This Day in GINGEROLOGY - June 27th

1886: Lalo Encinas, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Lackey), was born in Arizona.

1958: Robert Greig, who starred with Ginger in the films “The Tenderfoot” (as Mack), “Upperworld” (as Marc Caldwell – Butler), “Tales of Manhattan” (as Lazar the Tailor), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 78.


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Assorted Things...

...of course, a friendly reminder to catch 'The Major and the Minor' tomorrow night (8pm eastern), and then 'Fifth Avenue Girl' on Wednesday morning (6am eastern). Both are classic, so if you don't have them, this is a good shot to snag them...

...Another thing in the back of my charred noggin is concerning the all-elusive 'Hat Check Girl', one of the few movies / shorts that the average Gingerologist (myself included) has not seen... it seems like I read somewhere on somebody's blog, or website, or e-mail, or papyrus scroll...that they have found a 'reel' copy of HCG, and is in the process of getting it 'transferred' into an electronic format....or, did I just dream this up? If the latter, I am in worse shape than I thought!
Anyway, if ANYONE has ANY info regarding this movie, please feel free to comment on it...I know Ginger's role is somewhat minimal, but... it's one of the last 'red' ones on my list...so, well, you understand... :-]

Finally, yes, I am still working on the 'This Day in Gingerology' feature...getting quite a few entries...honestly, still a few weeks away...or, maybe not. The great thing about this is that it does not have to be 'complete', EVER...in other words, it will be a 'perpetual' work in progress... so I should be able to get it started up soon...just going over her movies, and their release dates...some of the dates between TCM and IMDb are not correlating, so... part of the process... BTW, any info one may have would be greatly appreciated...exact dates are great, but 'estimates' are definitely accepted as well...





  1. Don't forget to use the book! Ginger was very good about using exact dates. For example I was just reading the part where she talks about starting to film Heartbeat (I think) and that same night Jack Briggs comes home from the war. She mentions the date as July 12th. She could have said just "July" or "Summer". But we get an exact date. You think Ginger (or maybe Lela) was one of those people who keep EVERYTHING? Or maybe more of a diary. Just speculating!

  2. yes, her bio is a great source for dates - it was kind of the 'inspiration' for starting a 'database', and I have run thru it a couple of times... of course, exact dates aren't necessarily 'mandatory'...if she just says...'April' for something, I am just sticking it on April 1st.
    It's no surprise that many of the exact dates she lists are for events she remembers fondly...
    I am still gathering info, but am not going to get too hung up on having an 'entry' for each day...that is kinda tough, even for all the events in Ginger's life!
    If Ginger had a diary...how much would I pay for THAT? :-]

    BTW, watched the last part of Maj-Min a bit ago...that's just so cool - love when Lela has her appearance... and the last scene is so cool...MISS Susan Applegate...

  3. I just watched it too and love Lela in it. Theres a couple of moments you can tell they are TOTALLY mother/daughter. And they have an awesome connection - "SUSAN KATHLEEN APPLEGATE!"

    Haha okay time to go set the DVD recorder for 5th Avenue Girl...nope not getting up to watch that one!

  4. ...well, hopefully you will get the 'Girl' recorded well! It is airing as I type, but unfortunately, I am having to get ready for work... maybe I will watch it tonight, to make up for things... actually, I am probably going to order the WB DVD - just to 'prompt' more Ginger offerings from WB in the future! If you haven't seen it, it is pretty cool... my little girl cracks up during the 'knive' scene in the kitchen...you'll see what I mean - it's weird, but funny at the same time.

  5. Ive seen it before but its probably been 5 or 10 years. Im going to be a bad American and blow off The State of the Union to watch Fifth Avenue Girl :P Looks like I got a pretty good copy - just discovered the digital station of TCM!

  6. TCM digital, or HD, or whatever...cool. Not sure if it makes a great difference for a lot of the older movies, but then again, a lot of them are being restored such that they will be better viewed... still wondering if the 'blu-ray' for the Ginger/Fred series is truth or rumor... I currently do not have blu-ray or HDtv, but figure sooner or later everyone will have to adapt to it.

    I'm not a big politico, so I never watch the State of the Union deals... figure if something major is announced, it will be all over the news the next day, anyway...

    hope the 'fifth' played well for you!!!

  7. Loved It! I love when we get to see "sassy Ginger" like 5th Avenue Girl and Stage Door! And youre right the knife scene - wow.

    Tonight: The Philadelphia Story! Okay Ginger's not in it but she starred with practically everyone in it at one point or another...Hepburn, Grant, Stewart, Ruth Hussey....Its like 6 degrees of separation!
    Also, my copy of Hannah Hyam's Fred & Ginger finally showed up yesterday - woohoo!

  8. ...one day, I will watch ALL of the 'Philly Story'...seems like I always pick it up 30 minutes into it... but yeah, it's got to be pretty cool...

    Hyam? haven't heard of that one...sounds like a post on your website is needed! but, I DID win a copy of 'Scarlet Cloak'...as well as the 2 LIFE mags I don't have with Ginger on the cover...so hopefully soon I will have all 4 of them.

