This Day in GINGEROLOGY - February 23rd

1899: Norman Taurog (born Norman Rae Taurog), who directed the Ginger film “Follow The Leader”, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1976: Fuzzy Knight (born John Forest Knight), who starred with Ginger in the film “Sitting Pretty” (as Stock Clerk), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 74.

2002: Peaches Jackson, who starred with Ginger in the film “Sitting Pretty” (as Chorus Girl), died in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the age of 88.

2010: TCM aired “42nd Street” and “Carefree”.

2015: FXM RETRO aired “Roxie Hart”, “Dreamboat”, and “Teenage Rebel”.

2016: TCM aired “Tom, Dick and Harry.”


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February 23, 2019 @ 5:30 A.M. - 42nd Street
March 7, 2019 @ &:30 A.M. - The Tenderfoot
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Monday, December 15, 2014

GingerFilms on DVD...

...well, first off, hope all you Gingerologists out there are having a grand holiday season thus far, and will continue to do so! The Huey camp had a great Thanksgiving, and is gearing up for Christmas... always hectic, but its always cool when you have kids... the circle of life deal, ya understand...
Kinda bummed about my ol' Alma Mater, UAB, 'dropping' football... under some pretty heinous circumstances... UAB is part of the UA system, which also includes campuses in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville... well, UAT is the 'flagship', and has all the votes on the Board of Trustees... long story short, they have been 'kneecapping' the program from Day One, and finally decided to kill it... but there's quite a bit of 'pushback' from the UAB community, as well as local government... so stay tuned...  meanwhile... we need to just break away from the UA system, period... thus, #freeUAB!!!

Thinking of a new post, I started doing 'inventory' of my DVDs of GingerFilms, with the delivery of the last quartet of recent releases...and y'know, we have the majority of films available... we G-ologists are pretty fortunate in this sense, when compared to fans of other actors / actresses who unfortunately have 'lost' films...with the appearance of Hat Check Girl, ALL of Ginger's 'feature films' are out there in SOME form!

With that, and in keeping with the superficial side of the Season, we want it ALL, right? So, let's all crank out a list, shall we?

Place the following GingerFilms currently unavailable on DVD in your preferred order for availability:

The films in question are the following, in chronological order:

Young Man of Manhattan

Queen High

The Sap from Syracuse

Follow the Leader

Honor Among Lovers

The Tip-Off

Carnival Boat

Hat Check Girl

Broadway Bad

Professional Sweetheart

Don't Bet On Love

Sitting Pretty

Twenty Million Sweethearts

In Person

Tender Comrade

Lady In The Dark

It Had To Be You

Twist Of Fate

The First Traveling Saleslady


...yeah, there's still quite a few (20, to be exact), but considering Ginger had 74 films, plus some shorts, this list is pretty short... and don't fret about studio ownership and the 'real probability' of a restoration / release... just assume ALL will be available (nice thought, eh?)

Just put your list in the comments section, and we'll all compare notes...OK? OK!!!

Again, we here at Gingerology hope you all have a Great and Meaningful Christmas, and a Most Prosperous New Year!!! ...but we'll talk again before that...

KIG, y'all!

UPDATE - 12/27/14:
...well, here's my list...

1. Hat Check Girl - just because most of us haven't seen it, right?

2. In Person - weird that this one is not on DVD already... my fave of the 20.

3. Sitting Pretty - a good film - if they can restore it and get Ginger's last line in the 'Dream Walking' tune in full without skipping, that would RULE!

4. Professional Sweetheart - Ginger at her sassiest...

5. Twenty Million Sweethearts - love Ginger singing Out For No Good... this film is one of Dale Tremont's faves as well...

6. Broadway Bad - Ginger AND Joan Blondell - nuff said. a good scrubbing is needed.

7. Tender Comrade - Ginger is SO fetching in this one...

8. The Tip-Off - To me, Ginger's first 'substantial' role, as Baby Face... love it.

9. Queen High - a VERY cute young Ginger singing and dancing around...

10. It Had To Be You - a film that has grown on me over time...

11. Lady In The Dark - needed if anything for a clean clear copy of the Jenny saga...

12. The Sap from Syracuse - another cute Ginger effort, this time with Oakie.

13. Twist Of Fate - a more mature Ginger in a different role, with Bergerac.

14. Don't Bet On Love - Standard role, but with Ayres.
15. Young Man of Manhattan - Ginger's first gig, as Puff the magic flapper.

16. Carnival Boat - a standard 'love interest' role in a cast full of Ax Men.

17. The First Traveling Saleslady - Ginger's last RKO effort... a cute film overall along with Channing.

18. Harlow - would like to see this in a 'normal' format if possible - the original was shot in some 'megascope' camera technique or something, which results in folks being chopped off (at least in my copy).

