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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - June 23rd

1888: Lee Moran, who starred with Ginger in the films “Hat Check Girl” (as Man on Subway) and “Sitting Pretty” (as Assistant Director), was born in Chicago, Illinois.

1896: Jack Skirball, who, along with Bruce Manning, co-produced the Ginger film “Magnificent Doll”, was born in Homestead, Pennsylvania.

1913: Bonnie Bannon (born Pauline Frances Bannon), who starred with Ginger in the film “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Gold Digger), was born in Tulare County, California.

1952: Eddie Arden, who starred with Ginger in the film “Flying Down to Rio” (as Bellhop), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 44.

2016: TCM aired “Flying Down to Rio”.


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June 23, 2017 @ 11:30 A.M. Flying Down to Rio
June 23, 2017 @ 1:00 P.M. Top Hat
June 23, 2017 @ 2:45 P.M. Swing Time
June 23, 2017 @ 4:45 P.M. Carefree
June 23, 2017 @ 6:15 P.M. The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...odds and ends...

Hi y'all! Well, first things first, right? y'all KNOW I can't post without at least ONE GingerPic attached, right? So, I found this one which I have always loved, and it's in keeping with the time period of the recent reviews (circa 1930) - sorry for the 'quality', as it is just a scan from a book...I dig her hair here - curly, but not 'distractingly' so, if that makes any sense...
She REALLY looks older than 19 here - not sure why...maybe the 'serious' pose or whatever... but it works!

OK, just a few things amongst the reviews... First, I have 'updated' each 'existing' review to add the feature, 'Miscellaneous Stuff', which occurs right after the 'Ginger: My Story' excerpt... this will be the 'neat facts, alternate titles, and anything else' section regarding the movie...

Second, ...the Ginger 'six-pack' was received today!!! Haven't looked at them yet, and I will probably 'save' them for the review process, as I can 'critique' the quality of the copy... MAJOR kudos once again to WB for cranking out the good stuff!!!

...NOW, if we can jump on whoever owns Paramount pictures, and get the first five from Ginger out on DVD... and don't get me started on Fox... there's GOTTA be a copy of 'HCG' lying around in the vaults SOMEWHERE...

Anyway... thanks to all for the positive responses to the reviews... hopefully they are proving to be entertaining and informative. Of course, there is NO way these puppies will wrap up by Ginger's birthday... so I am most likely going to just do one a week (which is pretty much what is happening anyway)...will crank one out over the weekend. Actually, the next one, for 'Honor Among Lovers', should be quite easy, as it appears to have the least amount of Ginger I've seen in ANY of her movies... the movie itself may be the best one to date, but unfortunately the LEAST Gingery... thus it will be in the cellar, y'all...

OK - hope everyone has a great remainder of the week... heck, it's almost March! Hard to believe 'GingerMarch' was a year ago... I feel our buds over at TCM are going to crank out nice amounts of Gingery goodness on and around her birthday... they wouldn't let us down, would they? :-]

OK - Y'all Keep It Gingery!!!



  1. Hey Huey! Look at that lovely picture! I love to see you post regularly. I so miss your gingery comments! I hope you have a great day tomorrow honey! Kori xoxo

  2. OMG, this is probably probably the most beautiful picture of Ginger I've ever seen. Th pose, the hair, the black and white, and her make up is soft, she's so natural, and young.
    Thanks for this picture :)
    Have a great day

  3. that is such a lovely picture of Ginger!!! i see what ya mean though, it is hard to believe she was only 19 in it bless her. I hope your copy of Honor among Lovers is better than mine. i've got a lovely free friday night so Ginger movies all the way!!

  4. Awww...so cute! I actually haven't seen that before. What book is it from?

    My copy of Primrose Path still hasn't come. =( Maybe it will get here tomorrow! I watched clips from it on TCM, which is making me want to see it even more, now.

  5. Ginger is 19 there?! Wow, she's beautiful! :)

    Your reviews are so much more in-depth than mine Huey! I haven't had much time to comment lately, but I have been reading them. Keep up the marvelous work!

    The DVDs I've gotten from the WB archive have been great quality for not being 'remastered', so yours should be fine.

  6. Kori: Thanks for the kind words! Great to see you posting as well! I might not 'throw my two cents in' for each of your posts, since, well...some topics you delve into I honestly don't have a clue about (read: fashion, dudes, etc...) - but I still read it faithfully! Hope you had a great weekend, and will have a nice and easy Monday, Lady K!!! :-]

    Camille: Yes, the more you look at it, it's like...DANG...she CAN't just be 19 there, can she? But it says when she was in Girl Crazy, which was 1930...heck, she may not even be 19 yet here! Just natural beauty! hope your week went well - can't remember if you are on the same day as over here...but it's all relative, anyway, right? Hope school is treating you well, too, Camille!

    F&G-M: Well, hope you got some good GingerFilm viewing in! My copy of HAL is not all that bad, really... but it just isn't too much in the way of Ginger... but a Gingerologist should check it out, nevertheless, right? While most of these are available on eBay, a lot are from TCM... and 'other' sources... actually, I obtained a few from the 'iOffer' website as well. It's good to see WB cranking them out... other studios will hopefully follow!

    PG: This pic is from 'The Films Of Ginger Rogers' by Homer Dickens...I HIGHLY recommend it to any G-ologists! eBay typically has it available... There are a few 'errors' here and there... but any 'reference' book is prone to that, unfortunately... but the pics throughout are just amazing! It has some from her Broadway days, 'pre-movies' and 'post-movies'... the most thorough tome out there regarding Ginger...well, there IS one called 'a bibliography of Ginger', or something like that, which shows up on eBay, but the cheapest I've seen it is $70, and typically it is at $100 or more...a bit much...but I will snag one sooner or later.

    JH: I am SO glad to hear from you!!! Ya know, you have changed your 'address', and thus the 'link' I had to Ida was 'broken'... you probably sent out info regarding this, but I have been 'erratic' in my checking of things lately... anyway, glad to hear from you - and thanks for the kind words regarding the reviews! You did inspire me to undertake the review of the entire Ginger catalouge... I did a few reviews here and there back just after starting up the blog, but was really no 'rhyme or reason' to them...
    Hope you are doing well, JH!
    KIG, y'all!

  7. i got my copy off a friend, lets just say i can make out who everyone is, but apart from that the quality isn't much to write home about, however the plot is good and i liked the movie :) (despite the lack of Ginger!)

    Oh and i also recommend Homer Dickens's book to anyone stalling over whether to get it. The pictures are just wonderful and there are so many of them!!! its definately worth adding to ones collection :-)

  8. Thanks, F&G-M! Glad to know my copy isn't 'unique' in its mediocrity! And good to know you have a copy of the Dickens book - it is a great resource!


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