    Sassy Ginger is a thing of beauty and a joy forever!!!


  9. You should watch it! Its the movie that Jimmy Stewart one an Oscar for the same year Ginger won her Oscar (also I believe Kate was nominated that same year)! You need to see it from the beginning theres a great bit of 1930s/40s slapstick in the beginning!

    Heres the book http://www.amazon.com/Fred-Ginger-Hannah-Hyam/dp/1905621965/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1264770315&sr=8-2

    So far its kind of written like a Master's degree thesis but its about some of my favorite movies and is bringing back some great memories. It really focuses on Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, Swing Time, Follow the Fleet, Shall We Dance and Carefree - or as she refers to them "the Fred-and Ginger movies" the other 3 don't really fit the formula.

    She pretty much trashes Barkleys of Broadway in the first chapter which made me want to throw the book across the room (for some reason Barkleys is one of my favorites) but she makes some good points.

    I have the Kitty Foyle Life magazine cover but was never able to find the pictures of the Ranch :(....but of course Ive seen the pictures. I also have a couple of articles from Life one about Barkleys and one about The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle comparing the original clothes that Irene wore to Ginger's clothes in the film. Maybe one day if Im sitting around doing nothing Ill scan them for you to post here! I think I also found a lobby card of Flying Down to Rio!

    Sassy Ginger hey that might have to be my Ginger themed name so if one day Katie disappears and "SassyGinger" shows up...you know who it is!

  10. ...I am a big 'Barkleys' fan, too... their dance to 'They Can't Take That Away From Me' is honestly one of my all-time favorite dances of theirs...obviously not too technical or 'difficult' (for them, anyway), it is just the 'last' dance they truly did together...and it is just awesome...so graceful...I have that version of the tune w/the orchestra on CD, and it's cool to listen to going down the road... always sends chills down by back - just beautiful orchestration.

    I am going to scope out the Ginger LIFE mags with articles, too (non-'cover' ones)... I found a LOOK mag on eBay with her on the cover, but it started at $50...a bit steep for me...

    SassyGinger...yeah, that's cool! I, being a dude, opted to go with VKM in lieu of Ginger...although the average person out there has no idea what VKM stands for...well, maybe the avatar helps... I want to 'personalize' my next car tag to be VKMFAN...folks will be trying to figure that one out for awhile...

    ....Ranch pics? Is that inside the 'fishing' issue? It is en route...

    Hey, I also bid on a 'book on tapes' of Ginger supposedly reading from her biography...now that would just be too cool for words! Yeah, she was on up in age when it was written, but that's ok...should be cool.

  11. I agree with you about They Can't Take That Away From Me but aparently Ms. Hyam is not a fan. And I quote from the book: "But sadly, "They Can't Take That Away From Me" is the biggest disappointment from the film, the number in which the difference between the Rogers of 1949 and the Rogers of the Fred and Ginger series is most keenly felt. Again she appears in a matronly hairstyle, and her dress, a white, low cut gown that would have enhanced the young Rogers' slim figure and supple back, now exposes, unflatteringly her heavier more muscular upper body and arms .

    As Astaire sings to her she stands rather awkwardly, as if not knowing what to do with her arms; her facial expressions are unconvincing and she moves stiffly. Much of her former appeal as a dancing actress.....has been lost along with her beautifully supple back. With the young Rogers in her place this duet would have been exquisite; as it is, it only inspires renewed regret that the paid did not dance to the song in the heyday of the 1930s.

    Cue me throwing the book across the room! For the rest of the book she is much more complimentary of Ginger's contributions and performances.

    I dont have that orchestration on CD but I have the CD that came with Astaire and Rogers "Partners in Rythym" (plus a couple of other tracks I bought from itunes). And to make my fangirlishness even worse I ripped all of the dances on video and put them on my ipod touch!

    Yeah thats the LIFE issue I meant. If you get the book-on-tape Ill be jealous! Id love to her Ginger tell the stories.

    Off to change my screen name so I fit in a little better around here! I guess I better find a picture to match! So much do do so little time! (sorry for the ridiculously long post!)

  12. ...NEVER worry about post length!

    As for the 'critique' of the Barkleys, well, if you are REALLY wanting to find something, well, yes, they were BOTH ten years removed from their pairing, so, yeah, it's not gonna be like it was in the mid-30s... but for what it IS, being the last 'regal' dance of their partnership, it is GREAT. Folks critiue Ginger as being more 'muscular' than in the 30's - it's funny, cause today folks would say that's cool to be 'muscular'... so it doesn't bug me much at all... and another thing (you got me going...) - Fred was touching 50 when this one was done, so he had lost a bit, too...still Astaire, no doubt, but he wasn't the 'mid-30's' Fred - in other words, don't solely trash Ginger for being the ONLY 'changed' one...
    Remember, 9 out of 10 folks who write books about stars are critics, so they feel required to have SOME critique in there, else they aren't 'doing their job'...