19. Follow the Leader - marginal role for Ginger - vehicle for Ed Wynn.

20. Honor Among Lovers - VERY minimal Ginger role... film itself is not bad, tho...and definitely needs a good 'revamping'.


  1. #1. In Person !!!!
    #2. Tender Comrade
    #3. Lady in the Dark
    #4. Professional Sweetheart
    #5. Don't Bet on Love
    #6. First Travelling Saleslady
    #7. Broadway Bad
    #8. Hat Check Girl

    #9. Oh I'm greedy I want all of them...

    1. ...It's tough to list them...but yes we HAVE to get them ALL on DVD one of these days... with today's 'archive' series from different studios, should be pretty easy!

      Thanks, PB! And have a Very Merry Christmas / Happy New Year = and KIG!!!


  2. OK, here's my considered list:
    1. Hat Check Girl - The only one I haven't seen.
    2. Sitting Pretty - Has maybe the best score of a non-Astaire Ginger film, plus the fan dance!
    3. In Person - Great, under-appreciated Ginger film!
    4. Professional Sweetheart - Wonderful pre-Code Ginger!
    5. Young Man of Manhattan - Deserves restoration! Cigarette me, Big Boy!!
    6. Queen High - Ginger song and dance with attitude; Eleanor's debut!
    7. Sap from Syracuse - Wonderful young Ginger singing and romancing with Oakie!
    8. Follow the Leader - Marginal young Ginger role, but Merman's film debut! Last GR film with Stanley Smith.
    9. Honor Among Lovers - GR in really goofy character. First five films have her from silly teenager to thinking young adult to brainless man chaser - Complete the set!
    10. The Tip Off - First Hollywood film; good character with attitude.
    11. Carnival Boat - Must keep history preserved. Love the historical logging scenes!
    12. Twenty Million Sweethearts - Some fine songs here, with Dick Powell. Good Ginger character!
    13. Don't Bet on Love - Only film with Lew... While not a great film, is of great interest as it has these lovebirds together for the only time. Like Ginger's character.
    14. It Had To Be You - Good more mature Ginger. We get to see Ginger the sculptor at work!!! YES!! Great wardrobe!
    15. Tender Comrade - Patriot Ginger in full bloom! I like dear Jo!!
    16. Lady in the Dark - Need a good copy! Far from my favorite Ginger film, but significant historically in several ways.
    17. Broadway Bad - Minor Ginger film, but has same director and such as Hat Check Girl, which gives us clues as to how HCG might have been... Keep the history!
    18. Twist of Fate - Only screen pairing of Ginger and Jacques.
    19. First Traveling Saleslady - Only screen pairing of first two Broadway "Dollys," Carol and Ginger.
    20. Harlow - Bad production, but interesting role for Ginger... Am sure she compared Harlow's situation to her own. Interesting role in lousy movie.

    Here's hoping that these films get reissued, preferably in a restored condition!!!

    1. ...thanks for the input, BA!!! Pretty much agree with you on all fronts... hard not to have HCG #1, just because we haven't SEEN it... I will probably have 20 mil on up the ladder a bit, as I LOVE her singing 'Out for No Good'...

      Hope you and yours have an incredible Christmastime, BA!!! KIG!


  3. HAT CHECK GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I really want to see Professional Sweetheart and In Person. Have a merry Christmas :)

    1. Merry Christmas to you, ALG!!!

      I concur that HCG will be on the top of the list, and also 20 mil and In Person...generally my top 3-4!!!

      Thanks for the input!!!


  4. Hi Huey....Merry Christmas! :0

    1. Hiya, Ron!!!

      Hope all is well with you! We've been trucking along here at G-ology, although FB has taken a bit of 'starch' out of blogging in general... but we'll be here until blogging is totally obdolete, and then guess I'll start up a website (kinda want to do that, anyway...)

      Have a Merry Christmas / Prosperous New Year, Ron!!!



  5. Years ago I designed a header for Pink Ginger, who hasn't been blogging a long time. I just found that header:
    Anybody an idea what to do with it? I mean, somebody could use it, if a header like this is needed. ;o)

    1. Not sure, but SOMEbody out there would dig 'PinkGinger'...

  6. What, now verification anymore? That's a good thing, because these things give me pain in my eyes! I really makes you want to pass by now and then and get things off you chest. I mean, I'm still a very romantic Classic Movie Love, who's just lacking time these days. So it's a good thing, if you make it easy on me. ;o)

    1. Hi, CS!!! Hope you are doing well!!! Been missing your commentary on things... hope you can get some more time to yak!!!




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