This Day in GINGEROLOGY - February 23rd

1899: Norman Taurog (born Norman Rae Taurog), who directed the Ginger film “Follow The Leader”, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1976: Fuzzy Knight (born John Forest Knight), who starred with Ginger in the film “Sitting Pretty” (as Stock Clerk), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 74.

2002: Peaches Jackson, who starred with Ginger in the film “Sitting Pretty” (as Chorus Girl), died in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the age of 88.

2010: TCM aired “42nd Street” and “Carefree”.

2015: FXM RETRO aired “Roxie Hart”, “Dreamboat”, and “Teenage Rebel”.

2016: TCM aired “Tom, Dick and Harry.”


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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

...Breaking April...

...oof. Now, y'all how much I LOATHE the month of April, for numerous reasons... of course, not the least of which is that the 25th is when Ginger left us...

...but I'm going to be 'upbeat' this go-round regarding the fourth month on the Gregorian Calendar... why not? Hopefully everything will go well, or at least not totally fall apart, as usual... Here's some facts about April, the month... with a Gingery twist, of course...

...April's birthstone is the Diamond... which Ginger was well acquainted with, of course... ...an interesting trivia bit is that director Don Hartman tried to snag the Hope Diamond for Ginger to wear in the film "It Had To Be You"...but couldn't pull enough strings... well, looks like she ended up with a fair alternative...

...April's 'birth flower' is the daisy... of which Ginger painted a few times, such as in her painting above - well, I GUESS these are daisies...let's just say that for our purposes...they're daisies. ...STILL want to know where these 'original' paintings reside... it's scary to think how much $$$ I'd probably throw out to try to acquire one...

...of course, in the U.S., we file 'income tax' on April 15th... which wouldn't really be bad at all if Ginger was my accountant...

...The Masters golf tournament occurs in May, and while I don't think there's ever been a lady in it, Ginger would have been a nice addition... dig those wickedawesome shoes!!! I've been to Augusta, Georgia once, for a 'Sesame Street LIVE!' presentation... for the little one (in this case, Rebekah), of course... while we were there I didn't see one sign or mention of the golf course... hence the 'exclusive' nature of the event, I reckon...

...April is Jazz Appreciation Month, which is cool... not sure if Ginger was big on jazz, but...probably so... in any event, Ginger tickling the ivories in ANY capacity is a killer sight...

...and of course, there's April Fool's Day, which was probably QUITE interesting with Ginger around, as she seemed to be quite the prankster... not sure what's happening in this pic, but some Gingery tomfoolery, no doubt... and thanks to gettyimages for this, whomever they may be...

...April also contains Arbor Day and Earth Day, where the tradition is to go out into nature and plant some legs...um, I mean trees...

April also contains the little-known observance of 'Take Your Daughter and/or Son to Work Day'... which Lela did just a few weeks into Ginger's existence, where little Virginia surely received loads of attention from the staff... ...but it appears from above that the tables were turned by Lela on the 'Major-Minor' set... GOTTA love this pic!

ANOTHER obscure, yet pretty cool April observance is 'Record Store Day' late in the month... and as we see from above, Ginger was (as Hu IS) quite the audiophile... and if I've said it once, I've said it umpteen times... if ANYONE can get away with NOT handling an album by the edges, it's Miss Rogers... the rest of y'all must conform... ...well, that is, if anyone out there still HAS vinyl records...or even knows what vinyl records ARE...

...and of course, the most important observance of all, Easter (which USUALLY falls in April... STILL not sure why it 'floats' around like it does...) ...Ginger racked up on the bunny supply on this particular pic... BTW, this pic STILL makes me want to figure out how to join this 'society' for Ginger Rogers... dang it!

Well, there you have it... I've tried to shine as much positive light as I could find on the month of April, so MAYBE this year it will be a somewhat uneventful time for Hu. Y'all keep it in the road, and hope to see you on the other side...in May. ...well, I'll be around some before then, I guess! :-)

Until then...

KIG, y'all!


Here's hoping the same applies to y'all... and if all else fails, remember to...

Keep It Gingery, y'all!!!



  1. The Photo of Ginger in a fake beard: Ginger gives Garson Kanin a farewell party as he was given permission to finish filming Tom, Dick and Harry before leaving for his military assignment. Since Garson Kanin went for days without shaving, Ginger decided to wear the fake beard to the party.

    1. ...thanks for the clarification, GRF!!! Now I can post these in the TDH file!

      Hope all is well!


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