    The 'Partners in Rhythm' CD is the one with the 'Barkleys' version of it on there...unless I have a different version or something... I wish they would have made a CD or 2 with ALL the tunes from ALL the movies in there...there is one out there...well, heck, your sig pic is the cover...that has, like 90 percent of the G-F tunes on it...I have a Ginger LP with a lot of tunes on it, but very few from the G-F franchise...in fact, it just 'bookends', with 'Music Makes Me' from Rio, and 'Weekend in the Country' from Barkleys.

    I will post when (or IF) I receive the LIFE mags...had these same two 'won' back around Christmas, but never showed up, so I had to get refunded by eBay...

    Alright, SassyGinger! hey...BTW...have you posted anything on your site yet? It appears you have not... ???

  13. I havent really listened to the CD all the way through yet just put it in my car today. Im working on a CD with all my favorite tunes with the help of some MP3s downloaded from amazon that Id be happy to share. Unfortunately I downloaded a few before I got Partners In Rhythm (I found a used copy on Ebay since I didnt buy the Ultimate Collection) so now I have doubles. Are you still interested in figuring out how to make a jukebox for the site?

    I actually posted to my site last night - braved the cold and took some pictures of the "wolf moon" that was out last night. Im a bit of an amateur photographer. Would you like a pic of me throwing that book across the room? :D I havent gotten to take as many pictures I would like. My next post will probably be some of my favorite pictures I have taken at Disney World.

    I had a dream last night that I made a video for youtube or something starting with Ill Be Hard To Handle and then it kind of gets combined with Bouncin the Blues - I think its because I made a comment earlier in the day how their outfits are kind of similar. Today I was looking at the two videos and I couldnt figure out how I would have done it - I love dreams!

  14. Cool pics - just went over to your site... the Moon is always a neat subject.

    Well, as for the jukebox, I do need to get cranking on that...need to set up this turntable thingie and get the Ginger record into the MP3 format...lots of cool tunes on there, so would make a nice little setlist. Of course, anything you have would be welcomed with open arms!

    And the videos...there are a lot of cool ideas I have, but have never delved into making one... I need to stash more Ginger stuff in my computer first... but yeah, a lot of tunes in mind that could go with Ginger clips...

    SassyGinger, what say you? :-)

  15. In true SassyGinger form I say "Ha -ha-ha"...I think I can upload the mp3s I have to some place where you can load them theyre all in my itunes currently.


  16. A new source for dates....look here http://www.corbisimages.com:80/Search/SearchResults.aspx?q=Ginger+Rogers

    When you click on a picture it gives dates. Im in love with the pictures from the Oscars - definately some proud mother/daughter moments!

  17. Thanks for the link! It is a 'work in progress', and I almost have enough info to get it going 'day-to-day'...in fact, I am coming up with 'general facts' about her, for days w/o a specific event! So it will end up being pretty cool...
    Ginger was so sincere about it...of course, most of them are, but she was just so cool...

    As for the mp3s, maybe an e-mail could suffice...if that is ok...your call. I will get going on that soon...tired of saying that, so need to get the TUNES cranking out!

  18. ...BTW, JUST won on eBay... a 45 record of 'Let's call the whole thing off', and 'Hello, Dolly!' on the flip side...not sure if 'call...off' is the original, or a remake with Ginger only...really would like it if 'Ginger only', since I already have the 'original' with Fred...

    And, yes, a primary SassyGingerism is the 'ha - ha - ha'... there was a big post on that one a while back, I think on the 'Finding Ginger' blog... Priceless!

  19. awesome!

    Heres a link to get you started- Ill see if I have anything else! http://www.youshare.com/ktmac111581/a66021/DisplaySimple

    (hope this works...ive never used youshare before)

    What else can we get?

    "Youll Be Reminded of Me" from Vivacious Lady"
    "The Saga of Jenny" from Lady In the Dark

  20. ..I have both of them on the LP I have... will get it going, promise!!!

    COOL! I will definitely set up an account for the tunes I have... THANKS!

  21. SassyGinger - a good name :-)

    Ginger might have had a limited role in Hat Check Girl, but she was looking mighty good judging from your picture. Great photo!

  22. Hi Fioraon!

    Yes, that one is from a paperback I have about her from the mid-seventies, called 'Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies'...I think it has at least one picture from each of her movies. They evidently had a 'series' of books for different actors/actressess... would be cool to find a few more of them... they have some GREAT pics of her in there.

    BTW - not much cooking on the 'G' lately... guess the Ginger list is about complete... still would like to post 'Forever Female', but just haven't gotten the 'transferral' to work... might try again one day...

  23. Oooh Forever Female - another movie I haven't seen yet. Watched Primrose Path last night. I was going to wait until it shows up on TCM but there wasn't anything good on so I settled in to watch something from mybittorrent folder. LOVED IT!

  24. FF is pretty cool... she is older, but, as I have discussed at length on this blog before, the 'older' Ginger is quite attractive, IMHO, with me being in my early 40s...in fact, Ginger was pretty much my age now when she made FF, so that makes it pretty cool in and of itself!
    It's basically about the 'middle age actress' issue, which was pretty rare in those days... and it has some interesting parts in it where she 'faces' her impending 'obselecence'... it's a pretty good movie...

