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This Day in GINGEROLOGY - July 7th

1871: Richard Carle (born Charles Nicholas Carleton), who starred with Ginger in the film “Hat Check Girl” (as Professor), was born in Somerville, Massachusetts.

1912: Edna Callahan (born Edwina G. Callaghan), who starred with Ginger in the films “42nd Street” (as Chorus Girl) and “Gold Diggers of 1933 (as Gold Digger), was born in Alameda, California.

1966: Carmelita Geraghty, who starred with Ginger in the film “Broadway Bad” (as Showgirl), died in New York City, at the age of 65.

1976: Norman Foster, who starred with Ginger in the films “Young Man of Manhattan” (as Toby McLean), “Professional Sweetheart” (as Jim Davey) and “Rafter Romance” (as Jack), died in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 72.

2015: FXM RETRO aired “Dreamboat”.

2019: TCM aired “The Gay Divorcee”.


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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ginger and Rita...cousins?


Just went over to The Vintage Vamp's 'new' blog (go check it out - already some great posts!) and found a KILLER pic of Rita Hayworth, which triggered a switch in my Ginger-riddled noggin concerning a similar pose that Ginger had...well, somewhat similar, anyway - enough to "compare and contrast".


Well, it has been 'rumored' that Ginger and Rita are cousins. So, I did a little 'research'...TCM flat out says they are cousins, but not what 'level' (first, second, etc.); the Wikipedia article states that "Hayworth's maternal uncle was married to Roger's maternal aunt". I guess that makes them "cousins-in-law", if there is such a thing... but they are not "Blood Kin". Something tells me the latter is the case, since strangely enough, Ginger does not even mention Rita in her biography (maybe they didn't get along? yow...talk about a catfight for the ages...ahem...but I digress...)

As for the pictures, just check out below and see if you spot any similarities (other than they are both devastatingly beautiful)...I see a few, and will divulge my findings on the other side of the pictures...

OK, well, the thing that jumped out at me was...the nose...it appears to me that they are pretty similar... now that is most likely a major coincidence, but... just a bit interesting... also, the eyebrows and the brow 'structure' (the actual bone part over the eyes) seem to be quite similar. Of course, the eyes are different, but both killer (although Ginger's eyes cannot be equaled...JMHO!)... and the mouths are quite a bit different. Both also had unbelievable hair, and Ginger's natural color probably lined up with Rita's. Interesting how their hair styles in these two pics are pretty much the same, unless I am really missing something (which would not be a surprise...)

So, honestly, not nearly enough to make a case, but just something to ponder a bit... BTW, they did both appear in a movie, albeit not together - "Tales of Manhattan"... and both were definitely on their game, believe me... :-P

Any comments y'all may have regarding this quazi-issue are quite welcome!

Sincerely, VKMfan


  1. I noticed that before! They do looka lot alike...especially in that shot, weird that they aren't related by blood huh?

    P.S. sorry for appearing out of no where, but I'm new on blogs and I love yours :)

  2. Fascinating discovery! I've never noticed that before! Great post!

  3. Ginger liked Rita very much...I read in one of Rita's biographies. For most of Ginger's 1930s heyday, Rita wasn't even a star. She was an emerging ingenue - not on Ginger's radar. I'm not sure when the marriage that made them cousins happened, but I'm guessing it was way later in their careers.

  4. ALD1296 - thanks for the kind words! - They really do favor a bit more than one would initially think... BTW, great blog you have! Quite a few VKM pix I haven't seen before - it's amazing how many there are of her...you'd think she was photogenic or something... :-]

    Sally - thanks! It is enough to warrant a bit of conversation over...especially regarding the subject matter! :-P

    Alex - thanks for the info! I figured they would be buds, whatever the extent of their relation...(wow...there's a family reunion I would somehow try to attend!) They were not really in the exact same era...they were both pretty popular in wartime, but Ginger's heyday was the 30's-and pre-war 40's (although as far as I am concerned, she is STILL in her heyday! :-] )

  5. Hey VKMfan! Thanks for the nice words about my blog, and again LOVE your site! I'm a big Ginger fan so I'm LOVING your posts. :) I'm currently reading her autobiography, and lots of juicy gossip I never knew about are coming out, and in reading her words it's affirmed - Ginger is AMAZING. xoxoxo!

  6. Hmm...well, I think the similarity in their looks is based more on similar fashions of the day - the hairstyles, the makeup, etc. I thought Rita was of Hispanic/Latin American descent. I recall reading a long time ago that early in her career Rita had electrolysis done to her hairline to make her forehead look broader. It would be interesting to find out if their family paths did truly cross with those aunt/uncle marriages, but *definitely* not blood kin.

  7. Great post! Rita did have electrolisis done on her hairline- eeeek, can you imagine the pain? And though not blood kin, they do look eerily similar in these pics. Thanks for posting!

  8. Your welcome :) Yes I know exactly what you mean!
    And thank you very much, I'm glad you likeit, also thanks for following me. Yes there are a lot of her, I really want to have them all but unfortunately...lol
    and yes she is very photogenic :))
    Thansk for answering back!

  9. Wow they are posed almost exactly alike... I wonder if it was done by the same photographer?

  10. PS I actually got a real English word for my capacha/gazpacho/gestapo - grate.

  11. VV - thanks again for the 'idea' for the post! Her bio is KILLER! I pretty much read it all the time... she has some great stories, but really doesn't 'sling mud', at least to the extent of being nasty... and it's just cool to imagine her actually telling one of these stories 'face-to-face'.

    Gingerella - Hi! thanks for the input...I thought Rita had some Spanish in her...heck, 'Rita'..nuff said. But, Ginger grew up in Texas, which had a large Latino (? - hope that is the correct term to use there...) community even back then, so not that far-fetched that they could be related by marriage somewhere down the line...

    Sarah - thanks for the kind words! I guess even back then actors/actresses had to 'alter' themselves for the career... but hair removal doesn't sound fun...probably no anesthesia, either!

    ALD1296 - well, hopefully pics will keep turning up...I guess I need to set up a photobucket - well, think I actually DO have an account, but need to load it up...just another 'to do'...but at least a fun one!

    Lauren - same pose - that kinda makes them look similar... may well have been the same photog. Dang, talk about a rewarding career!
    ...er, gazpacho? grate? as in "Jimmy Joe shore knows how tew grate that thar block o' cheese!" ???

  12. Yes I know! :)) I keep finding new ones every time I look up pictures of her! I'm so excited :) I have a Flickr, they have a lot of great pictures there too...well if I find any new ones I'll let you know!

  13. Thanks, ALD1296...will keep on the lookout for some, too...in fact, if I 'load up' my photobucket, I will definitely post the link for y'all! I have a few Ginger books with cool pics in them, so I am scanning some in, hopefully ones folks haven't seen...one is the color pic in the TCM GingerFest in March...think that one is cool, full body shot... not sure when that was taken, but seemed to be in the Ginger/Fred era...

  14. Great thanks! That sounds awesome :))

  15. You could attempt to compare them except for the fact that Rita had plastic surgery done to erase her hispanic appearance.


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