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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 21st

1973: Ginger is on the panel of judges in the Miss Universe contest, held in Athens, Greece; Miss Philippines Margarita Moran won.

1975: Billy West (born Roy B. Weissburg), who starred with Ginger in the films “Gold Diggers of 1933” (as Medal Winner in ‘Remember My Forgotten Man’ Number), and “Twenty Million Sweethearts” (as Bellboy), died in Hollywood, California, at the age of 82.

2010: TCM aired “Perfect Strangers”.

2015: TCM aired “Star of Midnight”.

2017: TCM aired “Lucky Partners”.


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Monday, September 6, 2010

...Happy Labor Day, Y'all...

...just wishing all you G-ologists out there are having a safe, happy, and most important, Gingery, Labor Day weekend!

Well, while we are at it, let's do this... from the last post, I mentioned that second pic.... well this one:

...I was thinking of an idea... y'all probably know where I am going with this, but here it is: YOU make the caption contest!!! OK - WHAT is Ginger so happy about whilst talking on the phone? Just place your 'photo caption' in the comment section - should be some interesting replies! Of course, I probably don't need to tell y'all this, but for the sake of 'passersby'... G-ology IS at least TRYING to be a 'G-rated' site... so any OVERTLY off-color language will be promptly removed ... but I know y'all are cool, so, not worried...

ANYWAY, looking forward to what y'all come up with! I guess it really isn't a 'contest', tho, unless there is a prize involved... well, guess this is 'just for fun', since I really have no prize to speak of at the moment...

Keep it Gingery, y'all!!!




  1. [Telephone is ringing]

    G.R.: "Yes?"

    G.M.: "Hello Miss Rogers, this is General Motors; we have good news for you: Your new 1936-Dodge arrived this morning - according to desire in pink of course.

    G.R.: Yay!

  2. Hmmm not sure I can beat Clarissa on that one. That was good!

    Lets see it looks like shes dressed for Castles so its 1939-ish. Maybe she heard that the war has started (as bad as that was) and she's looking on the bright side - "Woohoo! Lots of handsome men in uniform for me!"

    Thats our Ginger - always finding the light at the end of the tunnel!

    I told you I can't beat Clarissa. But I should get points for trying I think :P

  3. Oh, come on Sassy - it was just fun! I didn't want to beat anyone. Let's not compare to each other. It seems we're really living on two different planets, but I like you though. :)

  4. All right. I'll give it a go....

    Ginger: YIPPEE! I found the perfect Cabana Boy! He's tall, handsome, folksy with a southern accent, very polite and extremely nice. He even said he'd be proud to serve henceforth and forevermore. I won't be calling him by his middle name though.

  5. Wow, It has been a lot of time since I deleted my blog and I checked yours, VKMfan, and it's very nice to see that you keep posting great Ginger's pics ;)

    Just wanted to say Hi! and to let you know, since you liked the Ginger'c pics I colorized, yeah the one if your header that, now that I started to colorize again, I want to colorize another pic of Ginger and, before select any, I decided to come here, to the blog of a great Ginger fan to ask if you had any good quality pic you would like to be colorized. I already did a couple of Fred's for a fellow fan so it's about time to do at least one of Ginger. ;)

  6. Ginger: "Does anyone remember the steps for 'The Piccolino'?"

  7. Well, those are ALL pretty cool! Thanks for the responses, y'all!

    SG: Glad to hear she got one in pink (kinda hesitant to say this, but... Chrysler makes Dodge, not GM... well, not YET, anyway...they were pretty close to merging a few years ago, but GM became 'Government Motors'...a shame, but what can ya do?)...ANYWAY, Ginger would have RULED as a MaryKay girl! :-] Good call, Clarissa!!!

    SG: You know, this pic may have well had SOMETHING to do with the war..it kinda gives ya that feeling... for some reason, she looks kinda 'nurse-ish'...which...dang...to be sick under Nurse Ginger's watch...dang, y'all... #-P ...I am resonably sure that is one role she never played... well unless you count helping out the baby doc in 'Kitty'...

    Fioraon: You make me blush :-} ...this one MAY be my fave... but I'm not voting at all... but yes, a cabana boy's work is never done...she made me scrub the diving board clean with my toothbrush the other day... but since her divine little tootsies are the ones that primarily trod upon it, I didn't mind at all... or is this TMI?

    Mr. B: Cool! Pulling out a George Stevens reference!!! That's a neat story, to have a 'special code' or whatever with someone else when you see them... especially with Ginger, right? :-]...and for those of you in the dark, see pages 210-211 of Ginger's bio for the 'scoop' on...page 62! That George was a sly one...the dawg!! :-]

    Maria!!! How are you DOING? Where did your blog go??? I miss it...start another one up - NOW!!! (please?) :-] ...as for a pic to colorize... wow, that's a toughie to narrow down... but you know what? I REALLY dig the top pic from the last post - on August 31 - '...and another thing...or two...' ...with the ostrich feathers... that one may well be worthy to be a 'blog header'... light blue dress with her platinum blonde hair... yow... let's just say - I vote for that pic... Thanks, Maria!!! you are AWESOME!!!!

