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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - March 19th

1873: Arthur Hoyt, who starred with Ginger in the film “A Shriek in the Night” (as Wilfred), was born in Georgetown, Colorado.

1894: Joe Dominguez (born Jose J. Dominguez), who starred with Ginger in the films “Suicide Fleet” (as Havana Merchant), “Flying Down to Rio” (as Waiter), and “Week-End at the Waldorf” (as Asian Servant), was born in Chihuahua, Mexico.

1916: Janet Barrett, who starred with Ginger in the films “Flying Down to Rio” (as Dancer) and “Storm Warning” (as Mrs. Adams), was born in Eldora, Iowa.

1932 (per TCM): “Carnival Boat” was released by RKO-Pathe.

1953: Lee Phelps (born Napoleon Bonaparte Kukuck), who starred with Ginger in the films “Sitting Pretty” (as Studio Aide), “Upperworld” (as Reporter), and “Magnificent Doll” (as Hatch), died in Culver City, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 59.

1955 (per IMDb): “Tight Spot” was released by Columbia.

2015: MoMA screened “I’ll Be Seeing You” as part of its series “Acteurism: Ginger Rogers”.


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ginger Trivia, Round Five...

...Haven't had one of these in a bit, so here we go... this one is specifically regarding Ginger and Fred movies only, in anticipation of the G&F Thanksgiving Marathon on TCM ... some are pretty easy, some not so... again, if any 'questionable' questions (or redundant redundancies, for that matter...) arise, please post and discuss... and, the answers will be placed in the comment section, so DON'T hit the comments until you want ALL the answers!!! The phrase 'G&F' will be used exclusively below for 'Ginger and Fred'...

Question ONE: What is the longest G&F movie, running-length-wise?

Question TWO: What is the shortest G&F movie, running-length-wise?

Question THREE: How many movies did Ginger make between "The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle" (1939) and "The Barkleys of Broadway" (1949)? (WITHOUT looking at the list on the right!!!)

Question FOUR: Which five G&F movies did Ginger's buddy (yeah, right) Mark Sandrich direct?

Question FIVE: (a softball...) Which G&F movie is Ginger's favorite?

Question SIX: In "Carefree", how many TOTAL shots did Amanda Cooper fire with various shotguns?

Question SEVEN: Which five G&F movies does Eric Blore appear in?

Question EIGHT: Which actor and actress were originally slated to be the Barkleys?

Question NINE: What song from a G&F movie won the very first Best Song Academy Award?

Question TEN: This one is a bit shaky, so feel free to reply (think I am correct, tho...) ...What is the only G&F movie where they are not already married, not getting married, or not readily apparent that they are going to get married?


  1. ANSWERS...

    Q1: "Follow the Fleet" - 110 minutes

    Q2: "Carefree" - 83 minutes

    Q3: Seventeen

    Q4: "The Gay Divorcee", "Top Hat", "Follow the Fleet", "Shall We Dance", and "Carefree"

    Q5: "Swing Time"

    Q6: Five (one at a target, one at judge's hat, one at the 'bar stand', one at a tree Fred was behind, and one at Fred's hat in hand)

    Q7: "Flying Down To Rio", "The Gay Divorcee", "Top Hat", "Swing Time", "Shall We Dance"

    Q8: Gene Kelly and Judy Garland

    Q9: "The Continental" from "The Gay Divorcee"

    Q10: "Flying Down To Rio"

  2. My best yet! (But still lousy.)
    I got 6.
    Somehow I got both 4 and 7; that was chancey. And I'm pretty sure 10 is correct.


  3. Lauren - glad you did ok... again, a few on here were pretty rough, like the # of Ginger movies between Castles and Barkleys...

    Sallytonks - Thanks! Glad to have you on board! Hope you enjoy the blog...and please feel free to comment anywhere!

  4. I got 6 as well. :)

    Hello there, by the way. How've you been? :)

  5. Hey! I only missed three! I think that's the best I've ever done! *cheers*

    You might want to revise #8. Kelly and Garland were supposed to do Easter Parade, but since Fred and Garland were such a success in it, they were scheduled to follow it up with Barkleys. When Garland was suspended, Ginger was brought in. I've always thought it was pretty interesting how the bad health of two beloved screen partners (at different times) brought another (even better) pair together again.

    Thanks for the trivia! I always do terribly, but I love it!

    - Amanda

  6. Gingerella - Thanks for the kind words! Glad you liked it - hopefully can keep the trivia cranking out here! PS - I LOVE your avatar of Ginger! I haven't seen that particular pic...just killer! Are there such things as 'full-screen avatars'? :-)

    Juliette - HI! Hope all is well with you! Everything is cool over in G-ology land... it has been great to see more and more folks checking it out - hope I can keep it going ok! BTW - good to see you back in the 'parade'! And, sorry to get you riled up about Babs a while back...she is quite the talented lady, no doubt... but hey, we had to do SOMETHING to stir the pot, no? :-]

    AC - Thanks! You know, you are correct about the Fred replacing Gene stuff... Fred was penciled in as Josh Barkley from the get-go, as you noted... but I think a lot of folks play up the 'irony' of both Fred and Ginger as 'replacements' as a cool thing, give or take a movie or two, chronologically... but we are here for the FACTS, and you have brought that forth! PS - hope you got the one about the # of shots YOU fired...(Q6) :-]

  7. Let's be sure and remember that I had been hypnotized! I've been having a terrible time remembering exactly what happened that day. I thought I had fired 5 times, but I wasn't sure so I went for a slightly higher number. Oh, I'm so embarrassed!

  8. Well, AC, I am just glad you didn't pick up an Uzi by mistake...the movie would have been over in short order then! All I know is, Doc Tony needs to lock his office doors better!
    PS...you actually seem to drive a little BETTER when you are under hypnosis... :-]


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