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Deleted the old comment because I forgot one more movie!
    Oh I agree with you! Shes beautiful and definately has an air of confidence she didnt have in the 30s. TCM are you listening? :P

    Hey I just had a thought...have you ever noticed in how many of her films Ginger, well for a lack of a better term..."crashes and burns"

    I mean think about it

    Follow the Fleet (Im Putting All My Eggs In One Basket)
    Swing Time (Pick Yourself Up)
    Shall We Dance (Lets Call The Whole Thing Off)
    Carefree (When Amanda is running around with the gun)
    Monkey Business (when theyre at the hotel)
    Tom Dick and Harry (her little trip down the bowling alley)
    Primrose Path (when Ellie is walking out trying to impress Ed and instead trips over the stairs)

    and of course she gets a good kick in Vivacious Lady but we know she was well protected!

    Once again Im sure Im missing a few - talk about suffering for your art!

  27. ...she was pretty 'physical' at times... a lot of her roles called for the 'slapstick' stuff, and she really could do that stuff. I will have to think over some more 'instances'...may be a good post topic! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Would make a great fan video too. Itd be like "WHAM-WHAM-WHAM-WHAM!" ...and last about 30 seconds :D

  29. ...with some wild song in the background...

    hey, my blog fritzed out BIG time, in regards to the Ginger on TCM list...every time I went in to edit it, it slapped 3-4 blank lines between entries...which jsut kept adding after each 'edit, until there were like 30 or so lines between entries! It was to the point to where the site would barely pull up...so I just had to 'wax' that 'gadget' - will have to regroup and 're-post' the movies this weekend... guess there were so many on there, it reached its limit or something...weird.

  30. DANG! Let me know if I can be any help. I really need to start keeping track of those movies coming up! Ive completely fallen in love with Primrose Path and am definately getting that one on DVD (I know it shows up at the end of the month)

  31. Thought of another one - told you I missed some! Barkleys of Broadway during My One and Only Highland Fling when theyre sitting on the stump. I think she leans against him, he gets up and she topples off.

    Speaking of Barkleys...my friends Tom and Lorenzo run what I think is the best Project Runway blog out there. Recently I discovered a while ago they did what they would call "Musical Mondays" basically two gay guys giving their takes on some of the greatest musicals ever made. Well one week, Netflix sent T&L Barkleys. Read this http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/2007/10/musical-monday-barkleys-of-broadway_08.html it has a little bit of language in it but nothing too bad (and wouldnt expect anything less out of those two). Knowing the movie as well as I do it cracked me up! I was laughing so hard I was crying!

  32. ..I guess I will just start over...probably never noticed a problem, since usually there are maybe 4 or 5 Ginger movies scheduled...but when TCM unloaded the catalouge for March, the list became an issue. May just do a Word doc and copy-paste...

    As for the review of Barkleys...not sure WHAT to say about that...but it WAS pretty hilarious! At least they were kind to Ginger, overall...LOVE the reply about the 'Can't Take That..' dance..."They don't have to give 100%...they are FRED AND GINGER!!!" (although I would have said "GINGER AND FRED"... natch... )
    I was doing a few reviews here and there, but just quit for some reason... I think the trivia thing kinda took over.

  33. I agree with you Im going to start putting Ginger first...I guess putting him first is a nasty habit I picked up thanks to the media :P

    You should read T&L's take on Brigadoon. When they declared that Fiona's mom probably died from her uterus exploding as a result of having 10 daughters under the age of 25, I was literally ROTFL.

    Copy and paste will probably be the easiest way....I guess we shouldnt complain that TCM is just showing too many Ginger movies this month?

    Speaking of Barkleys I actually watched it last night - folks are out of town so I get to watch whatever I want and the fan girl in me started taking over. I used to write "fanfic" or stories using characters from tvs and movies. At the beginning at the end of Swing Trot, the curtains close and when they open Ginger is holding a red rose...did Josh give it to Dinah? Maybe something he always does on opening night? :P And at the end when Dinah comes back to the apartment looking for Josh she gives out a little whistle...is it something special? A tune from a show? Just my brain rattling around a little bit. :P

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Found another one..."Lady In the Dark" at the end of the movie when Charlie is showing Liza his mock issue. He pulls up her chair to sit in and of course she tries to sit....and of course WHAM! Down she goes! The other night while watching The Uninvited Ray Milland said something and I could hear him say "What are you doing down there?" And I was like "Theres another one for the list!"

  36. heh heh... a degree, then!
    That uninvited movie kinda gave me the heebie-jeebies... those type of movies are WAY more scary to me than the 'slasher' stuff...
    Ginger never really made a SCARY movie... I mean, the 13th guest and Shriek are KINDA scary...
    ...the stuff from the Barkleys reminds me of the deal on Follow the Fleet when Fred whistles a tune when Ginger is walking away, but then she breaks out into a little tap...from a old routine they did, evidently quite a few times!
    I need a CLEAN copy of LITD...the one I have has weird jumps in it about every 10 minutes or so...I feel pretty sure someone just patched together a bunch of clips from YouTube... fortunately, the "Jenny" scene is unaffected - which, in case you don't know, MAY just be my ALL-TIME favorite Ginger moment...it's just so killer...!!!

