...BACK from GingerFest 2018!!!

...of course it was a BLAST! A great time meeting fellow Gingerologists and discussing Ginger with... well, other Gingerologists!!! Marge and Gene Padgitt did an incredible job with the proceedings, lined up awesome speakers, and of course Roberta was incredible as well!!! Hope to see y'all there next year!!!

This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 20th

1907: Arthur Jarrett, who starred with Ginger in the films “Sitting Pretty” (as Singer) and “The Gay Divorcee” (as Vocalist), was born in Brooklyn, New York.

1952: Isabel La Mal, who starred with Ginger in the film “The Thirteenth Guest” (as Marie’s Mother), died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 66.

1958: Franklin Pangborn (born Joseph Franklin Pangborn), who starred with Ginger in the films “Professional Sweetheart” (as Herbert Childress), “Flying Down to Rio” (as Hammerstein – the Hotel Manager), “Stage Door” (as Harcourt), “Vivacious Lady” (as Apartment Manager), “Carefree” (as Roland Hunter), “Fifth Avenue Girl” (as Higgins), and “Oh Men! Oh, Women!” (as Steamship Clerk), died in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 69.

1974: Allen Jenkins, who starred with Ginger in the films “42nd Street” (as Mac Elroy), “Professional Sweetheart” (as O’Connor), and “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Pete), died in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 74.

2015: TCM aired “I’ll Be Seeing You”.


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July 22, 2018 @ 6:30 A.M. Fifth Avenue Girl
July 27, 2018 @ 9:30 A.M. Roberta

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 78th to...

the film "Flying Down to Rio", which (according to IMDb, anyway) premired on December 29th, 1933.  Ironically, it's the film that's currently on the 'HueyReview' clock... that posting is still a few days off (probably will be next year...) - but should be a fun one to dissect.

In the meantime, just a few issues...

First, on 1/1/12, Gingerology WILL have a new feature (after literally years of speculation), "This Day in Gingerology". It will basically be a line or two tacked at the top of the site, regarding a significant event in the life of Ginger Rogers or Gingerology, such as film release dates (such as the 'main' topic of this post), as well as birthdays / deaths of any actors/actresses/producers, or others related to Ginger (that's quite a few folks in and of itself!). Hopefully it will prove to be an interesting 'blurb' to check out each day for y'all...

Second, Huey is VERY close to 'launching' a NEW blog, which will be regarding 'all things OTHER than Ginger'...which will a VERY broad brush...from other classic films, to current issues, music of all denominations, TV stuff, and general tomfoolery which hopefully will be, if not overtly informative, at LEAST somewhat entertaining... more info on that later, as it would obviously be pretty cool to get that started on 1/1/12...but sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, yada yada yada...

And lastly, hope EVERYONE out there had a GREAT and truly blessed Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holiday observance they partook in or WILL partake in...  one thing's for sure, EVERYONE is under the same calandar (well, except for the Chinese..and, well, I'm sure there are others...dang it!)...well, MOST eveyone is under the same calendar, so....
Happy New Year to all of y'all!!!!  
Have a safe one!!! (watch Bachelor Mother... a pretty neat New Year's scene in the middle of it.. with a Swedish twist! :-)  )

And, as always and forevermore...




  1. Hi Huey honey!!!! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and again always appreciate everything you leave as comments on my page. It sounds like you got some great loot. I hope you have a blessed new year and that 2012 is your best year yet! Much love to you darling! Kori xoxo

  2. Can't wait to see your other blog!
    Hope your christmas was good, I know mine was. I finally got the gift I wanted... a nintendo 3ds. And yes I am a big fan of the video game universe too lol.
    Have a great and gingery new year!!!

  3. So you're finally getting "This Day in Gingerology" going? Cool! Another blog? Theres more to Huey than Ginger love? LOL! I woke up this morning and Swing Time was on TCM! Pretty good way to start the year if I do say so myself!

