ginger Rogers but Spring Byington at her very best -- and Joseph Cotten. I was a boy in the war and that setting always interests me. I admire your passion for your subject. Best.

    Gerald of Laszlo’s

  6. SG - a Ginger 'mix'... could be a good thing! but it is always a bummer when recording goes south...

    CS - ...GO! NOW! Get Ginger's Bio! You won't be sorry! ...if possible, get the 'hardcover' edition (Silver w/pink 'GINGER' text) - has more photos...

    GP - Thanks for the comment, Gerald!

    I concur that 'I'll Be Seeing You' is a great one... it may be a 'non-obtainable' one for TCM, due to studio copyrights or whatever... it is a 'Selznick' production - not sure WHO owns the rights to it, although Turner definitely has 'GWTW'... but there are a lot of others which would have been great, but probably 'spoken-for', such as 'Roxie Hart' (one of my all-time fave Ginger comedies...), 'Monkey Business', and maybe even 'Black Widow', which is a decidedly different role for Ginge...

    Great to know you are a Gingerologist from way back :-] It would have been so cool to see the 'first run' of...well, ANY of her films!

    Now, I'm going out on a limb here, but... have you ever seen 'Hat Check Girl'? It is honestly the ONLY 'full-length' movie with Ginger in any capacity that we Gingerologists have not been able to dig up... any info would be greatly appreciated!

    Again, welcome to G-ology...and great to hear you are getting 're-aquainted' with the Great Miss Rogers!


  7. VKMfan: Thank you. I taped nine of the lesser known Rogers films but will be unable to watch most until I return from a six week trip outside the country. Alas, I have no evidence on the missing “Hat Check Girl,” nor do I recall ever seeing it. I will keep alert. Do not despair. I searched for “Jazz Boat” for almost 50 years (because I might be in one scene). My efforts were futile until recently; the good Matthew Coniam has sent me a Region 2 copy -- which I will watch when overseas ……. Gerald

  8. Hardcover-version: I can't do that, VKM. Or do you know how I should explain it to Jean? It's too late anyway, I have already ordered and they told me something about $ 15 or 16 – so probably not hardcover. Anyway I'm more interested in Gingers memories of the 30s and thoughts about her philosophy. I'm not a member of Christian Science, but Jeans mother was and Jean sympathized. Well, she drank alcohol and smoked, what I **like-Ginger** do never ever (just use beer for hair-styling ... Ginger curls). On the other hand I heard that Ginger was an awful 'blue-dog' (John Wayne as well and confidentially: I like him a bit too). So love is possible – even if politically problematic.

    These days I'm rather struggling with my 'inner voice' – "duty as a 'soulmate'..." - Maybe I'm bound to write about Jean, but I have no idea, whether I will get permission to use photos ... On my blog I wrote quite an opus about that question, but I can't go on that way ...

  9. Hello, it's great to find this site! I discovered Ginger a year or so ago, and have been obsessively chasing down her films ever since. I've seen about 25. This month on TCM was great -- I have 15 or so waiting on my DVR. I wonder if someone here wouldn't mind sending me an invite to Gorgomon. I'd never heard of it before now, and I'd love to get some more Ginger! Thanks very much. -Burt (bmyers-at-stny-dot-rr-dot-com)

  10. I love your site! It's a lot of mighty cool stuff, and I'll be back to read some of your older posts....do you know if TCM has posted some of these 'info' items somewhere?

  11. GP - Safe travels! Hope all goes well for you on your journey... cool that you may be in an old movie - even cooler you have found a copy! I know there are a few 'original reels' of HCG, and a few other 'G-ologists' have seen it, although it is reprted to be pretty bad quality... maybe somebody somewhere will get it to a more 'palatable' version for 21st-century viewing...