  37. I think the bugle call was kind of a running gag for Fred and Ginger. It happened in Too Hard To Handle in Roberta too. Theres a copy of LITD on the G-list...its kind of fuzzy but thats how my taped copy is too but it is totally viewable.

    I love the Jenny scene too - its all about that dress! You just like her showing off her legs! Down boy!

  38. Youre right, she never really made a "scary" movie but some of the stuff in Storm Warning is pretty scary, especially when the dude is creeping around watching her and then he goes in and they have it out!

  39. Shes at it again! Look what I found on corbisimages.com


    Grr wish I could post images in comments. There is a bigger version on the site but I couldnt get it to link.

  40. ...well, Ginger's legs ARE a national treasure! And that dress unfurls so beguilingly!!! :-P
    But I REALLY dig the song...and her delivery of it... just classic! Really one of my favorite tunes she does, if not #1! Seriously!
    ...Black Widow is kinda 'intense' at the end...if you've seen that one...
    Antoher cool picture! I am thinking that one is from the ever-elusive 'Hat Check girl', since it just isn't familiar to me... but you know, I really have to brush up on my viewing of Ginger movies... I got so busy 'obtaining' them, didn't get to watch a few of them... HAVE seen most of them, but a second watch on ALL of them would not be bad at all...duh, that's the reason I 'obtained' them in the first place!!!!
    Actually, I was thinking about watching a movie and noting stuff in it, then posting a 'trivia' about that SPECIFIC movie...but get folks to watch it first...kinda like a 'SceneIt' deal... (BTW, where the HECK is the GandF edition of that??? hmmmm???).


  41. I'm in! Actually there was a show on AMC in the late 90s called Remember WENN the show got canned a good 10 years ago but a group of us started a rewatch - one episode per week!

  42. PS I love the idea of G&F scene it! I'm sure we could come up with enough questions! Except that a Fred question would come up and you'd be like Fred who???

    Ooooh I just got the greatest idea! I'm going to burn Alice In Wonderland for work. Right now the kids are actually listening to a CD of fairytales anyway.

  43. I will get rolling on the GandF sceneIt deal... but PLEASE feel free to crank one out yourself... again, I will probably just announce the movie to watch, then a day or so later, put the questions up.

    I need to download the Alice deal... have you listened to it yet? Sure it is pretty neat.

    BTW...what's the limit for # of comments? we are, like in the 40's now on this post...cool!

  44. Of course I have...at the beginning she talks SO fast but its SO Ginger! No idea what the comment limit it is but Im having a good time :P Maybe we need to build a forum or something instead LOL.

  45. ...forum? Is that like an 'intense blog' or something?
    Hey, purchased another Ginger LP - with different stuff than the first one... so, betewwn those two and stuff I already have on mp3 or whatever, the 'Ginger jukebox' is closer to reality...now if I can only figure out which one to get...and how to 'use' it...

  46. Like a message board or something. Well if you pick one and need help let me know and Ill take a look see. Im just thinkin we chit chat so much here maybe a message board would be easier to keep track of. Dunno how to connect it to the blog though.

  47. hmmm... I see - I'll ask around and figure it out.
    Sometimes plain ol' e-mail works, and that's ok with me...whatever is good for you. I've 'chatted' with a few other G-ologists in that manner.

  48. Thats cool. I also have instant messenger - gpsysngbrd is my screen name. But like I said here works great too - except we might get some new followers and theyre gonna think were a couple of raving lunatics!

  49. ...not sure if i've ever tried instant messenger... but, my email is jwhuey67@charter.net - no problem, if you want to yak... again, if you are looking for Ginger movies... no problem.

  50. gpsysongbrd - short for 'gypsysongbird'? Any connections to Stevie Nicks, perhaps???

  51. Exactly. Gypsy and Songbird are my two favorite Fleetwood Mac songs!

  52. ...cool! FM is really a great group. I am a Stevie Nicks freak, also... Do you have the LP 'Buckingham-Nicks'? It is killer - the one they did just before joining up with FM...weird deal, they were just about to give up (Stevie and Lindsey),playing to VERY small crowds - but they came to Birmingham - they had a large crowd to see them, cause a few DJs were giving them airplay and they had developed a decent following, unbeknownst to them...so it kept them going a bit longer, and eventually Mick Fleetwood called them and asked them to join FM - the rest is history!
    Stevie is cool - I KNOW she is an 'old soul'...probably REALLY digs old movies and stuff, since she writes songs about them...wonder if she is a Ginger fan?

  53. I dont own Buckingham Nicks but Ive heard it but I did get my hands on copies of Rumors and Mirage on LP for framing purposes. For a long time I kind of despised Stevie because I LOVE Christine McVie....nearly every FM song I love was written by Christine. But my heart has softened a little bit. I love Gypsy = and the video - its very 1940s! As for Stevie being a Ginger fan - Im not sure. I dont know if her movies are up Stevie's alley. But I know Stevie respects strong, confident women - so maybe.

