...BACK from GingerFest 2018!!!

...of course it was a BLAST! A great time meeting fellow Gingerologists and discussing Ginger with... well, other Gingerologists!!! Marge and Gene Padgitt did an incredible job with the proceedings, lined up awesome speakers, and of course Roberta was incredible as well!!! Hope to see y'all there next year!!!

This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 20th

1907: Arthur Jarrett, who starred with Ginger in the films “Sitting Pretty” (as Singer) and “The Gay Divorcee” (as Vocalist), was born in Brooklyn, New York.

1952: Isabel La Mal, who starred with Ginger in the film “The Thirteenth Guest” (as Marie’s Mother), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 66.

1958: Franklin Pangborn (born Joseph Franklin Pangborn), who starred with Ginger in the films “Professional Sweetheart” (as Herbert Childress), “Flying Down to Rio” (as Hammerstein – the Hotel Manager), “Stage Door” (as Harcourt), “Vivacious Lady” (as Apartment Manager), “Carefree” (as Roland Hunter), “Fifth Avenue Girl” (as Higgins), and “Oh Men! Oh, Women!” (as Steamship Clerk), died in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 69.

1974: Allen Jenkins, who starred with Ginger in the films “42nd Street” (as Mac Elroy), “Professional Sweetheart” (as O’Connor), and “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Pete), died in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 74.

2015: TCM aired “I’ll Be Seeing You”.


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July 22, 2018 @ 6:30 A.M. Fifth Avenue Girl
July 27, 2018 @ 9:30 A.M. Roberta

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Gingeryness...

First off, Happy GroundHAWG Day, y'all!!!  ...y'know, something tells me Ginger probably went all-out for this observance, as she was pretty big on varmints... and while this pic of Ginger and some varmints on her Ranch isn't of a groundHAWG, it is most definitely a HAWG on the GROUND... and it ain't gonna see it's shadow anytime soon, y'all...

Second, a forthcoming book about RKO Studios should prove to be a good read... RKO is obviously my favorite of the 'Big Five' Studios of the Golden Era...there's just SOMETHING about an RKO film, even those without our topic subject, that just seems...right. Here's the details about "RKO Radio Pictures: A Titan is Born" by Richard Jewell, from the TCM Website:

New RKO Book

Third, y'all may have already run across this one, but just in case... a new book by Patrice Tanaka, entitled, "Becoming Ginger Rogers: How Ballroom Dancing Made Me a Happier Woman, Better Partner, and Smarter CEO". I haven't picked it up yet, but plan on it, as it sounds like an interesting read on how she 're-focused' her life after a series of tragedies by taking up ballroom dancing... not really sure how much of it actually deals with Ginger, per se, but it's cool to know she was influenced by her, as I think most all of us are in some form or fashion - There's a little Ginger in us all, right? :-)
Here's the link:

Becoming Ginger Rogers book website


Fourth, I'm cranking up on the "Rafter Romance" review - and it should be interesting, as I can honestly say it's my favorite Ginger movie to date (hence, it will most likely be #1 on the list...no suspense there...) - for it being pretty 'low budget', it really is a neat film that moves along at a good pace, and, although you know the inevitable ending, it's a lot of fun getting there... AND, I am thinking of recruiting a 'special reviewer' for this one, as I know it's one of their favorites, too... more on THAT later...

...aaaaand FIFTH, and finally, just noting a few 'tweaks' to G-ology...

First, y'all have probably noticed the new "Gingery Blogs" feature  at the bottom right column...this is simply the 'latest and greatest' posts from most of the folks who follow Gingerology... I say 'most', because there are some of y'all who do not blog, and others of you who are 'blogging', but on a medium other than 'blogger'...thus, not sure if those will show up on the list, unfortunately. I may try to just 'link' those of y'all who are on WordPress or another format, so, stay tuned for that...

Second, I have added a 'page' to the UPPER right-hand column, entitled "Inter-Site Links to Gingerology's Ginger Rogers Film Reviews", which is pretty self-explanatory... just pick out the movie review you want to read, and click...it'll take you right to it (in theory, anyway...) - over time, this feature will hopefully be a convenient navigational tool for y'all, instead of hunting down specific reviews.

and Third....the music deal...it's gonna happen soon... just a week-end to figure it out... again, ANY suggestions on the best file player, file 'host' sites, etc., would be GREATLY appreciated!

Welp, that's 'bout it, y'all...hope everyone's having a great week, and remember...

Keep It Gingery!!!



  1. First, thanks for putting me in your blogroll!

    Second....check it out!

  2. Great post! I will have to check out that RKO book, just bought a new Ginger Rogers book called All you need to know about GR *I think that was the name* for Arianna's birthday. When you get a chance, visit my page, I have a picture of her Ginger birthday cake this year
    :-) Take care!!

  3. Ron: No problem-o - I've been needing to set that up for awhile, but for whatever reason I haven't... hmmm...interesting book about Fred and Adele - I will probably pick that one up! thanks for the link! And hope you had a stupendous, Gingery birthday. Ron! Dang, lots of birthdays here the last few weeks! Speaking of which...

    SCD: Hope Arianna had a great 16th! Our little GingerFan is growing up! :-) And, I haven't heard of this book about 'all you need to know about GR'...although there's not enough pages in the world to satisfy THAT declaration...but I'm definitely interested in it - any more info would be cool - get Arianna to post something on the Corner...

    And the cake is incredible, as usual! I just couldn't EVER slice into one of those, tho...:-]

    KIG, y'all!


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