    CS - Wonder if Jean and Ginger knew each other...they HAD to have crossed paths SOMEWHERE in La-La Land, right? There is no reference to Jean in Ginger's bio, but hey, she couldn't record EVERYTHING...(dang it, wish she COULD have!) I did NOT know Jean's mom was a Christian Scientist... that indicates that their MOMS might have been buds, since Lela was pretty gung-ho for C.S. I really try NOT to dwell much on the religious or political aspects of ANYONE... it just complicates things...to me, if someone has enough passion to follow and support causes they feel are right, then they should be given credit, or at least respected, even if you have a totally opposite view... I am a Southern Baptist, which is probably the 'staunchest' version of Christianity around... but I do NOT try to force things on others, but glad to talk to interested folks...that's what 'freewill' is all about... Politics? not a big fan...really don't trust ANY of them, unfortunately...lean a bit more 'Ginger's way' than the, er...'non-Ginger way', but both parties have their good and bad... when is a third party ever gonna get cooking? ...dang, how did we get on all of THIS? Anyway... YES - do a 'Jean blog'!!! She DESERVES it!!! ...BTW, where does one go to get 'permission' to use photos? :-}

    Burt - Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear you nabbed quite a few VKM films... I will check out the 'G' to see what the invite status is... It is a cool site, but you have to jump thru a few 'hoops', technically, to get it rolling... but the movies are all 25 years old or older (actually, seems like that is starting to get a bit too 'recent', as a lot of flicks I remember from High School are at least 25 years old...oof!) It is ultimately 'file-sharing', but I guess a lot of the movies are 'public domain' anyway, or WAY out of print - like a lot of Ginger's, unfortunately... so no issues, I reckon...

  12. Gerald -- I totally agree with you regarding "I'll Be Seeing You." I thought it was an excellent movie. Ginger as always was great but so, too, were Joseph Cotten and Spring Byington. It wasn't till the Vietnam war that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder began to get a lot of attention. Yet in this movie that was really the issue with Joseph Cotten's character, not by that name but by the symptoms he experienced. I wonder how the movie was received back then. But beyond that, there were other good messages in the film as well. It's one of my favorite Ginger movies.

    If you have any thoughts or recollections of Ginger in her heyday, I hope you'll share them. Part of my fascination is with the way life was in her time, and having such information gives better context for her movies. I think we'd all like to hear anything you care to share.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  13. Ouch, VKM! My intent wasn't to argue political (I'm not that way!) - I did just carry things tooo far, as I'm afraid myself. You know, I consider this place a stage and the show must crack. This time it was too much, sort of political scandal (o my God, Clarissa!!). Thank you for being kind though!

    We're getting into great depth VKM. In the Jean-book I certainly looked for Ginger, but there was not a single statement of Jean about her. I sure was a bit disappointed. Jean had a very bad reputation in Hollywood – it couldn't be worse. Maybe Ginger thought too she was „cuckoo“ and a „snob“? I guess Ginger felt pretty well in society and at parties, while Jean preferred to withdraw. Maybe Ginger liked her, but they couldn't find together, because they were really too different? Jean didn't even get along with her mother. Must end this point, it's getting too deep.

    So you've got no permission, just trusting in God? O my, I can be a real daredevil, if anybody threatens me or my beloved ones, but those great big companies and their legal departments scare me. On my blogsite it's truly 'jeaning' – pondering and pondering – kind of deep black see and it seems there is no ground ... Must stop that somehow.

  14. VKM, thanks so much for the G- link. I'm up and running, starting with two of my favorites -- Bachelor Mother and Vivacious Lady. It's wonderful to find such a nice, hidden resource. I watched three more Ginger films from TCM over the weekend, two very good (Rafter Romance, for the second time, and Lucky Partners) and one a little less so (In Person). Looking forward to more! By the way, what is "VKM"?

  15. Ron - Thanks for visiting - and the kind words! If you are on the TCM site, just click on the name 'Ginger Rogers' where it appears on a movie credit, and it will pull up her 'page'...they have a good bit of cool facts, and a thorough rundown of all of her movies... well, heck, here is the link that should take you directly to it:


    ...again, glad you enjoy the site, Ron! ...I hope to have a few more features up soon...it's just that ol' "Can't find the time" scenario, as usual... but please stay tuned!


    Fioraon - I concur...it's a very good movie, that touches on the post-war syndrome, which a lot of folks weren't aware of, or it just wasn't as reported and treated as it is now... hey, forgot about Shirley Temple being in it...she was really a pretty good actress at that stage, but she was 'haunted' by her 'child star' past, no doubt... if she would have changed her name and persona a bit, she might have been an actress for a long time...
    OK quick trivia question - what OTHER Ginger movie had a (younger) Shirley Temple in it?