  54. B-N is pretty cool - I have the LP (only 'official' format left out there for this one that has been out of print for decades, strangely enough - well, there was 'cassette', but I refused to get those - the first one I bought got 'eaten' by the tape deck about a week after getting it, and that swore me off of 'recorded cassettes'...) I have FM's big albums on LP, and a few on CD - as well as a 'box set' of 4 CDs covering FM from start to recent times...well, up to when the box was made!
    Stevie is DEFINITELY a Greta Garbo fan...she wrote TWO songs - one named 'Greta' and the other, 'Garbo'...
    I figure Stevie and Ginger would have a few things to yak about...I know I would HAVE to be there for that conversation!!!
    Stevie is really one of those 'no middle ground' type celebs - you either love her or...well, 'hate' is a strong word... 'despise' may work better, although it really is the same thing, if not worse...
    It's cool, tho if you aren't a fan - my wife 'despises' Stevie, too... but 'puts up with her', not unlike VKM!!! AND, I dig Christine's stuff, too - actually, she had some cool tunes even before FM brought in B-N... I wish Christine would join back up with them to have one more tour (never have seen them, but would LOVE to, with the 'original' lineup...)...money will eventually get her, although none of them should EVER be hurting financially...
    Gypsy is a killer video - I have a 'bootleg' audio from a concert where she and Lindsey sing Gypsy alone, and just him playing guitar...it's awesome! He is a really cool guitarist, pretty underrated...
    OK - well...what is this post about again? :-]

  55. Well, I guess Im abnormal then. I love Stevie now. She has a lot of great songs! I actually got to see The Mac on their "Say You Will Tour" a few years ago - the originals without Christine :(. Didnt get a chance to see them on The Dance tour :( Lindsey Buckingham is a MAD MAN! Also got to see Stevie solo - what an amazing night...except for the dude singing about two rows over yelling "SING SARAH!" he was a little more than drunk I think!

    We have gotten a little off topic havent we :D

  56. Okay time to get back on topic: I was looking over at the warner Archives store to see what they had and I noticed they had Once Upon A Honeymoon on DVD. Watching the clip I found that it was colorized.

    I know you said you tend to buy these DVDs- do you have OUAH in color? How does it look?

  57. ...interesting...The edition I have from WB Archive is B/W...but it seems like I remember you COULD get the 'colorized' version...one of the 'Turnerized' ones, most likely... probably should get it, just for comparison...and completeness.

    I am waiting a month or so, but going to order the 3 I don't have from WB Archive (DO have the movies, but just getting 'back-up'...will give the other ones to my Ma...) they are 'Weekend at the Waldorf', 'Having Wonderful Time', and '5th Avenue Girl'...

    Think this Tuesday is when they release some more...hoping the 'March GingerFest' somehow correlates with WB releasing some more movies... a box set would be cool, with some extra features! It still jsut blows my mind that titles like 'Bachelor Mother', 'Vivacious Lady', and 'Primrose Path' are not on DVD yet...

    BTW - were you interested in obtaining some old Ginger movies (among MANY others)? Can't remember if I mentioned it before, but if so, just e-mail me - jwhuey67@charter.net ...

  58. actually Im doing very well with my collection between the G list, youtube and TCM. But thanks! The only one I really seem to not be able to get my hands on is Forever Female.

  59. Well, see, I have been trying to get that one on 'G', but can't get it to convert properly... I think a few others might have that one - of course, it has the 'middle-aged' Ginger, so it ranks pretty high on the Huey scale...
    I'm going to try to get that one on 'G' - it's been bugging me I can't get it converted right. BTW - just making sure - 'G' you refer to IS the 'gorgomon' site, right? I can't remember if you were aware of it or not...

  60. yup yup. LOVE that list! Lemme know if you get it up!

    PS I just realized - I lie. The other one I cant seem to find (without buying it) is Roxie Hart. Ive seen clips on youtube including the metal staircase taps but the torrent file just sits there. :(

  61. ...will do. I 'provided' Sitting Pretty, Teenage Rebel, and Harlow to the 'cause'!

    As for Roxie Hart, BUY IT!!! It is SO worth it!!! Honestly one of my top 3 all-time Ginger movies...you can snag it for less than $10 on eBay, or maybe even Amazon! ...is kinda weird it isn't 'obtainable' otherwise...go to the 'uploader' and request a 're-seed'...I did that for 5th Ave. Girl and it worked!
    Torrents are so fickle! But, you get what you pay for, I suppose!

  62. Well in that case...thanks. I loved Teenage Rebel (well Ginger in it anyway - that kid was just a pain!)

  63. Okay you talked me into Roxie. Just picked it up for $8.50 from half.com. $5.30 for the DVD and a couple bucks for shipping nad handling!

  64. They really should have changed the title of Teenage Rebel...a pretty big misnomer - but all the '50s' movies had to have those two words, or variants thereof, to attract the kids, which were a thriving demographic, evidently... but I was looking for the girl to come riding in on a Harley, all leathered up...with a Chesterfield dangling from her mouth. I REALLY loved Ginger in it, tho...her 'mom - wife' role is so interesting, as it may reflect how she was in real life to a point... well, of course she wasn't a mom, tho...
    Best $$$ you will spend for Roxie...can't remember if there are many 'extras' on there, but it is a 'must-have' for any Gingerologist, for sure!

