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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ginger Trivia, Round Seven...Ginger's Leading Men...

...OTHER than those named 'Fred Astaire'...obviously Ginger's Leading Man for perpetuity, thus demanding an entire category to himself, which has been done before, and will be again, no doubt... (notice my deft use of commas in that sentence? Hope Blondie doesn't read this... :-] )
But this Round will focus on all the OTHER dudes who were VERY fortunate in finding themselves opposite Miss Rogers for at least one theatrical role - hats off to all these dudes - from a very jealous VKMfan...
Remember, the answers will be in the comment section, so DON'T go to the comments until you are ready for the answers!
Here we go...(note - Jack Briggs is NOT the answer to either #1 or #2... VKMfan)
QUESTION ONE: Ginger starred opposite one of her real-life husbands once (while they were actually married); name the man and the movie.
QUESTION TWO: Ginger starred opposite one of her FUTURE real-life husbands once; name the man and the movie.
QUESTION THREE: Norman Foster won Ginger's hand in two of the three movies he starred with her in; in the third one, he ended up with Claudette Colbert... name the three movies.
QUESTION FOUR: Name the actor who starred opposite Ginger in her two early 'mystery' movies, "A Shriek in the Night" and "The Thirteenth Guest".
QUESTION FIVE: There are two Ginger movies which both have three guys simultaneously vying for her attention...name the two movies, and extra credit if you can name the characters...
QUESTION SIX: Name the unfortunate fellow who does NOT have a happlily ever after with Ginger in not one, but TWO movies...big hint - one movie is from 1940, the other from 1950...x-cred if you name the movies also.
QUESTION SEVEN: Jack Carson was a repeat 'supporting' cast member in several of Ginger's movies, such as "Carefree", "Fifth Avenue Girl", and "Lucky Partners"; name the movie where he finally gets to be Ginger's leading man.
QUESTION EIGHT: Which two Ginger movies did Joel McCrea make a major mess in, but each time ended up on his feet and with Ginger?
QUESTION NINE: David Niven and Ginger ended up quite nicely in "Bachelor Mother"; name the other two movies that starred Niven and Ginger, but did not end with them being 'together'.
QUESTION TEN: Other than Fred, this fellow was the most fortunate with Ginger in regards to being her leading man, in that all three movies he appeared he eventually won her hand... name the actor and the three movies.


  1. ANSWERS!!!

    ANSWER ONE: Jacques Bergerac, "Twist of Fate"-a.k.a."Beautiful Stranger"

    ANSWER TWO: Lew Ayres, "Don't Bet on Love"

    ANSWER THREE: "Young Man of Manhattan" (ended up with Claudette), "Professional Sweetheart", and "Rafter Romance"

    ANSWER FOUR: Lyle Talbot

    ANSWER FIVE: "Suicide Fleet": Bill Boyd as 'Baltimore' Clark, James Gleason as 'Skeets' O'Reilly, and Robert Armstrong as 'Dutch' Herman; AND "Tom, Dick and Harry": George Murphy as Tom, Alan Marshall as Dick, and Burgess Meredith as Harry

    ANSWER SIX: Dennis Morgan - "Kitty Foyle" and "Perfect Strangers"

    ANSWER SEVEN: "The Groom Wore Spurs"

    ANSWER EIGHT: "Chance at Heaven" and "Primrose Path"

    ANSWER NINE: "Magnificent Doll" and "Oh, Men!-Oh Women!"

    ANSWER TEN: Ray Milland, "The Major and the Minor", "Lady in the Dark", and "The Confession"-a.k.a "Quick, Let's Get Married!"

  2. Havent looked yet but for question 2 before I realized that you were talking about Lew Ayres I remembered the part where Ginger mentions that Jack Briggs mentioned that he actually had a bit part in Tom, Dick and Harry but since his part was cut I figured that couldnt have been the answer.

    Edit: 5 out of 10 (plus 1/2 credit on a couple) not bad!

  3. I was thinking about Jack for #2 also! But that's because I thought #1 was Lew. Iforgot that they didn't get married until after the movie was made.

  4. well, I should have put a 'misnomer' about that...in fact, I will...I remember he was in TDH, I think...or was supposed to be, or whatever... on a related note, Ginger married 3 dudes named Jack...well, one is Jacques, but hey, that's 'Jack', no?
    Pretty good, SassyGinger! And I bet Maggie got most, if not all...but yeah, I actually had to check to see if Lew was 'Mr. Rogers' yet...the difference resulted in two questions...this one was not that bad to put together...some you really have to do mondo research...

  5. Wow. I sure bombed that test. I really need to brush up on my Ginger knowledge. Pronto.

    I thought you might like to know that I nominated you for an award!


  6. Thanks, Sally! It's great to know that 'G-ology' is entertaining, and/or informative to folks...it REALLY means a lot!

    Thanks again!

  7. Thank you for your comment...Cleo starred in. Women's prison...Bait...Over-exposed...Hit and run...One girls confession...Have a good week...

  8. Thanks for the info, Gingeyginge! I will try to look some of those up...hope you have a great week, too!



  9. that was a hard test, I should really brush up on some gingerology.!

  10. Zoe - as I said over on Maggie's blog, these are a lot easier when you look up all the answers!

    It has become my 'goal' to keep folks up on the ways of Ginger...or at least throw out an interesting fact every now and then...

    Glad you like the site!

    VKMfan (a fellow Walker... :-)


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