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Saturday, April 13, 2013

GingerHair... Awesome in any state!!!

...ok, this well may be the first 'Facebook-inspired' post for Gingerology... The topic? Ginger Pics where her hair is not 'perfectly coiffed' as usual, but is in some state of beautiful disarray...

There's no real rhyme or reason to these pics or caps, just in the order I 'run across them' in the Gingerology MasterFiles... but it is generally only for the screencaps for the reviews up to this point... I'll work on a 'part two' somewhere WAAAYY down the road...

Our first pic is really just an 'action shot' that catches Ginger's hair in 'mid-swoop'...this one's from "Professional Sweetheart", in the uber sassy 'book-throwing sequence'...

These two are from "Finishing School", which employs 'mussed GingerHair' throughout one scene... definitely my fave scene of the film!

Ginger combing out her awesome locks in her abruptly shortened role in "Upperworld"...

...another 'action sequence', this one from 'The Gay Divorcee'... Fred the victim of the Ginger 'do...

"Romance in Manhattan" has a very awesome sequence where Ginger works the hair...here are a few of my fave stills from that sequence...

...and here's one from "42nd Street" (I told ya they're not in specific order) - this one is generally GingerHair in near sleep mode...cool!

...here's another 'getting ready' scene, this one from "Broadway Bad"...actually, Joan's hair is a bit more 'tuffed' here, but that's close enough for Hu...

...well, if there's any I've missed (remember, this is just from Roberta backward -there's MUCHO more from this point forward, as indicated on FB), please inform, and I will edit it into this bodacious post!

Hope all of y'all are having a great weekend!!!




  1. Haha I saw you were having that conversation on FB. I knew then you were going to make a post about it.

    Ginger actually does look nice with a bit messy hair. Can't think of any that you're missing except for later films that you haven't screen capped yet.


  2. ...nice to have another 'sounding board' for ideas... not that I don't have plenty of ideas, anyway - it's just the TIME that doesn't really cooperate...

    There's actually a bunch in the movies yet to come... one thing I've noticed, tho, is that the G&F movies have really no 'preparation' scenes...well, until you get to Barkleys, which is a great scene in the beginning when they are prepping for bed. That's why the 'Divorcee' pics are kinda cool...

    Hope your school week goes by well, GF!!!


  3. ...BTW, I linked yer poll here at the top of the page....hopefully folks see it!!!

    1. Well actually another that comes to mind is Having Wonderful Time. It's not in the final film at all, but was featured in the trailer and there's a pic.
      In the trailer Ginger jumps in the water, and the pic shows her hair all wet. I don't recall having the pic in my files, but I have a book with it in there.

      Hopefully this school week goes fine. I know in two weeks I have all my standardized state testing, and in your Junior year you have to pass all of them! The one I'm worried about the most is the math one.


      And btw thanks for advertising my poll on here! :D

  4. Ginger's hair flies around whenever she does that double spin move with good old Fred. That's always fun to watch but could you get a good screen cap?

    This just in. WBAI has a golden age of radio show on Sunday nights and they featured GINGER ROGERS tonight. If you aren't in range for old NYC, you can listen to it online
    It is the program for April 14th. The first show doesn't have Ginger in it but the rest of the program is ALL Ginger!!!!! It will only be up on their website for 2 weeks.

  5. I know it's "post-Roberta" but my favorite Ginger disheveled hair is the flashback scene in Tender Comrade where she just washed her hair and is towel drying it and combing it out while mad, lol.

    1. yep...that scene is so cool...she kinda reminds me of a 'Daisy Mae' character in that scene (probably due to the outfit...)...just killer all the way around!
      There's probably quite a few spots in future films where more awesome GingerHair pix will surface... hopefully resulting in more posts on the topic!

      Hope your week is going well, Betsy!



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