  65. Youre right Teenage Rebel was a pretty bad title. Loved the scene early on in the bedroom where Ginger is talking to the little boy.

  66. Yep, she is so cool with kids! It is sad she never was a real mom...but I think she knew with her work she would never be able to spend enough time with a child, so she basically sacrificed that, I guess...never knew if she TRIED to have a child or not...

  67. Well its one reason I like her book. She tells A LOT but not everything. Speaking of which. This morning I caught The Aviator (that movie about Howard Hughes with Leonardo DiCaprio) and one of the early scenes with Kate Hepburn she says to him "I thought you were going with Ginger Rogers or is that..." And Howard just kind of brushes it off...I had to laugh.

  68. ...heh heh... well, dude was crackers to begin with, but I think the Ginger deal messed him up further...of course his fault totally... I want to check that movie out, if any good...

  69. It is good - a little disturbing near the end but its one of those movies I walked out of and said "Hes going to get an Oscar nomination". Leo was awesome! He didnt win but Cate Blanchett got an Oscar for her portrayal of Katharine Hepburn - the voice is crazy good! The guy they got to play Spencer Tracy (even though he's in it for about 20 seconds) looks nothing like him (a good actor - Ive seen him in other things though). But yes I definitely reccomend it.

    Heres that scene I was telling you about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY6VrG7H2Qw

  70. ...funny clip - Agree that Cate as Kate was pretty dang good...I will probably get Ma to pop it on her NetFlix list... does it go all the way to his death? He really freaked out towards the end, being the recluse and all...
    Was that for last year's Oscars? They haven't had this year's yet...right? Or am I hopelessly befuddled? Honestly, don't keep up too much with 'current' movies, unless it is something like this one... most of them nowadays are rote exercises in computer generated graphics and vile language and behavior...

  71. I dont think it goes through his death. Of course the part I remember is the scenes where he holes up in his movie theater...naked, urinating into milk bottles....now why didnt DiCaprio win an Oscar? LOL.

    Oscars are in a couple of weeks - Ive seen a couple of this years movies (Avatar, Up in the Air, Up) but as I tell people - I dont watch anything made before 1970 :P

  72. oof...yeah, he was a movie freak...and after awhile, his general 'hygiene' went by the wayside...totally fritzed out. (It all started when Ginger shot him down...of course!)

    Regarding current movies, same here... there's always a few movies that come out which are worth checking out, but are getting fewer and farther between them... Hey, how was Avatar? I just don't see the attraction to it...maybe I am missing something...I am a 'fair-weather' SciFi fan, but it just seems like a big animatronic mish-mosh... I reckon it HAS to be more than that, right? Or did Cameron just play his promotion cards wisely?

  73. Youre right, Ginger was really smart to run when she did (even if he did give her a 5-carat ring!).
    Avatar was awesome! Pretty good story, awesome effects and settings. I reccomend seeing it on the big screen while you still can. I saw it in 3D (couldnt get tickets for IMAX) but it was like being in the room with the characters, not like stuff-flying in your face 3D.

  74. Well, will probably catch it via NetFlix... hopefully by then I will have my 52-inch hoochie-mama plasma-hd-blu-ray-megapixel-inyourface TV with Uber-surround-sound... I will try to squeeze Avatar in between Ginger features...

  75. In between...yeah right! Someday your kids will find that movie and be like Dad how come weve never seen this before? And you'll be like was Ginger in it? And then they'll understand!

  76. ..."Gingertar"...
    Wonder if she liked 'SciFi' stuff... honestly, not much of it around in her time... Of course, the classic stuff, like H.G. Wells...wonder if she saw 'Star Wars'? She was 66 when it came out... hmmmm...

  77. I dunno. I mean I know she had a healthy respect for Hollywood's growing interest in what could be done on film but by that time she was pretty against what Hollywood was producing in those days - hence the "Theyre not going to get my money" quote.

  78. ...well, I agree with her, as to the fact that movies did get pretty 'edgy' around the 60s...some movies benefit from it, others don't... far from me being a 'movie critic expert guru dude', and not to be a fuddy-duddy, but just too much language, sex, and/or violence in the last few decades, honestly...of course, there are always some good 'clean' (relative term) ones which come out, and are worth watching.
    OK - off the soap box... BTW, don;t remember 'Star Wars' having much language, and only enough violence to garner a PG... Ginger might have been ok with it...

  79. Then again she made "The Confession" (or whatever its called) but I get the feeling she would have burned that one if she could have although her plot line wasnt that bad...her character rather interesting though...

  80. ...that movie had so many different titles to keep folks from pinning it down as 'oh, THAT stinker...' - it was 'Quick, Let's Get Married', 'The Confession', and 'Seven Different Ways'... It was the most UN-Ginger-like character EVER... I mean, the fact that it was a 'Madam' was not the worst part...but an ALCOHOLIC one - I mean, Ginger played 'cute drunk' pretty well... but 'cranky drunk lady'...she did it, but not what I like to see from Ginger... and especially ironic since Ginger eventually tossed the hubby due to his excessive imbibing...