  4. Happy 2012 Huey!!

    Me and my friend took up your excellent suggestion and watched Bachelor Mother to celebrate New Years Eve, we were so into it we missed the countdown haha and noticed the time just as it became midnight!

  5. Kori: Thanks! Always glad to hear from you! So great to see your blog just tearing it up...heck, you're to the point of having 'guest bloggers'...awesome! It was cool to read of all the great stuff ya got... again, I am far from a fashionista, but...when I need info regarding the latest fashion trends...I go no further than the awesomeness that is "Blonde Episodes".
    Hope you have an incredible 2012, Lady K!!! ...something tells me you will!!! :-)

    GF11: Great to hear ya got a cool gaming system...I'm not very good at video games, and I started out at the 'inception' of them...pong, pac-man, and the like... my daughter got a dancing game for her Wii, and she really digs it...I'm not trying it, tho... if there's one thing Hu knows he isn't cut out for, it's dancing! That's where I would really struggle as a 'suitor' for Ginger...of course, I would die trying to learn, as I KNOW she wouldn't have a fellow who couldn't dance at least at the rudimentary level.
    Thanks again for the latest Gingery pics!!!

    OGRE: YupYupYup...AANNDDD, it's time to put your uncanny sense of finding Gingery goodness to the test...in other words, any Ginger Facts you can glean from the archives of the world would be greatly appreciated!
    It may be a few before the 'other' blog gets going...but I WOULD like to get it going in a few weeks...it's gonna be 'all over the place', in theory, anyway...should prove to be fun...although it may reveal a bit TOO much of my slightly warped tendancies, hopefully will be entertaining, if nothing else...
    Also, great to hear of your new athletic endeavors...awesome! I need to do SOMETHING..I'm packing on the pounds... I'll tell ya, I'm up to 240...oof! I was at 215 for awhile, so...lots of work ahead for 'Heavy Hu'...

    F&GM: Thanks, Kat! Hope y'all have a great, prosperous 2012!!! Glad ya watched Bachelor Mother...I did not, even tho I suggested it! Well, I am in the 'watch the next 'review' movie mode, and honestly, I haven't even watched Rio yet! I DO have a 'fair' excuse, as I helped my Ma get her computer hooked up on the internet, with e-mail and all...she is a NOOOOOOB to all of it, so that's good and bad...good in the sense that you can set it up any 'current' settings and she doesn't have to 'adjust'... but 'bad' in that...it's a lot of stuff involved for running a computer...guess we take it for granted!

    Thanks to all!!!


    Oh, P.S.- I went into the 'About VKMfan and Gingerology' page, and REALLY expounded on my path to Gingerology...it's probably not a 'complete' essay as of yet, but hopefully there's enough to give ya a fair idea of my journey to this point... hope y'all like it!

  6. Thanks Huey! And if any of you fellow Gingerologists want to support me as I "run" (for lack of a better term) and the Make A Wish Foundation you can go to http://friends.wish.org/100-100/page/Lou-Mongello/The-Dream-Team.htm Basically we run to send sick kids to Disney - make their dreams come true and give them a little bit of good in all the bad!

    And regarding helping out with This Day In Gingerology...Im on it!

  7. Thanks for posting the info about your upcoming event, SG!...great cause, and here's hoping you get a lot of support!

    And, thanks for any info regarding "Chronological Gingery Goodness"...I have a pretty big 'database', but there are still a few 'empty days... oh well.

  8. Maybe you can do a Six degrees of separation thingy. Post something about one of the Goober-hubbies or something about Lela or one of the good guys - like Cary Grant :)

  9. six degrees of seperation would be lots of fun, i spent a lot of time playing it while walking along hollywood bvld last year using the walk of fame :)

  10. ...I'll try to figure out the 'degrees' stuff soon... not a bad idea, tho! She was linked to a LOT of folks, so shouldn't be THAT hard to 'connect' to current folks.

    I'll figure out something - the 6th is without an event...

    Thanks, y'all!


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Hometowns to Hollywood Busby Berkeley Blogathon 2018
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