    Desarae: Ha Ha...LOVE the Piccolino! yeah, it looks like she may be fixing to break into a twirl or something... this would have been cool to see in video... a 'happy dance' from Ginger is a thing of pure beauty and sheer joy henceforth and forevermore!!! Thanks, Desarae!

  8. I'll be dogged, that's me again! Mixing up everything - puttin' the coals to Athens and the owls to Newcastle. And now Huey has to help out Newcastle, because they can't heat with those doggoned owls. -- I remember having explained where the Dodges and Desotos were made. But you can never tell what I might mix up tomorrow.

    See, Fioraon? Huey calls me SG too. Sassy and Clarissa are the Gingerologytwins. Well, if this is so, why don't you call me just SG2 fellas? -- Did I say we're living on two different planets, Sassy? ;)

    P.S.: There's also confusion about Ginger's book. Maybe this is because some of you have the hardcover-version, while I have not. On page 211 begins chapter 22 in my paperback version.

  9. Ha Ha. We could call you SG2, but I'll go with Clarissa & Sassy. Then for sure I'll get it right.

    I have the paperback, too, Clarissa. I'm sure you've found the reference to Page 62 by now, but just in case it's on page 252.

  10. Ooooh - aaaah - ooh la la!

    That is good!

    I'm pretty sure, Mr. B is the winner.

    And I was always wondering and pondering, I even looked up page 62 in Ginger's book.

  11. I dont think Ginger's dressed in any type of uniform. If I remember correctly thats the oufit she wore as Irene Castle in the scene when Irene is filming a movie and she blows the shot when she runs off the set because Vernon calls - but its been a while since Ive seen that movie.

    Clarissa, "Here's to Page 62!" was an inside joke Ginger had with George Stevens. Its not ON page 62 but look it up in her book.

  12. Well, heck... see, that's my 'omen' for trying to correct Ms. Clarissa! I could just start using 'CSG' for each of you... nah, I better just 'tighten' up my syntax... :-]

    And not sure where the 'coals/owls' reference is from, but pretty funny, CS!!!
    Whoops - should have put the 'paperback' page reference on there also... it is in the index under 'Stevens, George'.

    SG - Think you are correct about it being from The Castles... but this one is a 'off camera' shot, I reckon... but yeah, I haven't seen that one in awhile, either... I get too choked up at the end... if Ginger ever cries, fuhgetaboutit...I am wrecked as well.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  13. VKMfanHuey: I could be better (life can be a pain in the ass some times) but Icannot complain too much.

    I deleted my blog because I hadn't much to say. I'm still colorizing so, perhaps in a near future, I could create a new one. Well, see.

    Aw, love that pic of Ginger. The problem is that, due the low image quality, it won't look as good as I would like to.

    Look, here you can see the last one I colorized and the original:



    if you want something like that, I need a pic of Finger with good quality.

  14. Carrying coals to Newcastle is an old English allegory. But there is another variation which tells the same on owls to Athens. Owls have been the famous symbols of the old Greeks in Athens. Athens is still full of owls.

    If somebody tried to tell me who Jean Arthur actually is, this would probably be carrying coals/owls to a place where's already enough of that stuff. -- In this case it was my fault that you had to do that job, so I had to invent something new on coals and owls, by mixing them up.

    People who tend to carry those coals and owls are supposedly not quite modest. But you are:

    "kinda hesitant to say this, but... Chrysler makes Dodge, not GM..."

    Well I never was able to understand why some people are never hesitant to teach me things I had explained to them the day before. But you're certainly not that way. And so I had to take all the blame on me, having mixed up Dodges and GMs like coals and owls.

    But you're right, it's pretty funny.

    Say, what's the matter with my dear Sassy? Didn't she read Fioraon's post? Last night this made me quite baffled. I still don't know what to answer. Well, I'm writing an issue on the year 1929 and the second part on ARIZONA for next weekend. ARIZONA's still going around and around in my head, I'm deeply impressed and addicted to that film. In that condition I wouldn't have a chance to find that page in Ginger's book, if Fioraon hadn't told me. Besides I found more reasons why Jean really felt like I do - I can't explain my feelings. I never met someone who was so very much like me. Can you imagine what that means? Sometimes it's too much. I can't accept she's dead then. Sometimes it's the greatest luck, sometimes it's downright horrifying. But maybe I had to meet her for some reason...

  15. Maria: Finger that literally made me laugh out loud!

  16. SassyGinger: Lol! I didn't notice it.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Maria was that supposed to be Ginger or is it a mashup of Fred and Ginger...if not - it could be. It works! Thats why I laughed!