  81. Okay seriously how long can we keep this thread going ;)

    Yeah her cute drunk was pretty adorable - like the beginning of Oh Men, Oh Women! Why can't I be like that the one time I had a little bit too much my friends told me that I really liked to sit on top of the furniture (like the top part of the couch or chair)...

    But I generally don't drink that much - doesnt taste that good to me.

  82. ...well, good...glad you don't imbibe that much - I am exactly like Ginger, in that I am a tee-totaller...NEVER have partaken in alcohol (well, tried it once or twice when young, but HATED it...) ...not a religious thing, really, either - it's a sordid tale, but basically, my dad was a raving alcoholic when I was young, and my mom divorced him... he almost died and had to go into detox - he made it thru, and is still kicking (barely)... but all that just made the 'correct' impression on me, I guess, in that, the 'like father, like son' deal would probably pertain to drinking; thus, I never wanted to find out.
    But anyone else who partakes - fine with me...just don't get 'tight' (as they said in Ginger's day) and then crawl behind the wheel... THEN it becomes personal to me.

    OK - off the heavy topic - my goal, this weekend, is to SOMEHOW get the YouShare deal going - honestly, I am feeling a bit 'run-down' tonight, so will try it tomorrow sometime... need to 'convert' some records over...just one of the many things I need to do!!!

  83. Well good to know Im not the only one in this world. Sometimes its tough because it seems like EVERYONE else is like "I need to go out for a drink". So I feel like I should...then I get one taste of the stuff and thats all over!

    Take your time with the youshare stuff, I know a lot of times life can get away especially with the princess and the BIG boy hangin around! ;) Sometimes kids just need attention - AMAZING! Im dreading Monday...Ive been out of my classroom for 2 days. Usually every mroning my kids are like Ms. Katie!!!!

  84. ...well, my daughter had a musical show at church yesterday, and has ANOTHER one at school Thursday... but then she is off next week for spring break. I have my tests at work this Saturday, so need to 'cram' for those... might post a bit on Wednesday, but probably not much afterward... will jump back on it Sat Night...
    Mondays are ruff, but seem to go by kinda quick, for whatever reason... how many kids are in your class? Think you have said before - can't remember... My wife and I used to have to do 'nursery' at church every 6 weeks or so, and we sometimes had 20 kids in there... it's a bit overwhelming to me, anyway... she did the lessons and stuff, and I was 'crowd control'... the 'bouncer', if you will... It was usually pretty fun overall, and it's great to work with kids, but it just takes one or two of them to be out of line, and everything can break down in a hurry!

  85. Well here it is Monday again....its going to be an interesting day - keep your fingers crossed for me. We can have 20 kids in the room at any given time with two teachers in the room. Our ratio is one teacher to ten kids. Don't worry about us over here - I'll play crowd control! - All 5'3 of me!

  86. Do y'all flip a coin in the morning to see who gets 'crowd control'? You still have the height advantage over the young'uns, anyway... that usually helps out - me being 6'-4" or so, the little dudes usually got in line if I had to give them a 'friendly reminder' to be quiet and/or sit down...it's funny, we had one little dude who just kept standing up and walking around, in the middle of the lesson... never a dull moment!

    Hope you got thru Monday ok... I am taking off Thursday and Friday (think I said that somewhere else, too...) - to prep for my Saturday tests... two of them will be 'slam dunks',(hopefully), but one is on electric code stuff...I am not too familiar with that, so trying to get a 'working knowledge' of it... honestly, half the battle is knowing where a topic is in the book (it is definitely 'open book').

  87. Nope we pretty much work together. We switch weeks teaching and planning though. Like this week, Im teaching a Space theme and next week she'll be doing a St. Patricks theme. So that takes a little bit of stress off. The good news is Im starting to see hope that they'll be okay in Kindergarten (or which ever classroom they go to next).

    The official countdown to Ginger Wednesdays has begun! Woohoo!

    Still going through her early films trying to decide if there are any I need copies of.

    Ill be keeping my fingers crossed on Saturday for ya!

  88. ...well, got thru the tests... not sure how I did, although the first one was somewhat easy - the second one a bit tougher, and the last one, well, VERY tuff... probably all 'phased out' by that last one...

    Anyway - as I said somewhere else, looks like this thread has about given up the ghost... R.I.P., I always say...

  89. ...oh, BTW - thanks for the 'support' on the tests - I needed all the help I could get!!!

  90. Yup. Time to move on huh. Besides weve got other things to talk about!

  91. ...post 90! well, ok - MAYBE we ought to try for 100... I'm game if you are... ???

  92. ...wow - it's like you are following me around or something! It would be freaky if it weren't so cool! ...but yes - I agree - this one is running on fumes... quick - what is the original topic?

  93. What can I say...Great minds think alike!

    I'm in...you know me I can tie Ginger to anything - but then again this post is (was?) called Assorted Things!

  94. ..well, at this point, just trying to figure out who will get post 100!

  95. ...of course, I could be 'dishonest' and break up my comments into

  96. different, separate parts, so that

  97. I could 'pad the comments' to reach 100... but you know I

  98. would never stoop to such low tactics just to say

  99. that I have posted the 100th comment on here!


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