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1890: Adolphe Menjou, who starred with Ginger in the films “Stage Door” (as Anthony Powell), “Roxie Hart” (as Billy Flynn), and “Heartbeat” (as Ambassador), was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1977: Andy Devine (born Andrew Vabre Devine), who starred with Ginger in the films “Chance at Heaven” (as Al) and “Upperworld” (as Oscar), died in Orange, California, at the age of 71.

2014: FMC aired “Roxie Hart”.

2015: FXM RETRO aired “Roxie Hart”.

2015: MoMA screened “Stage Door” as part of its series “Acteurism: Ginger Rogers”.


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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...odds and ends from NOLA...

...Well, Hu and the Crew are back from the Crescent City... had a great time, although it's pretty dang hot AND humid... 90 degrees down there is like around 100 most anywhere else. Good to be back in the 'routine', such as it is...

We ate at some great spots, although not as 'highbrow' overall as we have in the past... with Bam-Bam, it's not quite as easy...but he did great pretty much everywhere we went. We hit Acme Oyster House (if ya dig oysters, it's the place to go - I'm not into 'raw' ones, but they do 'chargrilled' ones which are awesome!), Court of Two Sisters (older buffet style...great 'cross-section' of New Orleans culinary styles), and Deanie's Seafood, also a great place.

There were a few Gingery moments during the trip... first off, I spotted an old sign on the side of a building which read:
...just outside the fire station on Decatur Street... pretty neat, even though Ginger never partook in one of these, most likely... as you can see, it was garbage pickup day in the Quarter...

Another neat moment was as we were just about to leave out - we made our last 'run through', picking up a few last 'souvenirs' for folks back home, a dude was playing guitar out by Cafe Du Monde (the beignet (doughnut) place), and I was waiting outside a store a bit down the way, but well within earshot... and what song does he start to strum, but 'Night and Day'... so as we walked by, I dropped a buck in his pot and thanked him for playing it, cause it reminded me of Ginger Rogers... that probably didn't mean as much to him as the $$$, but... still a neat deal.

...and speaking of 'you-know-who' (who ELSE?), I am wanting to get a few 'general' posts cooking soon...of course the 'SOM' HueyTreatment' is underway, and will hopefully be out this weekend, but...there's been some other 'general topics' I've been wanting to crank out on posts as well... so stay tuned.

Hope y'all's summer is going well!

Keep It Gingery!



  1. Still jealous lol.....

    Glad that you guys had a lot of fun! A lot of the food places sound great, and that Oyster place sounds good(I love oysters!).
    And awesome to know some gingery things went on. I would've done the same with taking a pic of that Ginger sign. :P
    And that's so neat about the guy playing the song, and I would do the same with that!

    Can't wait for the 'HueyTreatment' of the Star of Midnight review, and other posts you have in store!!!

  2. you'll make it there one day... it's a unique place, to be sure...

    Getting there on the review... but wanting to do a few other things as well... hey! I've picked up 3 followers in the past few days...awesome! Weird how it's 'stagnant' for a few months, then you get several folks at once...maybe the facebook connection is working...

    KIG, GF!



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