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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tanka...Tanka very much...

...well, by over a 2-to-1 margin, Miss Scharwenka was deemed the more Gingery character, besting Miss Hale in a pretty easy victory.
...I'll go along with that... hard to argue the results, since the 'header pic' that has been gracing the top of G-ology for years now is none other than Tanka Scharwenka...  As usual, I didn't 'inject' any real 'bias' either way during the voting period, so as not to sway the voting...
Thanks to all who participated!
I am getting a bit more 'caught up' at my place of employment, so...that bodes well for G-ology... hopefully more progress will be made, not only on reviews, but also other features... 2013 is slated to be quite Gingery, according to the Mayans...or was it the Incas? I always get those two mixed up... kinda like the Shakers and the Quakers...
Anyway - hope y'all have a great week ahead, and...




  1. Awesome! Roberta is one of her best films and Tanka is one of her very best roles.

    By the way, I took all my blogs off. I've been trying to concentrate on other things, but blogger still killed too much time. This always looking at stats, although there's hardly anything happening sucked too much. This time I'm serious, it's over.

    Only the blog of my pet, miss-g-and-friends.blogspot.com, will go on and looking up those stats from time to time is okay. Cuz this is about informing and helping animals and that's important to me.

    Sweet & Hot was a mess lately anyway. Writing about movies hasn't been my thing since 2011. So I went to tap and my 30s music. Right now I'm just rehearsing and it's all standard copyrighted stuff and my articles about plastic trombone and great new clarinet mouthpiece weren't so hot.

    My blogging didn't make sense anymore, it was just holding on to that old habit. Actually I hope to win wasted time to see a classic movie, like Roberta, again, which very tragically didn't happen for months....

    1. well, heck...sorry to see ya (kinda) getting out of blogging... do you facebook? I'm most likely going to crank up a VKM 'address' or whatever there...I know NOTHING about FB, but...I figured if anything, it can be used as a 'real time chat room', which blogger does not appear to have... so stay tuned for that...

      Well, thanks for your support, CS - hope you remain a G-ologist, and jump into the topics whenever you can...you are really one of the 'experts' of the timespace that Ginger resided in, so....you're definitely needed here!!!

      Hope all goes well with your band...keep us updated!!!

      And most of all...



    2. As my mother is signed out, I probably have to answer. She's actually my co-author, and as you cannot type fast enough with a beak, doing the most of all the work on www.miss-g-and-friends.blogspot.com
      So she's still to contact in the blogspot world.

      Basically she's a facebook hater, but still in love with Twitter. I'm not there, but it's a snappy way to communicate -- you don't waste much time there, which actually is what she's lacking off all the time.... Oh, she hate's chatrooms, cuz they kill a lot of time.

      In things movies she fits horribly well here, still refusing to see modern films, cuz too much sex in there. Now, we had a little drama in our home, but she's fine again.

    3. Hop on the fb bandwagon lol. Are you going to make a page where people just like it? Or are you going to make one where people have to send a friend request?

      I really can't wait for the "chatroom" type deal. Talking with other gingerfans? Awesome!

      Have a great evening. Unfortunately I started homework way too late-whoops.

    4. ...Thanks for the info, Miss G! Tell CS I said hi, and to keep cranking out tunes from the Golden Era!!! And try to stay out of the weather...it's been pretty rough lately...

      ...As to GF, well, heck...I'm gonna have to get with my wife on this, as she is a FB person...not an 'addict', by any means, but knows enough to set up and show me the ropes.
      It will be a 'open member' deal or whatever, and most likely anyone and everyone is welcome...but will probably have a pretty short rope, in case our buddy from last year shows up spewing anti-Ginger stuff...

      Well, hope yer homework was easy...I had some junk from work to do as well, but it's pretty much cleared out...cool!

      KIG, y'all!

    5. Oh yes, the anti ginger anon from last year.
      You can't really "approve" comments on fb, but you'll just have to monitor them. Hopefully nothing like that happens!

      Oof, homework was not that easy last night. Stayed up till 1 doing it. Almost done with tonight's hw. :)
      Have a gingery evening!

    6. ...it's a 'pending' deal...looks like work is 'stabilizing' somewhat, so....we shall see...Roberta must be published first, tho...looking good for that... no, REALLY!

      hope you have a great weekend - are y'all off for MLK Day on Monday? I think purt near everyone is at this point...it's sad when you can remember back before there were so many holidays / observances... President's Day is another 'recent' one... oh well, fine with me?

      KIG, GF!

    7. Yes we do. Thank god! I think I need a break from school for a bit.....

      Also, hopefully you get that Roberta review on here this weekend. Cannot wait to see it.

      Have a great Friday evening!
      BTW today in my History class we watched a documentary on the Great Depression. And I think I was the only person that squealed inside when I saw a scene from Gold Diggers. It was the part when Ginger says, "The depression deary."
      I thought it was awesome!

    8. ...sounds like yer History Teacher is a potential G-ologist... wasn't there a line in there that said, 'What's so great about it? - the Depression, that is... maybe not - not sure if they even called it that until some years afterward...

      will make progress here... onward to the review!!!

      KIG, GF!



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