    CS - I am the same way - politics and religion... people who are passionate about those issues, fine with me... I just never like to delve into it, since once a disagreement occurs, where is there to go?
    ...well, I'm not well-versed on Jean, but would like to know more (see there's your prompt for her blog!) - I know a lot of actors/actresses were 'introverts' - if I were amongst them, I probably would be, also... kinda shy. Unfortunately, folks like that are sometimes portrayed as being 'odd' or whatever. But she seemed pretty cool to me! ...as for the pix, most of these are just from various sites - I look at it as 'advertising'...if someone sees a pic they REALLY like, they will go hunt it down on the web and buy it... same philosophy for music and movies... anyway, Ginger has no decendants, so really who owns her pics? I think a lot of them would be 'public domain', anyway...but it is an interesting point...


    Burt - speaking of 'public domain' - glad to hear you are off and running! There are a lot of cool ones on 'G' - although, I tend to just hunt down the ones you can't get on DVD... anyway... glad you are getting a collection going... As for 'In Person', it's a screwball movie...originally was to be for Kate Hepburn, but I think she turned it down... Ginger was into the 'slapstick' stuff a bit more, so it worked out a better vehicle for her... some good and bad about it, but probably still in my 'top half' of VKM movies... I LOVE the tune (and scene) 'Don't Mention Love to Me'...I just think she ROCKS in that... anyway, as for VKM... Ginger Rogers original 'given' name at birth was Virginia Katherine McMath... a little cousin of hers couldn't say 'Virginia', but ended up sounding like 'Gin-ja' - so that became what everyone called her, and her red-brunette hair probably helped the name stick, too...she later legally changed her last name to 'Rogers' after John Rogers, her mom Lela's second husband, thus effectively disassociating herself from Mr. McMath, who was pretty much a wacko - he left them before Ginger was even born, but then snuck back around not long after and 'kidnapped' her a few times...Lela always got her back, tho...they soon moved to Fort Worth from Kansas City mainly to get away from McMath. Sometimes I feel that Ginger might not like the VKM moniker for that reason, but hopefully she is ok with it...

  16. VKM: All human beings are shy, but most of them put on an act. Those who show shyness are just honest. Standing in public is a great danger for the individual: People don't want to see the personality you really are and you may loose it. So there are reasons to be afraid.

    Guess you WILL hear more about Jean: 10/17/2010, 110th birthday; 06/19/2011, 20th anniversary of her death. Probably it'll be a Jean-June next year on TCM...

    Public domain pictures: Blah, I'm downright dizzy after all that googling. I found a few nice google-life photos, shot in 1941 and it seems they are really free to use. But saw other pics, that look rather like video-movie screenshots...

  17. OK Huey, I confess to looking up Shirley Temple's filmography to find the answer: Change of Heart. I didn't remember Temple being in it. But then again that was one of my least favorite Ginger movies, so I probably tried to forget it.

  18. ...that's ok - Fioraon - I honestly forgot which one she was in, too... knew she was in one as a 'child'... guess I will have to watch that one again...

    CS - I think they had a Jean Arthur month on TCM back last fall, but should be able to have another one! ...as for pics, they are from all over, but I guess the ones that have the 'watermarks' on them are supposedly 'off-limits'; but even then, I think that is just advertising for whatever site it belongs to, and folks will probably mosey on over to that website... no worries!

  19. Fall already? So probably not her birthday and I tip June 2011...

    Well, I found something:

    „It is believed that the use of a limited number of web-resolution screenshots for identification and critical commentary on the film and its contents qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law.“

    Wikipedia uses those words and some bloggers as footnote too.

  20. ..sounds good! I like to post pics, but try to keep it mixed up...and honestly, a blog is really not 'commercial', is it? I would think they are talking about a true 'website', like TCM.com or something... well, again, most of the pics you 'grab' from a site are not very good resolution, anyway... thanks for the info!

  21. Some bloggers make a little money with advertisings. We wouldn't do that with V.M.B.Ps.I.* like VKM and GGG - would we?

    Well, I found a lot of law-stuff about copyright, there's even a blogger who's always posting about that issue. I don't think it really belongs in this place, so if you feel like having a few headaches about copyright-links, I'll eMail 'em ...

    * Very much beloved persons indeed


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