  19. Maria - well, heck... sorry to hear things aren't 100% Gingery... here's hoping things get easier for you el pronto!!!
    And, I was afraid that pic would not have enough resolution - think it is a scan frm a book... well, please try this one I just 'scanned' in, from an ORIGINAL postcard...hopefully it could work:


    ...I think it is an awesome pic, even though she isn't really "dressed to the 9's" or anything... she is just flippin' beautiful (more flippin' than usual, mind you :-] ) in this one!
    If this doesn't work, guess I need to figure out how to save with more 'detail' - this is a .jpeg - does it need to be something else? As you can tell, Huey is far from a 'shutterbug', digital or otherwise... Thanks, Maria!!!

    Clarrisa - think I finally understand the 'coals / owls' stuff... We have a lot of 'colorful' phrases like that here in the Southern U.S. also... one day I might just sit down and run thru them somewhere or other... but you know, for me, anyway, I do all of this conversing after I get 'Bam-Bam' to bed, which is 9:30 or so... I am pretty much outta gas by the time I delve into this, so no TELLING what might get erroneously typed out...you know, I would LOVE to post stuff during lunch, but probably not a good idea to do 'non-work' stuff on a work computer...

    SG - Finger! heh heh... Well, a true 'merging' would be 'Frenger', no? Or have we talked about this before? Well, hope you have had time to do the 'SceneIt' deal... I may have put too much numerical stuff in there...well, let that be a hint if you haven't watched it... the next one of these will definitely be a GandF (read 'Frenger') movie, probably 'Swing Time'... well, could be 'Carefree'... heck ANY of them would do... seems like everyone has their fave...

    ok - KIG, y'all!!!

  20. Powerful allegories in Alabama?

    The Cahaba Lily for example? It's sure a beautiful symbol, but I didn't find any allegory - on women or so ...

  21. CLARISSA SMITH: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

    VKMfan: Here you have it. The quality wasn't the best, but I hope you like it ^^


  22. Havent had a whole lot of time to sit down and watch the movie. But Im proud to say there were a couple that I got without having to watch it!

    I still have my Monkey Business "Scene It" waiting in the wings....I wonder where I put that notebook???

  23. Maria, you really dare to type on you darn old keyboard "wasn't the best" - that kills me! - That looks---

    You sure got the right lipstick - half the world-wide-web is gonna crush on her!

    P.S.: Would it have helped, if Huey had sent a bitmap instead of jpg? - Huey you know what a bitmap (bmp) is? Should go on your whirlybird as well ...

  24. Huey said...
    "I would LOVE to post stuff during lunch"

    Well, a netbook could be the solution.

    I always go online via netbook (also ASUS EeePC). At home, but it works outdoors as well: while waiting for a bus &c - or while waiting at the dentist. Well, I'm not going to sway you, but perhaps it's the solution? Sometimes we sit somewhere, being bored and having nothing to do at all. I always take my netbook with me, if I see something like that coming. But before you buy something, check out what possibilities you'll have to get online then and what it will cost...

  25. CLARISSA SMITH: I'm glad you liked the colorized pic.

    No, it wouldn't have helped in bmp. It was a postcard, and the quality in those pics is not the same like in a photography plus the postcard paper texture doesn't help, too.

    Next time, if you want other pic colorized, just sent a photography. That gives the best results. :)

  26. Maria: WHOA!!! How AWESOME is that? Just a magnificent job, as usual!!! if ya don't mind, I am probably going to run a post here in a second with it... thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! ...the quality is great, IMHO... it was a 'scan', tho... so, a 'true' picture file would be the best? How would that work - like take a picture of a picture? I am so ignorant of these things - sorry, Maria!!! But thanks again!!!

    CS: my late dad would have got a kick out of you talking about the Cahaba Lily! He was in the Cahaba River Society, and a BIG 'conservationist'... while I am all for protecting nature, I am not as 'active' as he was, by a long shot... For those who don't know, it is a flower (well, lily...duh) that only grows in the south central area of the US - the largest population is within the Cahaba River, which runs south of Birmingham. If interested, go check out cahabalily.com ...
    ...and, as for posting at lunch, my company has had MAJOR network problems - has been down for two days now... not good. Well, all my 'resouces' and stuff regarding Ginger are here at home, anyway, so is best to compile posts from this chair.

    SG: Hope you get to watch and play soon! and, we are waiting for the 'MB trivia'! You KNOW how I feel about Ginger in that one... perhaps the most awesome role for her in her 'middle age' era...


  27. VKMfan: Hehe, I'm very glad you liked it. It was a pleasure to give some color to Ginger.

    No, we are talking about different things here. A scan, a good resolution scan it's always fine. I was talking about the differences between a postcard and a photography (from example the promos of a movie). A postcard, specially old ones, lacks of the quality photos have. But do not worry. This is a boring subject. Just enjoy the pic and, if you want another one, just let me know it. :D


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